The After-Party

Okay firstly I’m not too sure if Afterparty is one word or 2 words as in After-Party? Any ideas anybody? Right so my After-Party began the moment I got back home from the Cultural extravaganza on Sunday, which was followed by dinner…and what did I do? Well…for starters, I bonded with my Parasitology book and was on a mission to finish up that darn workbook, as up until that point at least to my knowledge the blasted thing was due on Monday by 2 in the afternoon, well I know you all are smart people and know that no professor in their right mind would want something due at 2 AM, if they did it probably would be a bottle of the good ol’ distilled stuff and a shot glass to complement it. So I got back and my party started with Parasitology, went on till 3 in the morning, and no deciding to work on worms and things that make you go ick does NOT make me a geek, it makes me someone trying to save their tush from getting burned by akademia. I fought against sleep, well that battle lasted a sum total of an hour and then I said screw this, I need my best friends; namely pillow and blanky :)…the mere thought of them brings such a huge smile to my face…sigh…

Right so getting along with my After-Party, so I woke up at 7 in the morning to finish up Mission Parasitology and to get a move on my life so I could actually rest up and be all fresh and refreshed to get a start with the wonderful thing called Akademia in my life, however, I was in hustle and bustle mode and was running like a crazy woman from one place to another to a third then to a fourth and then back to base, by the time I got back to base camp I think I was beyond exhausted, actually I can’t put much thought into it ‘cuz just trying to think ’bout it makes me tired lol. One thing I will say is that my crank factor levels were pretty high and people were definitely stepping and tripping all over those levels, they were lucky enough not to be blasted apart..yeah lets just say I was a ticking time bomb and on top of all of that I heard about certain unethical ways and unfair actions and that got me all the more pissed and also kinda glad that I wasn’t around to listen or deal with it, well on the other hand if I was present then the unethical idiot wudda heard a thing or two from moi.

So, Monday as much as it was a day off was a day filled with fatigue of all sorts and just an overall feeling of tired-ness and general blah-ness, I mean seriously a day like Monday = the perfect way to rest up and get ready for midterms, what happened instead? the complete opposite…so now I have absolutely no feelings as to how my partials/midterms on Friday are gonna go, I guess we’ll see what happens huh? Oh and on top of all of that CC managed to come up with some weird bull shit idea about moving out without moving out, I mean WTF? make up your fuckin’ mind really? You either stay or you get the hell out…and this was followed by a weird fucked up tirade about washing machines and shoes when she was trying to use the ruddy washing machine, and that proceeded into a speech ’bout how CC’s world wide experience in pretty much any and every scenario of life thus far has never once tossed her a scenario involving washing machines and shoes. And how pardon CC’s English “Was completely fucked up and absolute bullshit”…yeah well CC should know better she is the creator of all things considered to be absolute and utter Bull Shit. So yes Morose Monday ended up being worse than I wanted it to be and what happened? Study time seemed to be the most insufficient thing available, I mean really time why don’t you come in larger installments?

On the flip side however, I did discover some new tracks AND I got to retrieve some old ones from my Gmail and so I proceeded to retrieve and save those songs, they took me back to another time. I think I can share a memory with each and every song that I reloaded back onto my laptop :D…it just took me back to an instance…a point in time and I think it was what my heart and soul needed right at that moment, I kid you not when I say those songs were the right songs for that moment. A’ite well its time for me to say Alvida, Ciao, Sayonara, Cheerio, Au Revoir and all things that say Good-Bye, here’s to better days and brighter ways…Life is a highway, this you and I know, but instead of holding back and being held back think of the destination ahead and jus’ let all those worries, frustrations and vexations go. You know what, I’m gonna give that a shot myself, in the meantime if you do try it out before I do why don’t you lemme know how things turn out? A’ite folks, take care, stay sane and lets hope I keep coming back in one piece between now and Friday, ‘cuz what happens on Friday and after Friday is something I can’t predict at the moment. Cheers!

Song of the Day: Aap Ka Kya Hoga (Dhanno)
OST: Housefull
Released: April 30th circa 2010

A lil’ info on this song, the chorus of the song is from a legendary movie starring one of India’s if not one of the world’s most legendary stars, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. If I’m not mistaken the original song is from the movie Laawaris, and there’s a bit of that old song in this new one and the moment I heard it all my senses livened up and I was in a state of glee that is currently hard to describe lol.

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