Okay so I know its an unconventional title, but hey can’t blame me if that’s been stuck in my head since yesterday. So one and all to you I say Booyakasha…and no this isn’t Da Ali-G show. So here’s the deal, I’m gonna try and condense 2 days worth of stuff in here, and in the process be caught up with the 2nd day of Awesome April, seeing how me just came off of Magnificent March well at times it turned into Murderous and Morose March, but generally Magnificent or Marvellous March. I hope you all had fun pranking people yesterday, what with it bein’ April Fool’s Day and all, I got pranked in a minor way by a buddy who claimed hair loss due to a bad haircut or a hair experiment gone wrong as conducted by a cousin. If my cousins ever did decide to have an experiment with my hair and that too they decided to conduct it themselves, I’d chase ’em with my cricket bat…speaking of cricket bats and cricket…OMG gooooooo DAAADDAA!!!!!! Holy mother of God that man was beyond amazing yesterday, he will ALWAYS be my #1!!!! One of the world’s best left-handed batsmen ever!!! And my team won yesterday too, I hope they keep playing like that though and win a few more matches…its always very heartening when your team wins lol.

Anyhow, flashin’ back to 2 days, well Wednesday was the last day of classes before the beginnin’ of this awesome thing called a break!!! WOOHOOO…who doesn’t love a break and who doesn’t need one right? I’m game for one pretty much any time :D…the best part of the break being me being able to catch up on sleep and hopefully lots of it :D. So lets start by saying that Wednesday was the longest last day of class that I think I had the patience to go through lol. The day started off with me getting ’bout 2 hours of sleep, don’t ask I think I’m a part-time insomniac who gets all the benefits of being one without getting paid :(…I didn’t even ask for this job…:P…oh well, and people say the economy is in shambles, though its better than what it used to be.

Anyhow, the Wednesday started with a 9:30 AM date with Micro, t’was quick and the only down side was I got to see CC so that put a dampener on my otherwise boisterous spirits, wait no my spirits weren’t boisterous on Wednesday they were very much attached to the concept of me sleeping in. The quick date was followed through by a torturous time in Physio, I mean hey its a great class n all but I swear it just felt like the proff was dronin’ on and on and on and on, like someone gave him a mild dose of the Energizer Bunny’s energy drink, now imagine if he had the extra strong full dose of that drink…well for one I guess he wudda had more energy while explaining/teaching, and the slumberin’ passion within him for the subject he was teaching wudda jumped up by leaps and bounds. None the less, I do admire our proff he puts up with the bunch of us, and some of us in that bunch can be uber annoying to the point that you really wanna either

a)clock out respective annoyances
b)stick a pacifier into their mouths, no not gullets that would lead to choking which would subsequently lead to Heimmlich’s and all that fun stuff that nobody really has the time for at the moment well not when one barely has enough energy to get through a lecture.
c)toss said annoyances outta class

