Well I didn’t know what to put up for a title/subject line so I guess whatever is mentioned up there best reflects the state of mind. A’ite acknowledging a few things first,

a) My last post was ginormous, granted there are warnings of length in the previous post somewhere in there lol.
b) Go RCB!!! that was a fantastic match and I’m glad you guys won. Uthappa was sizzling in that game, came in and played EXACTLY the shots that Bangalore needed.
C) GO CSK for setting up such an awesome score in today’s game and for winning the game and not letting the Royals clinch away the game, but hey on that same note nice work Royals for actually losing by 20 sum’n runs and you guys put your best foot forward. Awesome batting from both sides.

Now I can’t remember if there was anything else to acknowledge prior to me commencin’ my daily rambles and rants for the day. Anyway, my day started with me waking up as confused as the fashion styles of the late 80’s early 90’s well okay maybe further into the 90’s as well, and I’m not one to comment ’bout fashion ‘cuz as the lovely familia likes to remind me I lack quite a bit of the fashion sense. Hey I’m not arguing with that sentiment I fully and wholly agree that I do definitely lack the fashion statement, in fact I’m quite happy with my basic knowledge of solids lol. All this other hybrid combinations of florals and pastels just don’t make any sense to me and I think if I dabbled in it I might as well be a one person circus. So yeah my day started on a confusing note, I was having trouble sleeping last night Anyway, like I was saying, with the coming of the morn came the dawnin’ of confusion and somehow the day just drifted by, my brain has absolutely no motivation of any sorts to start studying or to bond with any of the akademik books yet, hopefully that changes soon, and yes I know that the only way the change will happen is if I take the first step and the whole ‘put your best foot forward’ thing.

I can’t believe I put myself through quite the ordeal to watch a Hindi movie, I had to switch between sites just to be able to watch the end of the movie, well initially I had trouble watching a decent print of the movie, and then I finally got a decent print and the last part of the movie wasn’t uploaded on the site, so I was hunting for a site to finish watching the movie. I hate leaving movies incomplete, I mean you take the time out to watch the whole darn thing, and it sucks when you sit through most of it and don’t know what happens in the end. Before I proceed, I might as well tell you wat movie I was watching; Chandni Chowk to China…directed by Nikhil Advani, the director of one of my all time fav. movies –> Kal Ho Naa Ho :D..which reminds me I should watch that some time soon, it always has a magical effect after I’m done watching it. Anyway, the movie was eh ‘ite, amusing in parts, an interesting story line, very creative use of the soundtrack, and quite the over-acting from the main lead actor, and some really cool fight/martial arts sequences. The cinematography was pretty awesome too and the movie had a fresh treatment ’bout it, but in the same breath the movie reminded me of another old Indian movie, and it reminded me of Jackie Chan’s movies too, dammit now I wanna watch a Jackie Chan movie…those movies can never go outta style.

I’m in Disney mode these days, definitely wanna re-watch Aladdin :D…woohoo! exciting times to look forward to now ‘en it? What other way to unwind than to get lost in some childhood fun, I can’t make myself watch a movie that makes me think about the bigger and more important things in life, not just yet, maybe towards the fag end of my break I might be able to watch something serious and gain some perspective but right now I’m loving my current light and simple perspective. I mean we can’t always be serious every single moment of every single day, if we do that then we miss out on the lil’ things that make us happy which in turn gives us the motivation to push further on in life regardless of what obstacles get hurled our way. If we pull off Serious Sally or a Serious Sam for that matter, we end up with a chance of living very bitter, close minded, blinker controlled lives and we never give our true selves a chance to surface and integrate with any aspects of our lives. Denying yourself any sorta access to your true self is a crime in my humble opinion, ‘cuz you keep evolving throughout life and this evolution and constant molding process, it lets you take a look into yourself and it allows you to tap into that potential you got. And trust me each and every one of you has lots and lots of AMAZING potential and don’t you EVER let anyone else tell you otherwise, or imma kick their sorry arses *puts on the slit eye fighter face*

See? Why do I need to watch a serious thought provoking flick at the moment when my thoughts are so provoking? :P…Oh and guess what? I discovered a bunny in CC’s room or ex-room :|…no no I didn’t pick the lock or anything people, I’m skilled but not that skilled. It all started with Kobi hearing squeaky noises, so then I got pulled in lol to see if Kobi was hallucinating or actually hearing things. So I heard squeaky noises too and we investigated through the window and discovered a cage that was wide open. It seemed like a bunny cage or a hamster’s cage. See, we heard squeakies and thought it was a mouse or rat; if it was one of those 2 I’d be the first one screaming and sitting on top of the counter going I REFUSE to get down from here!!! Somebody…ANYBODY KILL IT!!!! Yes that’s how smooth I am; so yeah we discovered a bunny in there and that idiot left the bunny in her room. A room that’s visited once in either 3 days or a week…can somebody please get PETA in here? I mean WTF?!! It’s a living being dammit! You don’t just leave it there, toss some food at it and leave it there with it’s cage open!?! That’s not called freedom, you don’t even deserve to be responsible for another life if this is how you’re gonna treat it!!!! I’m not a huge bunny fan, those things are like goldfishies, they poop a lot and that makes things smelly and hard to deal with it. But really, how the hell can you leave something so adorable all by it’s lonesome self? That bunny’s gonna need years of therapy, unless it pulls a CUJO or sum’n :|…shit if it does lets hope it’s not here, and I think there might be something wrong with that bunny too. It looked scared and all but I thought I saw it limp….frakkin’ frakkity-ness, why?…wait lemme rephrase…WHY THE HELL would anyone get themselves something fuzzy and lovable if they can’t take care of it? See!!!! all the more reasons to clock CC out, I’m sure the bunny would appreciate it too, or it might be deaf with the high pitched squealing CC puts the bunny through while addressing it.

A’ite folks, I’m gonna end this one somewhere around here…just ‘cuz I can :D, and also ‘cuz I know yesterday’s post was really long as Panda was nice enough to e-mail me :P…That’s wat family is for, they always remind you of things that sometimes do need some reminding, so Thanks Panda! I hope you guys have a Blessed Easter and thanks fer stopping by! Cheers

Songs of the Day:

Song: Now We Are Free
OST: Gladiator
Release Date: Circa, 2000

Song: Hurt
Artist/Band: Johnny Cash
Album: American IV: The Man Comes Around
Release Date: Circa, 2002

Song: Numb Encore
Artist/Band: Linkin Park & Jay-Z
Album: Collision Course
Release Date: 2004


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