Traumatic Thursday

Well firstly no I did not end up in a hospital ward, it was a mind numbing day…actually that would be a lie, I think that’s the day I actually got to sleep for a few hours…oh that wonderful S word…in fact if it were left up to me I’d definitely try and get some more sleep. Besides that, not much happened on Thursday except for a flurry of mental activity whereby the one common mantra that I could hear being chanted in those deep realms and darker caverns of my mind was “Oh bloody hell we’re screwed.” T’was the eve before major brain screwage so yes I guess its not surprising to hear such mantras. However, some of you are different and beyond brilliance so the same rules and conditions and reactions may not apply, consider yourselves the Temperance Brennan of all things Akademia and otherwise while I guess I could be the Dopey of all things Akademia…okay no not Dopey a la one on dope, but Dopey from Snow White. If you didn’t know that shame on you, go read your fairy tales…AGAIN…I insist. I’m not kidding, if I had a copy of the huge ass book I used to have back in the day with all the fairy tales in there I’d so bring it with me just to read especially on days like today. Sometimes everyone needs a lil’ break from reality and a lil’ trip back in time. Have you guys found that whenever you read a fairy tale at different points in time you always deduce a new meaning from it? I mean the story means a completely different thing, it projects a different theme…I dunno but that just amazes me, now that’s how stories should be written…timeless and forever thought provoking…there’s a certain ageless quality about those stories..unless I’m the only one who thinks so and please do feel free to agree or disagree. I think my favourite story has always been Snow White, unless my folks would like to contest that lol. Surprising huh? Yeah I was surprised too lol, well I did like the Noddy series too as a kid, not that I remember much ’bout it, but I know for a fact there used to be this purple coloured book about a hen and basically what she did all day in terms of looking after the family et al. but it focussed majorly on her baking bread. It was one of my favourite books ‘cuz they had pictures and words in that book, I think I musta read that book a gazillion times over, to the point of driving my parents crazy though I think or at least from the pictures painted by my memories I think I used to read those books by myself, I was always fascinated by the concept of baking bread. See when I was a kid we always used to make a pit stop at the bakery during the weekend or before the weekend started and we used to pile up on good stuff like scones and all this awesome stuff, and I used to love the smell of freshly baked bread. So anytime I read that book I used to think of the bakery lol, though apparently as a kid I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, which kid doesn’t :|…such a strange child, but that’s a’ite I think I’ve more than made up for it post childhood đŸ˜› tee-hee.

Anyway going back to Thursday, well, usually Terrible Thursdays used to begin with a Parasitology class at the crack of dawn, well hey 8 AM classes on bugs is a crack of dawn class for me. Well by the time we were done with that class I always had the urge/need to itch my arms, that class was creepy but cool lol. In our very first week of classes we learned ’bout bed bugs and dust mites, comforting much? A dose of parasites is then subsequently followed by a heavy dosage of cell and tissue types belonging to the wonderful field of Histology…hysterical histology if anything. The hysteria commences prior to the partials lol…none the less, that class starts off with quizzes and proceeds to flash you with a gazillion slides depicting different parts/components of cells and all that jazz, I wish my brain was superb enough to contemplate what was being displayed but hey that’s cool I’m sure at some point in time they shall all click together up there. Key words being ‘At some point in time’…anyway that was followed by a mind boggling session of medical sociology, I honestly cannot fathom to this day as to why I’m in that class I think I’m social enough to recognize sociological patterns, but I guess school thinks I’m more anti-social and therefore I must learn to be more sociable amongst various ranges and variances of societies, different aspects of this course reminds me of different aspects of other classes I took back in U/grad. Damn that does seem like a lifetime away, those years were interesting years a lot was defined, re-defined and then modified only to be re-re-defined. Charming…the tagline of my life at u/grad seems to be ‘Redefinition’. Going back to the topic at hand and trying not to stray away on yet another tangent, Thursday = day before double trouble in the form of partials, brain was fired up to learn but at the same time dead to receive more info. It was pumped for the reception of new info just not the whole absorption and retention process, my brain basically told me to screw off. But the other awesome thing ’bout Thursday, besides getting a lil’ more sleep than I usually do, I spoke to the parental unit and I had reason to celebrate, I think just knowing it was a festive day at the house made me happy ‘cuz I got to speak to the 2 most amazing people in my life before I left for classes, well I was more of a wake up call for both of ’em But its the greatest feeling to be the first thing your parents hear, well especially after that pesky alarm clock lol, and those were the first voices or rather people I had a conversation with before I headed out for classes. I guess that gave me a natural high oh and in histo lab my mind was on constant jukebox mode :|…sometimes it would be nice if the jukebox shut up. Well besides classes and the numb feeling of acceptance of getting my arse kicked on both my partials setting in and the constant need to just crawl into bed, under my blanky and curl up to sleep being the predominant thoughts in my head were the highlights of my Thursday…oh and the prayer for a miracle by leaps and bounds for any one of those 2 tests was another constant mantra the head was chanting lol. Medial and lateral epicondyles and tubercles befriended nucleosomes, spliceosomes and other fun things of the sort. It was Banatomy or Anatiochemistry.

Arite troops, seeing as how Thursday was as dead pan as a door knob I’m gonna end this off here and hopefully tomorrow I might be able to get all caught up, wudn’t that be awesome if I did get all caught up, then I could stop feeling like the lagging strand whose Okazaki fragments for the time being is equivalent to catching up on events from 2 days ago. I’d rather be the leading strand that was continuous rather than discontinuous. A’ite time to rest the brain before it gets outta hand and outta control. Take care and see ya’ll wen I see ya!! Cheerio

Song of the Day: Ever the Same
Artist: Rob Thomas
Album: Something To Be
Release Date: April 19, Circa 2005

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