Oooh this matter of annoyances is bringing me very close to one of my pet peeves…which if I dwell on a lot will make me the ultimate hypocrite :D…but then again who isn’t a hypocrite these days? None the less, I will spare you all from the wrath of me going off on my pet peeve at this time, I’m sure it is something I will bring up later on because knowing me and my fuming self and knowing my fuming self that writes I’m sure I’ll have a huge ass list of pet peeves that will show up on here. And in case you’re wondering, yes that list of pet peeves will put Santa’s list to shame. And after what seemed like eternity in Painful Physiology we move on to Agonizing Anatomy. Well the course per se is fun if you have time to spend time with the subject matter you’re learning but the speed at which we cover the topics we cover makes the pain caused by my sinus attacks and migraines look weak and measly compared to the head rush I get from anatomy. I think I should carry an ice pack with me to class just to make sure the brain doesn’t go *splakoosh* and literally shoot outta my head like a geyser. The sad part is I can hear my brain doing so and going *MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA…So long suckaaa!!!!* Prior to agonizing Anatomy I had to, well not exactly confront, but talk to CC about certain apartment things, ‘cuz believe it or not the bitch is actually movin’ the hell outta here…boo yah! And good luck to whoever is living with CC…may the force be with you. Anyway, the previous day the house maties and I went down to have a chit chat at one of the ppl. in charge of this whole dorm/residence/hostel/living arrangement thing ‘cuz CC came in proclaimin’ that she was gonna live elsewhere but was comin’ back to get some of her shyte and that being said she wasn’t gonna pay for utilities, to which my prompt response was ‘Yo dude take it up with the landlord and whoever else is in charge I got nothing to do with this.’ I was informed further by CC that no utility affecting appliance/facility would be utilized, including the shower…to which I did have a smirk creepin’ up on my face, but I had to control the smirk and switch to a serious game face of sorts….it really is hard to do the serious game face when the rest of you is snapping back all these snappy, snazzy, saucy responses and your inner self is cracking up. Oh and what’s even harder is to filter through those multiple responses and pick a very neutral and politically correct response. I mean why the hell should one create an opening for a verbal conflict, though in this case I’m pretty sure the verbal wudda switched over to fisties or more like me smacking CC’s head going *KAPUFF* …perhaps that would have been like hitting the reset button on something faulty. Huh…I guess we’ll never know if it works or not now will we? None the less I digress, so I had to talk to CC ’bout a few things that the official ppl. in charge of this entire housing/living arrangement quagmire had to say w.r.t utilities and payment and all that fun stuff. The news and info I got from them was really logical and practical and made absolute and perfect sense to me, however, I’m not quite sure what part of the conversation CC heard or what parts she chose to hear and edit and follow. Damn…that’s like having your own movie studio and editing, mixing and dubbing right there, its like doing post production work. Okay sorry, I digress again…but yeah firstly when I approached that twat with a whole hey excuse me you pig-headed asinine piece of nonsense can we talk? the response I got was ‘No, I don’t have time.’ I mean clearly, how CAN you have time when you have absolutely nothing to do but to twiddle your thumbs a good 10 minutes before class right? And me bein’ silly ol’ me just stuck ’round till I got a response that went my way, yes I’m stubborn, can’t blame me for it though, its quite the quality that people of my kind possess…we’re born with it, ain’t much to do when Mars is your ruling planet. Anyway, CC sorta kinda relented very unwillingly only to sigh or rather huff and puff and say ‘What? What is it ’bout?’ and then I tol’ her wat it was ’bout and CC’s responses varied from an emphatic ‘Psht No!’ to a useless ‘Whatever!’ followed by a firm and final ‘Hell No!’. This happened each time I mentioned one of the options mentioned to the point I actually had to say ‘Hey I’m not done, let me finish ‘ite?’ Though me informin’ CC ’bout nething that was said to me by the office was a real useless task ‘cuz all I got in terms of a response was “Whatever, I a’ready made my arrangements with the person in charge so don’t worry ’bout it I’m NOT paying utilities in April.’ to which I think I said “‘ite just wanted to let ya know, cool w/e peace out.” I did have a moment where I wanted to kick my arse for even botherin with the ignoramus, but dammit that’s what I get for trying to think ’bout consequences of actions taken in different directions. After this lil’ tete-a-tete we headed off to class to enjoy an hour and a half of Anatomy…lemme tell you this section we’re doing is a’ready making my head spin and wats ironic ’bout the whole matter is that this new section we’re starting up is about the Head…yayy joy times. So the whole time through Anatomy my heart was pounding accelerated beats, the adrenaline was firing up, the fists clenchin’ up ‘cuz you know wat I get you like being a bitch but that doesn’t mean you gotta b one everytime you have a conversation with me. Don’t worry in time your true colours will be more dominant than the facades you like to paint. I mean why do you wanna even bother wasting all these emotions and energy in such negativity ‘gainst moi? Use it wisely, I mean I’m sure there are other ppl who can possibly piss you off more than me, I mean have you looked at your reflection lately?

