A’ite so I think I may have missed a day but hey even the G-man took a day off from creating the world, and I ain’t the G-man, only human so entitled to be a lil’ MIA from time to time…key words being time to time, not a frequent thing. At least I hope I don’t make my MIA-ness a frequent thing. Of course I know that would be comforting for a lot of ya’ll to not see so many words on your screen, it has a visually traumatizing effect. Well between the last time I posted on here and now, not much has happened besides remembering those long gone but never forgotten, my teams losing their respective matches , going on a Disney blitz by watching classic Disney flicks , spending time with A&A pplz, and lastly worrying and hoping and praying that Nepty doesn’t hit the off button on me, then that would make me just sad. Though he’s been swimming around a lot more today, anyway I’m sure you all have other things swimming through your heads than the state of my fishy. Today has been a day of many thoughts, perhaps even a day of reflection, though I’m not quite sure what I was reflecting on as I seemed to have an overload of images from times that seem another lifetime ago. In fact they actually make me go huh? Really? I did that? That happened? Why does it all seem like some part of a dream that seemed to never happen but somehow did? I wonder if the age factor is a major contributor of the thought tree. Though in my case, this particular thought tree can reel back anytime it wants to and when it does I’m the one reeling with a crazy ass headache.

You know what I feel like seeing or experiencing today? Something filled with passion, something exuding so much compassion that makes you want to re-evaluate everything you’ve done so far and makes you wanna strive to do more, strive harder, try harder…completely re-do and over-do everything you’ve done thus far and raise the bar for your own self, not for anybody else. I wanna feel something that reminds me of the very essence of being a human being and of being alive. Tell me something you’ve done that you never thought you would ever do…Well I have quite a few ‘never thought I would do’ items on my list…I think lol. For instance, I never though I’d turn out to be this AWESOME :D…I knew I’d turn out ‘ite, but I far surpassed that level… :P….jus’ kiddin’ no I’m not that self-absorbed or narcissistic just yet. I never thought I’d make it thus far, being where I am chasing one of my many dreams, in other words I never thought I’d try to be my own dreamcatcher. I mean I always wanted to chase this dream of mine and every time I tried there was always something or someone to slot me in a category of ‘Not Qualified enough’ either ‘cuz I wasn’t smarter than their kids or I didn’t seem to fit the prototype for the kinda ppl you find chasing this dream. It always drove me nuts, honestly, who the bloody hell do you think you are to limit anyone’s dreams? or capabilities? or abilities? Is it in your ruddy blood to kill, destroy and demolish people’s dreams? Or are you just envious of your inability to dream? I hate this entire system of slotting on the basis of a few criteria, if you don’t see or sense the fire of passion burning within a person you’re nothing but a daft old door knob whose arse should be kicked for passing judgment in the first place. Does it make me a bitter person for re-visiting those times that I’ve been be-littled? I dunno maybe…maybe not…sometimes you gotta go knockin’ doors down memory lane to re-invigorate yourselves, to re-ignite your hopes…sometimes just to visit that first step you took in a long line of steps to get where you are today. It makes you cherish the journey, and it leaves you in a state of wonder goin’ “Damn…I hadn’t realized how far I’ve come.” And this lil’ trip helps you to re-stash your lil’ arsenal of defenses when you meet different avataars of the ignoramuses you’ve run into time after time. People being people like to put others down, like to beat ’em up till they crack or are completely destroyed/obliterated. Just remember you’ve faced such morons before and if you haven’t and this is your first time runnin’ into ignoramuses use the tunnel strategy, take it in through one ear and out the other. Such people aren’t worth your time, your energy or even an iota of your understanding, they just don’t deserve it…plain and simple. Yeah everyone should be given a chance but some of them sure know how to overstay the welcome mat on chances.

My mother never hesitates to call me a door-mat ‘cuz according to her I let people walk all over me and I let ’em get away with a lotta shit. I just tell her ‘Mom I’m not a door-mat I just like giving everyone a fair chance regardless of what anyone else says.’ …call me idealistic, oh wait I’ve been called that too..whee! what joy lol. I do think everyone shud get a fair shot when you first meet them, at least you get some sorta idea as to how they are, being judgmental is easy you’re basically letting someone else make your decision for you, I do understand we live in a fast-paced world and all that funky jazz that we keep spouting to each other and reminding each other in oh so many ways Nehoo, moving on I’m saying this stuff ‘cuz a lotta times we tend to forget ’bout the basics of being a human being, we think alike…we feel the exact same emotions…so then why the hell do we strive to divide and create differences amongst ourselves? Why do we strive to highlight our differences and create more rifts based on our differences when we should strive instead towards using those very differences to mend old rifts and create new bridge/doorways to safe, secure and brilliant future?

I know one thing for sure, when my number comes up and ya know I gotta go up there and chill with St. Peter or whoever is at the gates…oh wait slight error, I got a ticket down to Hell whoopsies, sorry St. Peter and Co. can’t join yer partay just yet, but yeah sorry I digress, wen my number comes up I think if nething I’d be content knowing I made a difference to at least one person’s life and that my life wasn’t a complete, absolute and utter waste. Oh and on notes of numbers being run et al. I actually have some sort of a playlist worked out I think, it b8r be played at the memorial service or else I will haunt all the ppl. who don’t make it happen…that’s right perks of goin’ down under instead of up-top I guess. Though the play-list might be a work in progress, seeing how there’s always new soundtracks and more music coming out every now and then. Oh and I want my comeex to go to someone who will actually appreciate reading ’em…there’s one of the clauses to things I own :P…the rest like the play list is a work in progress lol.

Ooh so my Firefox finally updated/upgraded itself and it took me to the whole personas page that Mozilla has for it’s self, and I was quite conflicted as to what to pick and choose, I saw some awesome skins though, so I guess I might find myself changing those skins quite often, you know add a bit of variety, change things around, shake things up a bit routine. Oh and going on that “I never thought I’d do” list…well I never thought I’d be able to sing in front of a lotta people, and even to this day I still don’t think I can but yeah you should ask me how I’m feeling while I’m singing, its called having a bloody heart attack, my heart literally pumps and beats outside it’s rib cage lol. If it could hop, skip and bounce outta there it would do so. A’ite fellow homo sapiens, I gotta take yer leave now, gotta go get me some grub…hungry child needs some actual food instead of some food for thought, which my brain and the rest of me has plenty of on a regular basis…always stocked, you’re all more than welcome to grab some :P. Take care all of ya, I hope you guys had a Blessed and wonderful Easter and you found those eggs that bunny hid from you all, and to those of you who decorated the eggs you guys have talent and I hope you had fun decoratin’ ’em eggs :D, hmmm I should get myself Kinder eggs :) that = true happiness :P. Cheers and catch ya’ll whenever I do, same channel…different time :D.

Songs of the Day:

Song: Everybody Loves Me
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Waking Up
Release Date: Circa, 2009

Song: Mastam Mastam
OST: Yuvvraaj
Release Date: Circa, 2008

Song: Good Life
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Waking Up
Release Date: Circa, 2009

Song: Chasing Cars
Artist/Band: Snow Patrol
Album: Eyes Open
Release Date: Circa, 2006

Song: Words
Artist/Band: Boyzone
Album: A Different Beat
Release Date: Circa, 1996

Song: With or Without You
Artist/Band: U2
Album: The Joshua Tree
Release Date: Circa, 1987


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