The Beginning

Aloha one, aloha all…so as can be seen I have decided to get back into the bloggin’ habit. Seeing as to how much time I generally have to twiddle-doo and twiddle-dee my thumbs I’m sure I’m in for a fun ride, though I cannot guarantee or rather say the same for those who choose to read this. Well for those who do choose to read this, Good Luck!, lol, followed by me exclaiming ‘What the Hell is wrong with you? Do you not have anything better to do?’ Oh and don’t get me wrong I actually do mean what I say when it comes to those exclamations. I’m sure you all have something to study, or work to take care of or something or the other to do, if you do read this humour me and please temme it was the ultimate last option available to you.

Now first things first, if you see colourful language and if it’s something you have never seen before please carry a bag and a set of springs so as to collect the popping eyes and you know to pop ’em poppers back into place. Moving on to the next thing, I do value the time you take outta your hectic lives and schedules to go through the ramblings of someone like me, but, that doesn’t mean I will cover world news and all the depressing that our other depressing lives seem to be overshadowed by… and no I’m not full of myself….yet but hey maybe at some point in the future perhaps I will be, like they say ‘There’s always room for improvement’ :D.

Right even after all this intro-stuff I’m still not sure what the main topic for this opening blog entry should be, I’m sure by the time I’m done I either,

a) won’t know

b) will know what to focus on as I just might toss in a summary at the end of this entry.

c) still be undecided and go off on tangents, as I normally do but hey one of the reasons I’m here is to try and do that which isn’t normal, so yes trying not to be tangential is gonna b interesting.

d) None of the above and I probably might end it as abruptly as I began this project lol.

Lol, you know someone has school influence their lives too much when you see that they start putting the options to various things in the lives in an MCQ format. Okay the word influence would be too much of an understatement, I’d rather say dominate than influence. Well how about I start off with why I started up on my ol’ bloggin’ habits; well I had this epic moment in life that was a life and death moment and it changed my perspective on my life and the way I live life and it made me realize how fortunate I am and how much more appreciative I should be of this world that I blah blah blah blah….so goes the story. Actually it really is quite simple, or at least I think it is lol I’m doing it ‘cuz it’s what I do, well not blogging but writing, it’s an interesting medium through which one can express opinions, ideas and all that other jazz that you hear most people stuck in an interview ramble on about. Oh and I mainly am doing this to maintain my limited sanity, I mean it’s a toss up between typing my keyboard to death or kicking someone’s arse, especially that someone is worse than a leech, I mean who knew humans could be worse than leeches right? Well okay I know most people by the time they hit my age develop the awareness for leeches and some such way before I did. I mean it’s amusing to me ‘cuz it makes me feel like maturity came knocking on my door a few years later than it was s’posed to, but that’s ‘ite it just makes living those moments of life an interesting reflection point.

Oh and I should warn you, these blogs tends to be wordy, because it’s one place that doesn’t have word limits which means I can ramble on some more. Hell I’ve even been told by facebook this one time, when I was sending one of my friends a message, that my message was too long to be sent. Wat the hell matie? I mean there is a reason why you have a message section, I mean it’s where you send long ass messages to catch up, I understand the Walls having word limits, but this whole Message word limit nonsense I’m not too happy ’bout. Now if you’re gonna tell me that I should’ve just written an e-mail and sent it well I’d like to say that it was easier to do so on fb ‘cuz I was on that person’s fb profile page so it turned out to be more convenient than clicking on on another tab that my wonderful firefox manages. In fact I’m pretty sure Firefox wudda smacked me out and over the back side of my head, not even the top-side and then it would’ve been quite amused by the interesting hollow beats emanating from my sonorous head lol.

Hmmm I made another discovery while I was whiling away some time in a class that would technically translate into the fusion of biology and chemistry and for those weak of heart and mortally petrified of anything followed by the suffix chemistry, then treat it like breathing, you inhale take in air and then you exhale. Well chemistry in particular does cure if not it either enhances or destroys your olfactory senses, oh and toss in optic issues as well, but mostly olfactory, its either rotten eggs or good ol’ pineapple smellin’ esters…mmmm pineapple…dammit now I want some. But I discovered that some people can be extremely thick skinned and complete and absolute morons. But then again the world we live tends to have a population of 95% morons and 5% sane, rational, cool and awesome people. I also discovered that the biochem lab has interesting acoustics, if people make enough noise you can actually get away with singing a few songs :P. No that’s not what I do during my labs, but I had a reason to test the acoustics a little during this lab I had for my Biochem class, I think people were more excited, happy and ready to high tail it outta the lab so there was a good background of constant chatter, noise and excitement that it was a Friday. I’m sure I made another discovery but unfortunately I can’t remember what it was that I discovered besides thick skinned jackasses who deserve an ass whooping, awesome acoustics, and that I have a serious allergic reaction to bull shit. Hmmm…twiddling thumbs and sifting through everything I’ve done since 6 in the morning is taking more time than necessary, even my laptop scans for virus and spam nonsense gets it done faster than I do. Note to self, must look into getting more RAM for the head and maybe an external for all that stuff that’s in the brain, I mean it’s a better means of storing all that I learn than to let it all take the one way road that leads outta the inner labyrinth called my head.

Alright well I think this is where I shall say ‘That’s a wrap’ folks. seeing how the road ahead of me seems foggy and surrounded by Z’s to induce some serious sleep, I’m gonna officially call it a night and I guess have my mental work out sessions whenever I can, perhaps say….tomorrow!! That’s right wouldn’t you love to be a student right about now? :P. Take care people and until next time keep it rockin’. Time for me to rock n rolla outta here, so nite nite to some of y’all and top of the morning to the others, ’tis an interesting time and place I live in. Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

Song of the day: Oh Girl

OST: Housefull, circa 2010

Status: Recently released soundtrack, movie yet to be released, watch the screens for an April release.

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