The Hangover

So here we are again, what should I be doing at this moment? Well I can tell you right off the bat that I should be studying for 2 midterms that I have tomorrow, yes I know I whine too much ’bout school, akademia and partials/midterms and jazz of the sort, but hey sue me I’m human. You know you do too so lets not all be hypocrites on the Akademic front shall we? Well if anything this entry is gonna be a lil’ on the short side of things. Well to start things off, lets just say I woke up on Tuesday confused and just overall blah…I mean even with Monday off I still woke up feeling very gypped off of a weekend. And anyone have any better suggestions on starting a week than dealing with a midterm in Biostatistics of all things at 8 in the morning. I’m not sure what’s worse, Biostatistics or the 8:00 AM nature of that class. I mean the first thing I get to do in the morning on a Tuesday is standardly deviate myself from the meaningful modes of Biostatistics and compare the coefficient of variance that I apply in my approach towards the above mentioned class. Eventually I should just draw a Box n Whisker plot of my evasiveness and give it to my proff and say the following the way Randy Jackson does to the contestants on American Idol…’Yo check this out, check it out dawg. I found your class well especially your voice very very pitchy.’ and the rest of this would have to be said the way I would say it, “So here’s a presentation integrating real life applications into the way this class is taught and I’m outta here, thank you and peace out” Though I’m pretty sure the response to that would be a raised eyebrow, a blank emotion-less expression and a “Please get back to your seat now if you don’t have a question” comment following that expression.

Anyway moving on, from the wonderful feelings of resentment, a major headache and an ‘Oh crap this day has only begun’ t’was time to move onto bigger and more monstrous things like 2 labs. I mean really if anyone is having caffeine issues make sure u go for a nice morning routine of statistical goodness, followed by a serving of microbial magnificence only to be topped by puzzling physiology..I have a feeling it’ll do more than wake you up, it’ll make you wish you had an external for your brain. Having the day off on Monday and doing all that running around really did leave me quite confused to the extent that when I spoke to my darling mother I couldn’t remember what day it was, I mentioned the day before and the day after the day we were on :|….though she did have a good laugh at my expense. I mean hey the familial unit always has a good laugh at my expense, and besides any sane person will tell you laughter is good for the soul and for you…wait a minute that means I’m sorta kinda the awesome health plan for the familial unit. By the time classes were done I was dead-beat and my day sure as hell wasn’t productive and the heavy sword of partials seemed to be getting closer and closer to the drop and kill me point. Though the one highlight of the day was when I did go get some sleep, I fell asleep to one of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to in my life, “Maula mere Maula”. Oh man I slept like a baby, I fell asleep to the song and I woke up to the end of the song, but lemme tell you sum’n it was the most blissful feeling and song in the world to wake up to. That song really is soul food, and it put me in a state of calm of starts when I woke up, but what happened after may not necessarily be as calm as I would’ve liked it to be.

Well on other notes, this time of the year or rather this past week/last few days prior to today are generally my least favourite times of the year, and this year was no different. The only difference per se was the added bonus of driving me up the freakin’ wall, to the extent that I swear I cudda given spidey a run for his webbing. Some things in life always remain puzzling and unresolved regardless of how much time passes you by, I mean I don’t care if time heals all, sometimes that same thing called time rips off that band aid on an old wound and you gotta re-dress the wounds and all that jazz. So no time doesn’t fully heal all things, it gives you an opportunity to reflect and re-visit, healing? I don’t know if that’s wat it is, I think it is more of a closure/finding comfort thing once you figure whatever it is you revisit frequently. Revisiting something makes you view a scenario or memory from any and every angle possible and you are such a frequent visitor that one day at some point you go ‘Oh okay I know what happened’…I wish I could say the same ’bout my current frequently revisited memory, but I can’t because I don’t think I can ever find the solution to it, not then, not now and I’m not quite sure if I can find it in the future either. A wise friend of mine likes to show me things from a fresh perspective, which doesn’t mean the rest of you awesome ppl. that I know don’t, but the fresh perspective was attempted but I think my feelings of guilt far outweigh any logic or rationale that can be offered. Anyway, I don’t exactly wanna turn the mood here all gloomy and gray, those overcast skies of mine are mine to deal with…moving on to bouncier things, the weather out here has changed…its finally SPRING!!! I absolutely love spring, especially the feeling of the wind blowing your hair back and just dancing and running around you like children basking in their freedom and bursting at the seams to just go outside and play. I find a certain innocence and purity to spring, its very comforting and soothing for the soul, or at least I think so lol. I’m sure for some ppl. its misery time, courtesy: allergies et al.

None the less, citizens, netizens, amigos and amigas I better boogie outta here. I just wanted to make sure I kept my 2 day span at a 2 day span and not at like a 3 day span, its harder for me to remember 3 days as opposed to 2 days lol. So this goldfish i.e. me has to go now, but I’ll b back tomorrow with more adventures and hopefully all caught up with the adventures soon. Take care peepz and to all those with tests, work schnazz and all that fun jazz good luck doin’ w/e you’re doing and here’s to meeting under interesting circumstances. Cheers!

Song of the Day: Maula Mere Maula
OST: Anwar
Singer: Roop Kumar Rathod
Release Date: Circa 2006

Oh and ps: This is just a lil’ shout out to 2 awesome ppl who are responsible for my very existence on this planet or rather this lifetime. Happy Anniversary Mommy n Daddy Kat 😀 and oh yeah Happy Birthday D-Kat you know you totally and absolutely rock. You know you’re my BFF!!! 😀


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