R n R

Okay I know I tend to overuse this particular phrase or rather expression, so just to clear it up.. this one stands for the original concept of rest n relaxation :D…a concept I LOVE! I mean I would say recreation too but I’m not much of a re-creator, I can’t re-create but I do enjoy and indulge myself in re-enjoying creations. So yes, hello again one and all, apparently I write more than I talk or wait do I do the other more than the other? Or are both done at relatively the same amount? Hmm…I shall figure that one out at some point in time, but like I said I would update so here I am updating :P…this updating business is such a constant process of life now ‘en it? Anything can happen in a matter of seconds…well its either that or I’m a really good procrastinator Hey looky looky I discovered something I’m good at šŸ˜€ yayyy procrastination. Well technically, I’m not procrastinating, I just got through an aggravating lecture packet and so here I am taking a break, one does need those breaks, they’re very refreshing and insightful and most of them tend to take up more time than the amount of time spent studying. Okay maybe I generalized that a lil’ too much, maybe I’m the only one who does that and everybody else is just way too awesome as far as this studying, focus thing is concerned.

So how did my Saturday start? Well for starters I was up at 7 in the morning :|…I mean c’mon!!! Its the bleeding weekend and I wake up at 7, well when I woke up it was nice and sunny and bright and I woke up all contented going ‘Aaah I slept in nicely, must be 1 in the afternoon or so for it to be this bright’ I turn around check my laptop and the lil’ clock thing at the bottom right corner of the screen read 7 and my instant rxn. was šŸ˜ really? wtf mate? And by then I couldn’t fall right back to sleep ‘cuz I have this problem where once I’m woken up or I’m awake I can’t fall back to sleep. Now THAT, is a very annoying problem lol. So yeah, I was up at 7 going ‘Hmmm what to do now?’ See there were plans involved for a certain someone later on in the evening, well before you guys start conjuring scenarios up, lemme butt in and cut those thoughts short by saying that I had a birthday partay to attend later that evening lol. And my oh my what an awesome partay it was, well the main star or rather the Birthday Girl is one of the most amazing and awesome people I have ever come across thus far :D, yes I have an Awesome and Amazing set of friends, it can’t get any better for me. Oh right since this post is coming on now Cyntillator I wish ye a Belated Happy Birthday, I hope you had fun @ your surprise partay :D…we all did lol.

Going back to my 7 AM musings, I think I stared at things for a lil’ bit trying to figure out how I could make a birthday present all the more interesting, since I couldn’t find anything appropriate or I guess I didn’t try hard enough trying to find one. About 8 I had an epiphany, I decided to make a birthday card, I used to do things like that when I was younger. And I learned something ’bout myself from my art project….I was better and faster when I was younger and that its not exactly my area of strength lol but I also learned that its an absolutely awesome way to work on all those issues/things I have on my mind. What else did I have set up for Saturday…oh yeah cricket! well IPL :D…pretty soon the world T20 is gonna start up, I actually just went through the team roster to look at the final picks made by Team India. It’s interesting, and I wish them all the very best, they actually picked a spinner for the squad who at the moment is one of the highest run givers in the IPL. But then again being a spinner takes a lot of work, practise and it’s a constant work in progress…because you or rather the bowler is always trying to find a balance between line, length and spin works. The art of being a spinner is one that’s beyond beauty, because you get to control the pace, the turn and in the end you get to control the game. You’re the power player, so what if the other team has some of the best batsmen in the world, a spinner can change the course of a game. A few of my idols include Anil Kumble , Shane Warne , Muttiah Muralidharan and can’t forget Bhajji a.k.a Harbhajan Singh, who btw is having an awesome IPL season :D…nice work today Bhajji in the Mumbai Indians game. You are full of surprises aren’t you?

Besides turning into some whacked out version of Picasso, and watchin’ or rather enjoying myself by watching a live cricket match my day was amusing, I think I actually had a much longer conversation with yet another Awesome n Amazing friend of mine out here via our cell phones/mobiles…yay text msgs lol than I have in person, the hectic atmosphere called school limits conversations what it does instead is improve body and sign language. The perks of akademia :P…you become a universal sign reader and sign giver šŸ˜› or you could just be the Master of Charades. All in all Saturday was a good intro into break mode, though I do have a few more hurdles to jump before I can officially be on break mode, gotta temporarily hit the brakes on break mode and accelerate into akademik mode, oh the joys of switching gears and to think I’ve never learned how to drive stick. Hmmm driving reminds me of a summer project I’d like to take up that would absolutely and completely piss my mother off, well that would be an understatement lol. I wanna get my motorcycle license, I know my dad wud b excited ‘cuz the paternal unit can’t exactly say no seeing how that would make him the world’s bigggeeesssttt hypocrite. The boy used to ride a bike back in the day and got into quite a few accidents trying to show off lol, so yes…my mother would kill me, bring me back to life only to kill me again lol. Now there’s some summer contemplation plans eh? Should I turn rebel and go against the wishes or just take the sane option? lol. My mother’s response when I told her I’d like to get my motorcycle license she looked at me and said “HELL NO. Why do you want one? So you can be somebody else’s roadkill?” Now I got a similar response from the maternal unit as well when I expressed my desire to learn how to operate a motorcycle. And I was expecting some support from that department, let me just tell you that was an epic FAIL.

However, on other notes, the plan to get more oxygen supplies in this room as well as a lil’ more life is sorta kinda in effect, now the hunting begins, I am contemplating getting some nemos too to keep me some company, not that they’re the talking kind of life but hey at least they’ll listen and if they don’t there’s always water to stare at and fishies swimming in water to stare at lol. Nehoo, I should end this break spell of mine, so I’m gonna head back to the words awaiting my arrival . Take care all and I hope you had/have an awesome weekend and a ridiculously wicked start to the week :D. Cheers!

Songs of the Day:

Song: August’s Rhapsody
OST: August Rush
Release Date: Circa 2007

Song: Delhi 6
OST: Delhi 6
Release Date: Circa 2009

Song: Iktara
OST: Wake Up Sid
Release Date: Circa 2009
BJ all the credit, you totally rock BJ and one day some day soon we can start jammin’ over the goodness called Skype lol. Miss ya loads and hopefuly will see ya soon :D>

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