None the less, while Anatomy was agonizing I did get a solution or rather there was a resolution the whole CC issue which has me feeling much better than I have in days, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t even realize how much it’s been eating away at me all these days until I got the resolution to the entire situation…it was a liberating feeling. And the best part of it all was that the weather outside was just perfect and just what I needed, there was this perfect blend of windy-ness and rain, it felt like the whole universe and I were one with each other and that it understood exactly what I was feeling. Days like that just re-inforce my belief that everything is connected, from every vein of a leaf to every drop of rain, to every gust of wind that blows your hair back and breathes a new life through you, to every flake of snow that dances it’s way down from it’s skyward abode to grace you with it’s softness, lightness and playfulness. Of course I’m digressing some more, so moving along with the day, the day ended with a trip to the mall and I finally got something to liven up my space as well as to lighten up my life…and his name is Neptune :D. Nope I didn’t get a dog/pup, my mother would chase me with a broomstick and anything and everything within her reach that upon leaving her hands would attain projectile motion of sorts lol. I got myself a betta fish, he’s a stunnin’ lil’ guy, aquamarine in the dark and a reddish/pink with blue tips in the presence of light. Well I’m not quite sure how Neptune is taking to his new owner and stuff, I hope he doesn’t die on me, he’s pretty easy goin’ not overly aggressive, when I try to get his attention or rather when I try to play the follow the finger game with him he usually just turns his fins on me and swims in the opposite direction. The lil’ fella surely knows how to take me seriously :P. So yes, my day ended on an absolutely brilliant note what with me returning home with Neptune…now the next space project involves me getting a plant, not that I have a green thumb or anything. The one with the green thumb would be my broda, now that boy has quite the green thumb, I’m sure he got that from my grandmother :)…she had a brilliant garden and her plants loved her, well she was such a soul that pretty much anything and everything loved her, I mean you couldn’t help but love her she was that AWESOME, I hope some day I can have or be even a quarter of the person she was and even my parents for that matter. The parental unit is beyond cool lol, if I were in their shoes and I was parenting me I’d be smacking my head more than usual, well I’m smacking my head just thinking ’bout it. Oh and Kobi is really excited ’bout Neptune, in fact she was taking pictures of him on Thursday when I was trying to figure out a space for him in my room. I’m sure I’ll figure the perfect spot for him soon, but yeah this is me hoping Nepty doesn’t hate me lol, yes I know he’s a fish and they don’t exactly express their emotions like puppies and kittens do, but they have feelings too :P. Oh and Panda if I get anymore fishies to keep Nepty company I’m definitely naming one of them Panda :P.

