Ponderations…featurin’ responsibilities and…Well…you get the drift

Well today I came up with the song list before I came up with the content list for this post. T’was or rather it still is a day that’s a tad on the melancholic side, but not all that melancholic, oh and there’s a bunny in the house, so who you gonna call? “Bunny Busters!” or the land-lord seeing how I can’t exactly go through the yellow pages out here and be all “AHA! I found them!”. Besides, it is a cute bunny
and I guess CC thought the bunny was gonna go out and have some Easter fun by teleportin’ itself or something. Anyway, besides CC’s brilliance

Oh no the HTML taggin’ monster is back, which means half my post will appear un-italicized and the rest will appear italicized…what joy lol. Well, I’m not quite sure what to say ’bout the day per-se, except perhaps it started on an interesting note and for some reason there was a repetitive pattern of the blasted phone going off at 9 sum’n. Thankfully I woke up a few minutes prior to the nonsensical thing going off. I think I’m just gonna turn it off durin’ break time, honestly with the amount of sleep I get during a regular week I think I’m entitled to a lil’ more sleep than usual. And to those who think it’s a travesty I have 2 words for you :D…SCREW YOU… :D…so ha! take that. A’ite I’m not obsessing but I really do feel bad for the bunny next door, as much as I dislike it’s owner and let me emphasize that it isn’t mere dislike but extremely strong feelings of dislike-ment But yeah people if you really wanna get a pet please and pretty please be ready to take on the other responsibilities that come with it In a way it’s another life you’re caring for maties you wanna make sure you do a pretty darn good job of it. I’ve, okay no correction, We have always wanted to get a dog, which broda claimed and still claims would be his and that I’d get zero bonding time with said doggy, but anyway, we both have always wanted to get a dog but mum being oh so wise and accordin’ to herself always right, has a standard answer for that request of our…NO! We put on our puppy dog expressions and pout and go..”But..but..why?!” to which she replies “Yeah you guys wanna get the dog but in the end who is gonna look after it? ME!! I’ll end up being the one who feeds it, takes it for walks and cleaning up after it…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I refuse to do so at this age and besides I already went through all of that with you 2 so no thank you I have no intention of going through that again.” …And that usually is how the we want a doggy please conversation ends.

Hey people, as a side-bar, do any of you guys know how to relieve a sore shoulder? I think I have a major knot right between my neck and shoulder and it hurts like a bitch from time to time. Any help/advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated, as will free massages :D. And another thing to add to another side-bar, any of you guys got a suggestion for a good book/novel to read? I find that my English is going to the dogs, and I do love a good read :D…Oh and for any of you fantasy buffs out there check out the “Mortal Instruments Series” by Cassandra Clare…in my humble opinion, I do think that it’s an absolutely fantastical series to read!..The writing is fast paced, simple yet they manage to weave quite the intricate tale. So yeah, if any of you guys have any suggestions please do lemme know :D.

Man I’ve had these images in my head for potential plot lines running through my head over a span of days, but I can’t seem to sit down and write ’em out, it feels like there’s some more refining to do, some more reviewing and editing to do, hopefully I will be able to get them down soon, ‘cuz I kinda need the space it’s occupying to fill up with akademia, since my brain can’t afford an external Oh and I’m also contemplatin’ if I should get sum’n published this summer or not…no besides my blog i.e. nehoo, like I was saying, I’m contemplatin’ publishing but I’m not sure if I should or not, nope not the refining problem, more of a ‘Hmmm…is it worth publishing?’ Though technically before doing that I would like to work on the cover art I have in mind and see how it looks. Sometimes things need to have an aesthetic appeal to ’em or so I hear, but then again never judge a book by it’s cover :D. Crap designing the cover art also means I gotta design logos…bah! Don’t have all that time to put those images down on paper, this homo sapien has limited capabilities lol.

Hmmm…I feel I’m bein’ a tad bit self-absorbed in this particular post, but I guess I’m entitled to a lil’ bit of self absorbment no? However, on more happier notes, I did get to talk to one of the members of my lil’ clan of El Familio…that’s right…you guys are now in the spotlight :D. You know there are some feelings that one can’t replicate, duplicate or feel with anybody else. I think I was craving to hear familiar voices, voices that have seen me through thick and thin and pretty much know EVERYTHING ’bout me. The relief, comfort and joy one feels is just indescribable, and no this isn’t meant to offend anybody else that I know..trust me it IS a good thing that you don’t know everything ’bout me or else you’d be telling me to hit the road Jack well Jill in this case lol. And it ain’t all that interesting either lol, c’mon guys its me after all how much more interesting can I be? Anyway going back to El Familio, we met each other during our freshman year of Undergrad and I think we have very interesting tales ’bout how we met each other…good ol’ Mac. See, I miss my school where I did my U/G at well not only ‘cuz of some of the classes but also ‘cuz of the people I met there and other things, if I keep mentioning things then I’ll get too nostalgic and this will turn into sappy mush. So, moving along, it was awesome playing mini catch up with the Shomus, hopefully I can catch up soon with Chota Chatri, Viper Red, Nushkerz and of course we can’t forget Nintendo…don’t worry guys this summer…coming near you…is this thing…called ME :D…so BE PREPARED :D. Yo Viper I still have that collab work that you, Nushkerz and I worked on so long ago, though I still gotta finish up my part, if there’s anything more you’d like to add lemme know, we can make it a growing compendium of interesting events :P.

Anyway, as always I digress, but yeah Shomus and I had a very interesting conversation about the Janus like nature of people, well especially some people. Is it a survival mechanism or a coping mechanism? Honestly guys don’t ever try to make yourself a clone of somebody else, your originality and you as a person far outweigh whoever you’re trying to imitate. In the long run it really ain’t worth it, I mean yeah maybe for the immediate accomplishment of goals it might seem to work, but at the end of the day you’d be happier knowing where you stand today is because of yourself not because somebody else was responsible for dragging you through that path. Be your own person, for you become what you become not because of what you are but because of who you are…and that’s something I firmly believe in…of course once again I have been called idealistic for such thoughts, but hey wouldn’t you rather have someone say “Congrats on doing such brilliant original work.” instead of “Oh congrats on following X’s lead and doing what X did.” That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from other people’s mistakes, I mean that is the process of evolution and learning from mistakes is different from completely doing the exact same thing, and I know you all are smart enough to know the difference.

A’ite guys, on that note, I’m gonna hit the brakes…you know take a breather from thoughts and fun things of the sort and snap back to reality…reality always has such feisty things waiting for you, lol. Take care and g’luck with anything and everything you guys are dealing with/facing at the moment and I hope you all are doing well :). Cheers fer now!

Songs of the Day:

Song: Beautiful Day
Artist/Band: U2
Album: All That You Can’t Leave Behind
Release Date: Circa, 2000

Song: Apologize
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Dreaming Out Loud
Release Date: Circa, 2007

Song: Stronger
Artist/Band: Kanye West ft. Daft Punk
Album: Graduation Day
Release Date: Circa, 2007

Song: Sober
Artist/Band: Kelly Clarkson
Album: My December
Release Date: Circa, 2007

Song: Bhool Ja
Artist/Band: Shaan
Album: Tanha Dil
Release Date: Circa, 2000

Song: Requiem For A Dream a.k.a Requiem For A Tower
OST: Lord Of The Rings, Two Towers
Release Date: Circa, 2002

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