Reality Bites

Well it does, plain and simple. One moment you’re on this high you get from doing something you love doing and something that just stems from within and the next thing you know BAM!!! like that blaring alarm clock that wakes you up every morning or whenever it is you set your alarm clock for, reality checks in and the whole course of emotions, feelings and events changes…just like that. Well sometimes, reality is the best damn thing you could’ve hoped for but it always has the worst timing when it does make it’s grand entrance. Anyway, my reality per-se was the reality of school, CC’s incessant stupidity, the constant barrage of inquiries and questions by Pesky Persistence or PP well there might be a name change later…after all who knows the fate of such things? All in all it felt like freakin’ Morose Monday only it was Woeful Wednesday…you would think with the change in weather and fun things of the sort the mood would lighten up a bit? Well they had bursts/moments, the good thing was that there was no class till about 9 in the morning, which I was extremely thankful for, having 8 AM’s is a killer, yes for you people out there working I’m sorry you gotta wake up early to go work, but here’s the difference you get paid while i paid for it so I guess either way we both have the common ground of getting our money’s worth eh?

Well the morning was interesting, I woke up to quite the fantastical dream…like I mentioned to one of the awesome people I know out here it musta been the occasion or rather the day itself. I had one of the most fantastical dreams ever…odd and weird yes, but fantastical because I woke up feeling like the safest and most protected person in the world. Its that feeling you get when you go give your parents a hug and you know it’s not just a hug but it’s just everything about them, their essence, their love and aura just envelopes if not blankets you and just makes you feel safe…does that make sense? Well if it doesn’t then you know the next time you see your folks go give ’em one of your bear hugs and then get back to me and lemme know what that feeling was like.

Anyhow, I still remember the dream vividly, and if anything I think it might actually turn out to be a potential story line, who knows where exactly I’ll fit it in, but the images were so startling and were visually thrilling that somehow some part of me just grabbed on and held on to those images for dear life.I think it was one of the most interesting ways I’ve woken up so far, besides hearing the voice of my wonderful parents almost every morning, its one of the other major things that makes my day. Anyhow Woeful Wednesday was yet another installment of the wonderful week I was having so far. Not that much came outta Wednesday , the only thing I was looking forward to was the end of the day or rather I had a few thoughts that I needed to wrestle and toss around in my head, and this coincides with yesterday’s topic of time being the healer of one and all. Well it’s not exactly a solution, what it is is a complementary problem, but I shan’t go into the business of discusing time and it’s functions has a healer ‘cuz right now…to be honest I have no energy, nor brain cells to dispatch on the issue.

Also on Wednesday, I did have a blast listening, downloading and being one with all that music I found in my gmail :D…go g-mail. Alright kids well I gotta stop this right here and right now, not because I’ve run outta words, sentiments or thoughts to share or type up but because my eyes are shutting down faster than my ability to type. Lets just say Frightening Friday has been an extremely long, fatiguing, trying and tiring day, where what I’ve wanted to do for most part is curl up in a corner or to just beat the crap outta the world, the feelings keep swinging back and forth and they have been doing so all day long. Take care folks and I will definitely try and catch up with you guys, what with me on a deadline/mission to be as up to date with my blogs as possible. I still do have 2 more entries to catch up on before I’m on par with all my adventures from this current weak. A’

A’ite ppls peace out and take care of yerselves :)and here’s to better days and successful ways 🙂

Song of the Day

Song Name: Afterglow
Artist: INXS
Album Name: Switch
Release date: Circa 2005

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