Oh also at this point out here’s a shout out for the PR group who headed off to Prague to enjoy and celebrate this wonderful thing called a break, I hope you guys have a fantastically phenomenal time in Prague 😀 and I hope the trip goes without any hitches or problems. Getting back to the time frame I wanna cover, seeing how I wanna do more than a day in this post :P, we roll on towards Thursday the first day of the break…wheeee! Which was also April Fool’s Day, and I did mention how a buddy pranked me ’bout his hair, that’s what happens when you’ve been up since 6 in the morning and ure focus is definitely outta focus ‘cuz your brain is going ‘Dude WHAT THE HELL are you doing up at 6? :|…you’re an ass’ and I can’t help but agree with my brain lol. In fact, I actually fell asleep typing my previous blog entry lol. Well Thursday was quite terrific actually :D…my team won! and man oh man Dada was beyond awesome. Yes I know I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t help myself :D. The day was spent basking in the peace and tranquility left in this place with the exit of CC, and honestly the place feels so much more peaceful and so much more liveable with CC gone. There’s this sense of liberation/peace and this comfortable feeling of harmony, and I asked Buddy, my other housemate, if she felt the same way and her response was ‘YEAH! totally! I know exactly wat you’re talkin’ ’bout!’ The evening was spent in the awesome company of my Agent, my Consultant and one of my bestest friends ever, i.e., Cyntillator, Jupiter and Ice Cream :P…well who else did you expect? It was fun catching up on various different fronts and being quite clueless where some conversations were concerned and just laughing at each other and ourselves lol. T’was the evening where H&M became HMI and Russell Peters became Peters Russell, you know the last time this name thing happened was with my buddy Paprika. We were talkin’ bout Prison Break and we were talkin ’bout the hot guy on the show and her part of the conversation was something like “Oh I totally agree that Miller Wentworth is absolutely HOT!!” Upon hearing that I looked at her and said “Erm..honey you realize you just said his last name first right?” She looked at me and went “Huh? What? Really? Oh man that’s what you get for reading bloody journal articles and doing all that bloody APA formattin’ nonsense for papers” And at this point we all burst out laughing, I do agree with the whole formattin’ system…if there is anything I hate about writing papers it’s that last section where you have to list your sources of reference and you gotta follow the whole MLA formattin’ style or the Chicago style or whatever else it is that your proffs want or expect from you. That section used to take up most of my time…cripey…

Oh and on other notes from the Day of Fools, CC actually dropped by the house with her buddy Psychotropic and they were conversing in their native tongue, and I assume the conversation to go along the lines of “Oh man, I’m back in this shit=hole I’m so glad I moved outta here, and not living with these idiots who are making my life miserable…boo-hoo…waaaahhh ‘ Anyway they came, they saw, they exclaimed, commented and remarked, put things in bags, kept lockin and unlockin CC’s old/current room and then left. I headed out to the kitchen later to wash up dishes and put ’em away, and the side of the sink CC was using or rather that had CC’s dirty dishes in it was filthy. So eventually I texted CC and said sum’n along the lines of yo u know the side where your dishes were is really dirty could u please clean it up? Wud b muchos appreciated and I tossed in a thunkers in there to which she responded that she’d swing by the following day and clean up ‘cuz she wasn’t gonna b ’round that day. So, when I stepped out with the Cyntillator and Jupiter and we were walkin to our destination I saw CC who refused to look me in the eye, muttered sum’n to a buddy of mine walkin’ with her b4 she kept walking, now c’mon where are yer manners? Is that how you treat people? I guess it is when you make shit up lol :P. The 3 of us, after that lil’ interesting moment, burst out laughing at the awkward situation and resumed talkin’ bout more useful less nonsensical things. All in all Day 1 of my break, minus waking up at six in the morning was brilliant :D…awesome day, awesome people that I spent time with and just good conversations and plenty of laughs. I think it’s necessary that people always make the time to have a good laugh or two, it keeps one’s perspective fresh and it’s just very refreshing for one’s mind and soul.

