Fizzled Friday

So going with the flow of things and picking up from where I last left off, that namely/kindly being Traumatic Thursday we finally get to THE DAY…oh don’t worry I had my funeral song playing even before the day started, t’was the day for major brain screwage. See here’s the funny thing, I thought my brain was so overloaded that it would feel empty, instead I had steel drums playing in my head. Here’s the crummy part ’bout weather changes, my sinuses fluctuate just like the weather, so that entire week they were having their own heavy metal concert in my head. But then again you can’t always avoid and miss things ‘cuz you have your own personal heavy metal band playing in your head. Imagine if you could? sigh..don’t we live in a world full of possibilities?

None the less, so Friday came and boy oh boy how it made it’s grand entrance. Well actually by late Thursday night/Friday morning I just wanted the wretched week to end so I could skip to the part where I got some sleep and was actually all rested, you all know what I’m talking ’bout…that fun thing called the weekend……Nehoo, I still have to get through the fantastical events of Friday dun’ I? Well the most amazing thing ’bout Friday was my amazement at how much the human brain can be pummeled and how stubborn and resistant it is when it decides on a set course of action…unless that stubborn part is one you would attribute to one’s personality…in which case that doesn’t exactly reflect too well on me, but that’s cool I’ve been known to be as stubborn as a mule apparently…and yes who else but my lovely familial unit would draw such a wonderful conclusion. Well there was this one other teacher who outrightly insulted me, but hey that’s another can of worms I don’t really wanna get into ‘cuz I can go on a tirade, considering how I’ve heard my broda and my buddy panda complain ’bout how long these entries are. Though one of ’em reads this at work instead of doing work Well speaking of panda, panda is awesome and deals with my constant harassment on a very regular basis so yes I am thankful I know panda b/c not a lotta people can take my constant harassment of ‘Yo can you read this and gimme some feedback whenever you get the time?’ and then I go on a constant mode of ‘Oye hey howz it going? and btw did you read what I sent you?’ So Panda thank you for putting up with that lol, see in his case I don’t ask I make him read it lol.

So moving on from Panda diversion, the morning was one filled with a lotta vexation over what to look over, what area I should focus on or what area might be a probable field of question landmines on my test. And keeping time with the sound of those thoughts was my bludgeoning headache… Then came the test time, we had diversions before we finally got to the wretched test, ‘cuz the last time the Anatomy department wanted us to stick around for sum’n after our test and on the same day we had a Biochem test we all ran for our dear lives. So what did those smart people do this time? They made us do all the stuff we would usually do after the lab/test right before the test. Not that that stuff isn’t a lotta fun, but when you have limited brain energy quantities and a constant mantra of ‘Oh c’mon for the love of the G-man let us do this and get the hell outta here we have to go study for the next one.’ Don’t blame us for not being bursting rays of sunshine, we tend to be radiant moon beams more than those warm, bouncy, energy bound rays of sunshine.

Anyway, once that was done the looks on people’s faces varied from ‘WTF was that?’ to ‘Syntax Error-failure to compute anything’ to ‘Oh HELL yeah I kicked some major ass on that test’ to ‘Eh lets get on with the program one more thing to do’ to ‘Screw all this, gotta rush rush rush to the next one, gotta push push push for one more and then get a) sloshed like never before, b) to a club to dance the night away, or c) to bed and sleep like the dead for as long as I possibly can’. I think I should get a few plants to amp up the oxygen flow in my room, what with the stifling presence of CC and the persistent pursuance of matters by PP can always do with a lot more oxygen, helps to calm down frayed nerves and improves air quality and breathing and all that good stuff that one needs for their health lol.

The morning dosage was followed by a lethal evening dosage of Biochem, you know they should put warning labels on classes, *WARNING* the following subject is highly toxic to one’s physical and mental status…courtesy the amount of caffeine it makes you consume to pull through a night or many nights in order to understand what the subject matter itself is all about. But they never give you disclaimers instead the teachers/proffs look at you with expressions going “We did our share of it now Ha-Ha your turn :D” well that’s not to say the teachers are evil or anything along those lines, but the least they could do is say “Oh yeah life as you know it is gonna change in the next few minutes, so buckle up and try not to fall off this roller coaster.” I guess it’s assumed that if you’re in that class then it’s a given you are going to fall off the coaster from time to time so you better improve your balance and it’s also assumed that seat belts and restraints are for babies lol. So how was round 2? I dunno I think reading the very first or 2nd question was an absolute and complete over…pls. enter more chips/coins/tickets to play this game again. Oh well all things, whether they’re good or bad have to come to an end, thank the G-man that they do lol, well though I’d love an extension on the good stuff and I’d like very little time with the blech stuff, yeah I know life doesn’t always work that way but hey it never hurts to attempt to make an appeal lol.

And then the wretched week finally came to an end and I finally got to heave a huge ass sigh going “Damn this week seemed longer than any other week in the history of this month.” Well I can’t really go back to a lotta other months ‘cuz of memory issues lol. And what better way to kickstart some freedom time than by cleaning up your room. Yeah…this room definitely needs some more life lol, yay to plants and perhaps fishies? Maybe…maybe not? I keep tottering that line, at least my mother will be glad to know I’m not contemplating the puppies or kittens at the moment as they would have to head home with me and I might get the ass whoopin’ of a lifetime, and knowing my mother, it will probably last me quite a few lifetimes.

Anyway people, time for me to jet for now, but I guess I’ll have sum’n up later tonight, who knows ’bout these things. This reminds me of cricket, where I’m chasing a target score and I gotta keep upping up the ante of the upcoming over so I can shoot up my run rate and therefore attain the target score and not lose. My target score in this case would be closing that gap between days lol, attainable or not? I guess we’ll see how these innings go :D. Take care and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

Songs of the Day

Song: Say (All I Need)
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Dreaming Out Loud
Release Date: Circa 2007

Song: Baawri Piya Ki
OST: Baabul
Release Date: Circa 2006

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