Lazy Lamhe

And so after a sombre, smooth Saturday we drift on to soulful Sunday. Well okay maybe soulful is an over exaggeration of how my Sunday was, it was more confusing than soulful lol, what with the whole change in time business. Apparently we all leaped an hour forward, I woke up checked my laptop, it read a certain time…I was content with the time I woke up and then I stumbled over to my table to grab my glass of water, and my watch was glaring right back at me with the time reading out to be an hour before, I think I quirked my eyebrow in response to it lol. Not that my watch nor time cares, but yeah for some reason time seemed to be hitting the gas pedal yesterday, things were racing by, the day was flying by and I had a quiz to study for lol, such is the story of my life. So I finally sat my arse down and started reading…wasn’t that the trip of my life? Well after I finished reading the first packet, I was all eh I feel sleepy and *kaplonk* i collapsed into my wonderful bed and slept. Now I thought I was taking maybe a 2 hour nap, I open my eyes and the clock stares right back at me with the words 11 PM smirking at me. Did I panic? No, I don’t think so, I think my reaction was more of a “Aww really? C’mon! its 11 a’ready? But ha! originally its 10 so its all good.” I think I was also amazed at how utterly wide awake I was and had this energy reserve going for a bit lol, of course those energy reserves are an LTO

I did however get to listen to some awesome music that I used to have once upon a time on my lil’ portable jukebox …so yayy I amped up on soul food which is always fantastic ‘cuz soul food = the greatest thing one can have, I mean the thing with music is that it embraces the concept of forever, of all things eternal. No matter what happens its always there, forever faithful, forever listening, forever calming…right I’ll stop with the music tribute. None the less, the Sunday equalled more relaxation and resting I guess with a hint of akademia and of course can’t forget that lovely game called cricket, though I didn’t exactly watch much of it. Saw some amazing fielding though, yeah go Sachin!!! that was a brilliant catch. Anyway people, I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, and oh my would you look at that? This might actually be one of my first short entries on here…daayyyuummm!!!! Take care and good luck with whatever it is that you are all tackling at the moment. Cheers!

Songs of the Day:

Song: Aao Na (Unplugged version)
Artist: Adnan Sami
Album: Kabhi To Nazar Milao
Release Date: Circa 2007

Song: Aaja Ve Aaja
Artist: Sona Mohapatra
Release Date: Circa 2006

Song: Akela Dil
OST: Dulha Mil Gaya
Release Date: Circa 2009

Song: Sau Dard
OST: Jaan-E-Mann
Release Date: Circa 2006

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