Musings and then some

Well as was seen w.r.t my last post, it was quite intense on the musings front, sometimes my brain likes to have a nice lil’ verbal explanation as to how and why things work the way they do. It’s some sort of justification for a person’s or people’s actions or it gains some sorta closure from overthinking and overtiring it’s self out. That’s one thing I’ve never understood ’bout my brain and I don’t think I ever will…the overcontemplation of matters will forever be a mystery to myself and will forever screw my head over more than necessary lol. But then again, that’s the fact of my life, I admit it and eh I’ll live with it like I have all these years. Eh a day or 2 before u go off on a nice lil’ break your mind and body can’t help you find motivation of any form, kind or sort to get you to read a page of sum’n to do with akademia. My brain has more or less flat lined on me and tol’ me to screw off and leave it in peace for a while, the early warning signs for this were quite visible from the amount of headaches my brain commissioned so as to launch anti studying as well as anti memorizing of pertinent information strikes on me. I mean the brain finds it possible and plausible to remember useless information and in times of dire need and dire circumstances, the first bits of information that comes to you is the unnecessary bits of factoid that you don’t have any use for at that precise moment when you’re doing a quiz or a test, you start searching the depths of your brain for the answer to the problem instead you keep getting interrupted by either the factoid or, if you have a brain like mine that has a jukebox in there, then you get interrupted by a bevvy of songs. And then once the test, quiz, or whatever major thing it is that you’re doing that requires your brain to be in full working capacity.

And to top all of that my brain is definitely aware of this Easter break that is coming up on us, which I must say I am thrilled to bits ’bout ‘cuz I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to classes…though that doesn’t quite stop my body from waking up at 7 in the morning . So knowing this break is upon us, the rest/creative/wheeee lets not do anything side has been acting up and so I spent my Tuesday trying to do anything and everything aside from studying. Then there was that tantalizing offer of doing the quiz, that I was trying to study for, the following week…c’mon which sane person would not go ‘Oh screw this I’ll do it next week.’ It really is that good an offer lol. Anyhow while a majority of me wanted to do it next week, there was the inner voice and Kobi who said ‘Yo just get it done tomorrow then you don’t have to worry ’bout it next week when we have other partials to take care of.’ The inner response to that conflict was *Groan…* followed by a *sigh…this is true, I won’t overscrew my self over with work and whine next week going why didn’t I just do it last week.* And so with a heavy heart and head and huge ass sigh I sat myself down and decided it was time to read ’bout bacteria and it’s siblings and perhaps extended family since they do multiply like crazy lol. Though that’s not to say I didn’t have my share of distractions…honestly what does one do when one has awesome distractions in the form of cricket and music. I haven’t returned to my TV shows yet, maybe I’ll catch up on ’em this week, or not…haven’t quite decided yet. And not too sure what there is to watch on the movie front, more like I’m quite undecided ’bout what I feel like watching. Maybe catch a couple of Hindi flicks but then again there’s the question of what do I watch lol. I’m definitely in the mood for something light, and for some reason I’m having a Disney moment, where I wanna watch Disney classics :D…perhaps I should get started on that. At least its some form of therapy from the craziness called CC…but then again the world is made up of lots of people and there are lots of people like CC okay maybe not as psychotic or maybe 10 times as psychotic, w/e the case may be…I really do hope nobody has to endure a piece of shyte of a human being like that more than necessary. The only thing that’s held me back from dishing it out to her and giving her an access pass to the ER is my big picture view, which is pretty much the “It’s a’ite its a valuable lesson in patience and tolerance and hey if you can put up with this crap imagine how things in the future can be handled” Of course there was the other part of my wonderfully disassociative brain that pretty much smacked the Zen side of my brain and said you’re an idiot just knock the livin’ daylights outta CC that should solve all problems. A quick fix to an annoying problem. With the way CC keeps barkin n bitchin’ its like watching one of those lil’ hairy fuzzy dogs barking at the big guys like the labs or german sheps and they just keep barkin n barkin n barkin tryin to say “Yo you may be big in size but I got more bark than you” and they keep trying to drive the big one insane, until all it takes from the big guy to shut the lil’ one up is 1 bark. Whenever I walk around to school or just around the place I keep seeing this lol, its a very amusing sight lol, and I’m sure I’m an amusing sight to the people walking by me ‘cuz I have this idiotic grin/smile pasted on my face. Oh well it is a free country, people have the right to make the deductions they make :P.

On other notes, people!! go check out OneRepublic’s 2nd album…its awesome!!! I love the way these guys experiment with different sounds, and I love how they use the Cello in their songs :D…its some great musical stuff, it doesn’t sound like regular fare and there’s been experimentation of sorts to give a sorta worldly feel to it. Not only that, the lyrics of their songs are pretty awesome, if you haven’t checked out their songs from their debut album “Dreaming Out Loud” then please do go check those out. If anything I’m pretty sure you’ve heard at least 1 song from that album ‘cuz of all the air play it’s received and also ‘cuz Timbaland had his version of it on his album Shock Value, if all these clues don’t give you an idea as to what song I’m talkin ’bout, then just think ‘Apologize’ :D…though I do prefer the original over the ‘remix’ version lol. On other musical notes, I’d like to thank a very very dear A&A friend of mine who has stuck by my side since jeez High School Yo G! thanks for the Awesome awesome song you sent, you have no idea dude but that was exactly what I needed at that moment 🙂 so thank you very much and your timing, may I add madamoseille, as always is beyond impeccable, it was the divine intervention I needed when I got your email :). So thunkers and I hope All iz Well with you as well, and yes I did start this bloggin’ thing recently :P.

A’ite people time for me 2 say adios and cheerio, but not without the daily dosage of songs, and besides I gotta save a few for the next post too, so keep watchin’ this space, that is if you are watching this space and if you watchin’ this space then I guess you really are bored outta your mind lol. Oh cripey I do have to get going, must find cables to upload pictures from my camera…groan…which means cleaning up…whee. Let’s see how far my hustle goes lol. Cheerio!

Songs of the Day:

Song: Laari Chooti
OST: Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local
Release Date: Circa, 2007

Song: Bandya
OST: Khuda Kay Liye
Release Date: Circa, 2007

Song: Ehsaan
OST: Dil Kabbadi
Release Date: Circa, 2008

Song: Iris
Artist/Band: The Goo Goo Dolls
Album: Dizzy Up The Girl
Release Date: Circa, 1998

Song: Emosanal Attyachar
OST: Dev. D
Release Date: 2009

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