Promises and some such

Ah ’tis a brand new day, or well in my case the end of a brand new day that I had earlier today, wow I do have way too many words racing against each other up there in that thing called the brain. Well technically if I had finished this post when it was s’posed to have been done by then you know I would still be talking ’bout that same old brand new day, but seeing as it took a lil’ more time than necessary I’ll try and recap events or whatever was on my mind 2 days ago, which is gonna b interesting seeing how I can’t seem to remember what I did almost 4 or 6 hours ago. Go figure I guess lol, see right here is a classic example of the subject of my title…that’s right…Promises. I believe that promises are meant to be broken, which is why I don’t exactly really fully believe in the concept of promises. I mean fine I don’t fully believe in the concept of promises but I do respect the essential meaning/essence of a promise…I do believe in giving people my word. I don’t know I feel that giving my word holds more or rather has more strength that say a promise does. I don’t mean to ridicule those who hold promises close to their heart, it’s something to hold onto, and I guess it represents some sorta conviction of character deal to people, so hey go ahead be convinced of people’s characters.

Oh crap, I just realized, if it has something to do with conviction of character then that leaves me quite characterless lol. And seeing how I couldn’t exactly fulfill my promise of updating this blog on a daily basis……you can hopefully understand my hesitation behind the whole concept. Call me skeptical, paint me cynical or label me absurd I know a lot of people who believe in the premise of a promise, sorry guys to disappoint all of ye :P…oh but let me also add that it doesn’t stop them from forcing me to make one, or else they go for the next best thing, pinky swear, I mean really? A promise or pinky swear? Hmmm…pinky swears are cute but I wouldn’t save it for life and death matters, though perhaps I might use it for life and death affairs

I’m not sure if my mind had anything else to recap from 2 days ago, besides intense anxiety, practise sessions for some lalala goodness Jammin’ sessions :D>. Well I know this awesome singer, he’s a classical singer and it’s wicked when he sings, he can blow your mind away with the way he plays with them classical tunes. Besides, anything to do with music is awesome for you regardless of what genre you listen to, it’s the most nurturing aspect of life. Speaking from experience, music has been more than a best friend to me than the race of homo sapiens have been, and that’s not to put down the race of homo sapiens I know ‘cuz damn I’m so bloody lucky to know the awesome people I know, a while ago I’d never have thought that I’d be this fortunate…I truly and really hope everybody gets the chance to know some of the awesome people I know…trust me everyone deserves mind blowing moments and the best way to have your mind blown away is to know mind blowin’ people So yes, two days ago was filled with anxiety and fiddling with audio software and trying to do very technical things with music that I’m highly unaware of.

Righto kids, I’m gonna end this post here ‘cuz beyond promises and anxiety all I receive from the recesses of my memory is static…and lots of it…that is really sad, how the hell am I supposed to remember all this stuff I study? :|…Note to self, please invest in an external for the brain, it will come in handy and I can back memory and archived files up in there and have more space in the brain to actually absorb that which must be absorbed. If this brain absorbs anymore information its gonna start leaking like the back leak mechanisms of the Sodium/Potassium pump/channel. Yes go ahead and correct me if it sounds like utter rubbish ‘cuz hey I know my scientific-ness is shaky lol, and I can’t believe my metaphor had to do with Physiology…brilliant here’s one more thing to add to my repertoire of personality attributes “Hm…no conviction, attempts to be amusing but fails miserably due to lack of original humour” and a list long enough to put Santa’s lists to shame. That’s right Santa I have a longer list so ha! take that! Okay okay I’ll be nice, I’d like to get my annual visit from you with my Chwistmas Pwesents pweez :D…don’t worry I’ll make sure u get the awesome Costco Chocolate Chip cookies…now those = heaven, now there’s a taste of heaven right there fer ya. A’ite kids behave, take care of ye selves and go crazy and listen to some music. Cheers and thanks for tuning in, and honestly find something else to do besides reading this space…thunkers 😀

Music for 2 days ago

Song: 23
Artist/Band: Jimmy Eats World
Release date: Was at some point in time but hey that’s what Google is for 😛


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