Musings of an Overtried and Overfried Human Being

Well I was contemplating Brain for Being but then again it is my entire being that is bothered not just one part of me. And yes that does read Overtried, its not Overtired. Yes I figure you can handle more than one post from me at a time, if I knew you couldn’t do you actually think I would keep adding posts on here? Well lets just say my Monday was a very fascinating Monday, it started with CC’s shenanigans of moving shit outta the bedroom, and it wasn’t re-organization it was a moving out kinda move that was going on at 01:00 AM, I mean honestly if you wanna do the great big haul do it a reasonable hour and not an Un-Godly hour, I mean even the G-man would come down and smack you for disrupting the peace, but lucky for CC the G-man had other time zones and other people and beings to work with. So now we move on towards Motivational Monday, which let me assure you it wasn’t. In fact it was more Murderous Monday than Motivational Monday and the piece of shyte responsible for the murderous, crimson clouds of anger, hate and a thousand other such emotions…pulsing and pounding was lucky to not have the blood red drops of anger break loose or break free. As much as I do advocate against such emotions the one thing I like about all of those mentioned above is the how clean and pure those emotions are. They’re single sided, there are no dimensions, they cut sharp as the sharpest blades, they’re direct there’s no blunting and they’re one dimensional, and they’re intense particles containing megawatts of energy that’s forever ready and burstin’ at the seams to lash out and literally slice away or swipe away any opposition. And here’s the next thing, none of these emotions/attributes are meant for a few, for instance say love…yes I find it to be something that’s a rarity not everybody is lucky in this thing called love and to those of you who have it, hold on to it and hold on bloody tightly to it or imma come kick your arse :D. So going back to what I was saying, the opposite end of the spectrum of the emotion spectrum is not something that a few are destined to have, its there in all of us, lurking right there under the surface waiting, watching, being that proverbial fuel to the burning fires of ambition, determination and oh so much more…that just keeps us going. Its not always necessary that the other end of the spectrum is the worst thing one can be…’cuz in order to gain that which makes us and lets us be and shapes us into who we become we need a lil’ taste of the bitter side to get where we wanna go. It’s exactly like what the Dao De Jing says, ‘It is in chaos that one finds order’ and works on the same lines of it is in darkness one finds light and in chaos one finds harmony. None the less with all this said and done, it doesn’t mean I’m sitting and being all meditative, I still wanna go kick CC’s arse, bloody stupid cow.

Yeah I know there are things in life one should let go and one should just forget but I really hope but I hope Karma gives this bitch back what she deserves and with interest. That’s what she should get for ruining a few lives, I mean how mentally and emotionally depraved can one be to set out on a mission to break people down just ‘cuz they don’t bow down to your stupid wishes or follow whatever it is you do? Ever heard of the concept of originality? If you keep stifling people how the hell are they EVER supposed to get to achieving their max potential, okay forget that…if you stop people from being their own person how the hell can they become the person they’re meant to become? There’s so much this world needs, and no this blog isn’t ’bout politics or political parties or any nonsense of that sort. All those things involve too much analysis and understanding into the concept of power games. I for one have hated power games, bloody hell sometimes it isn’t about the power involved…it isn’t ’bout the bloody greed either, it’s about trying to make a difference, it really is about trying to make the world a safer and better place to live in, where we share common agendas/a common platform, one of progress…one of moving forward together as a single unit and of picking up and carrying forward those who can’t do so themselves. Yeah I know I’m a bloody idealist…sue me…but this is what I envision tomorrow to be or at least the future to be. All these power hungry, overambitious to the point of breaking people with no qualms and no conscience conflicts, overly competitive people just piss the living daylights outta me. I’m glad you’re competitive but don’t try to go outta your way to make a person’s life miserable or to break a person, ‘cuz the success you get outta that is not even worthy of praise. If you get somewehre in life by doing that, good for you but one day it’s gonna wear off and bid you a fine farewell and then like most things in life, it’ll b a cycle that’ll come to knock you off your feet. Only you’re gonna spend the rest of your life through your ill gotten gains being so bloody paranoid that you might be the only one/thing that causes your own downfall.

I don’t expect this to be a life altering, mind boggling post, its not, it’s just me expressing my vexations and frustrations at how low people are willing to go morally and any other way. Never and by that I mean NEVER ever sell your principles or your ethics in return for anything, its the only thing that gives you any sorta credibility. Yeah sure if you own the world by doing so then more power to you but the world needs more examples of people who can lead by principle than by those who don’t even know what the word means.

Well that’s that for now folks, I gotta go get some work done so I can actually feel like I did something productive as opposed to sitting here and worrying and despairing over things that I don’t and can’t physically control or alter in order to make things better for those that I know definitely deserve it. Screw making things better for myself, that’s something I gotta work on by myself that’s not even my concern, the things I do in my life aren’t done with me being the prime target that needs satisfaction or fulfillment. I get my satisfaction from seeing how far I can reach out and how many people’s lives I can change. I get my happiness from that, I don’t need much, as long as I got my music, my books to read, my writing implements + paper or a book and the love of those that matter most wat the hell more do I need? Well time to peace out, I hope all is well with all of ye, take care and be well people. Cheers!

Songs of the Day:

Song: Furious Angels (Instrumental)
OST: Matrix Reloaded
Composer: Rob Dougan
Release Date: Circa, 2003

Song: Say When
Artist/Band: The Fray
Album: The Fray
Release Date: Circa, 2007

Song: We Build Then We Break
Artist/Band: The Fray
Album: The Fray
Release Date: Circa, 2007

Song: Numb
Artist/Band: Linkin Park
Album: Meteora
Release Date: Circa, 2003

Song: Dream Awake
Artist/Band: The Frames
Album: Burn The Maps
Releaes Date: Circa, 2004


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