Moving on to Day 2 of the break i.e. today, well nothing spectacular happened except for maybe more sleep, more music, indulging in a movie and then some cricket. Damn straight Panda we won!!! 😀 woohoo! That was an awesome match though, that game was clinched from a losing one to a winner! Now it shall be interesting to see how the semi finals and all the other fun things pan out :D. Oh yeah, and I was trying to taech one of my housemate’s how to play cricket, the other one ran to her room saying no no I don’t wanna play…eejit lol. It’s been a while since I played any cricket at all, damn it felt good to get that ball spinning, nah I don’t have a real one with me but i do have my bevvy of tennis balls :D. Now the movie I watched today was eh ‘ite, but it had some really interesting music, it was a fusion between Western classical and Classical Indian music and I LOVE hearing stuff like that, ‘cuz it has such a fresh appeal to it and it’s creativity at it’s best. I mean it’s one thing to be a master of any kind of classical music be it Western or otherwise. But it takes imagination, foresight and a passionate soul to find that bridge to connect both of them and the end result is one of pure bliss and brilliance. So yes I was blown away, I mean it’s not like it’s a professional music album created by the Philharmonic Ochestra or something along with India’s leading Sitaar player or tabla player or leading singer of Hindustani Music in India. But when you hear the music it has so much soul in it and you can feel the ups and downs of that song, you can feel the emotions in it and end of the day that’s all that matters. Hearing a couple songs from the soundtrack of that movie, it had me reminiscing back to a time when I had my own website via Geocities of coures which isn’t active anymore as I think the company shut down or were bought off by another company or sum’n. Yeah, when I started that website of mine I had decided I’d have a Bollywood section that was updated and very recent with interviews and all that jazz. And I had also decided I’d do movie reviews for the new ones that came out on Fridays, of course this was me when I was in High School and I learned quickly in High School that time was something that I didn’t exactly seem to have to write up my reviews. So instead of writing weekly ones I decided I’d switch to writing reviews for the ones that I did watch, I mean some of those movies are too painful to sit through. Then after that I decided I’d do Music Reviews, I mean I don’t think I have that bad a taste when it comes to muzeek, I mean sometimes it is questionable…I won’t deny that lol. So, I decided I’d review all these new OST’s of Hindi movies yet to be released, but then again the whole time factor kicked in and I kinda had to abandon that. But the funny if not awesome part is that when I think back to those memories/instances of time i can literally track back to the moment, the place, the setting, where I was sitting and what I was doing when I decided I would do that. Yes I astrally projected to the past, lol, it literally felt like I walked back in time, and I can see myself standing/leaning against the door frame watching myself have these epiphanies, in order to increase the hits on my website lol. And I can also see myself deciding against those ideas too in due course of time..its funny how one can view the past as an outsider…I mean you see your younger/past self doing these things, whose consequences you’re very aware of, and you wanna reach out and be like ‘Are you sure? Do you wanna re-think this?’ or you go ‘Oh hell yeah keep that attitude and you’re gonna totally rock it!!! Don’t worry just have faith in your abilities.’

This whole reminiscence thing left me with a smile and at the same time it made me ponder and wonder ’bout the blog, as in is this too much? I tried adding a few gadgets yesterday lol, I was trying to add a lil’ more flavour to the blog, toss in a few pictures and stuff, a splash of colour never anybody and excellent photographic skills only accentuates one’s appreciation of the beauty we’re surrounded by. Anyway people, I think this should be enough of a read for now, however, I do have a question for a few of you. I’m thinkin’ of getting rid of the email notifications w.r.t new blog posts ‘cuz I don’t know how annoying it seems to find it in you inbox on a daily basis and I don’t exactly know if it makes you go “AAARRRGGGHHH….stop woman stop!”…so please be darlings and lemme know if those notifications are a pain in the arse or not, if they are I shall work on it pronto, if it doesn’t then hey I’ll let it be. A’ite peepz, take care, have yourselves an awesome weekend and HAPPY EASTER!!..well at least that’s what I think people say right? Have fun egg hunting 😀 and make sure those bunnies don’t steal your eggs…on a sidenote: I should have bought myself a Kinder Egg…sigh Kinder Egg days = Awesome days and even awesomer memories :D…A’ite everybody go do something constructive instead of wasting time and thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Songs of the Day/(s):

Song: Marching On
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Waking Up
Release Date: Circa, 2009

Song: Missing Persons 1&2
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Waking Up
Release Date: Circa, 2009

Song: Nacha Main
OST: Jaane Kahaan Se Aayi Hain
Release Date: Circa, 2010

Song: Jiya Se Jiya
Artist: A.R. Rahman
Album: Connections
Release Date: Circa, 2010

Song: Tu Jaane Na
OST: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani
Release Date: Circa, 2009

Song: Woh Lamhe
Artist/Band: Jal
Album: Aadat
Release Date: Circa, 2004

Song: Manmohini Morey
OST: Yuvvraaj
Release Date: Circa, 2008


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