The Hourglass

Isn’t that pretty much what makes us tick and tock and get involved in this race to beat the clock? The hourglass, I think every day of our existence seems to be ruled by time. Who ever imagined that the time-keeper would become the very pace of our ever beating, ever thrumming lives? Okay maybe somebody who had futuristic perspectives wudda thought so, but I wouldn’t have, and if they did then dude they had way too much time on their hands.

Oh updates, PETA need not send in their troops to storm CC’s lair, the bunny has been rescued by the owner, i.e. CC. That storm trooper stormed in today and rescued it, though I’m not quite sure if it was alive or not, maybe it was sleeping but I do hope the ickle bwunny is ‘ite and not traumatized for life.

So lets see,today was a day of loss, of freedom, of reflection , of re-assurance and of laundry…what? Were you expecting me to spout more regular fare heavy duty activities? Well if you were then stop limiting yourself and my abilities :P…I can go a lil’ light weight in the thoughts department, and besides we’re homo sapiens, we’re built to experience a wide spectrum of emotions and thoughts and what not…Since I am on a break my brain has had absolutely no motivation to pop open a book that’s akademik in nature. Now I’m hoping that isn’t gonna be the end of me, ‘cuz sometimes looking, learning, absorbing stuff all the time does take a toll on the mind and I only have limited space/capacity in that upper chamber. Maybe the prototypes and models that came after my month/year of manufacture were further upgraded/enhanced with sharper upper chamber skills and more space and all that good stuff. But yeah, the brain has been craving to do something different that doesn’t involve memorization of enzymes, body parts, regulatory functions, statistical inferences or the way sociology perceives the things we as a society do. I mean hey I respect all these disciplines of education, I do, but at the moment my mind is primed to read up on whirlwinds of adventure that get the adrenaline pumpin’, the heart thumpin’…and no I’m not gonna take up bungee jumping nor do I have any intention of riding roller coasters, I like my speed boosters to gimme a linear speed boost, not corkscrews that make me wonder at which point it was that my gut and I parted ways. So yeah I am a chicken when it comes to stuff like this, and I don’t care if you call me one either lol, I’ve grown up being called one for various reasons; reasons that we shan’t get into at the moment or anytime soon :D.

Aah, I’m having these ‘return-to-childhood’ moments where I wanna go back to the days of watching Gummi Bears , Duck Tales , Chip n Dale and Rescue Rangers, and then before all of that the broda and I used to sit around and watch Transformers . In addition to that definitely throw in Pink Panther and Scooby Dooooo…and you got yerself a cocktail to refresh and uplift your senses…shaken n stirred! :D….Ooh and top that off with a nice dose of my all time fav. TV Show –> Life and booyakasha you got yourself the best mix in the house! :D….Sucks that NBC cancelled the show, idiots they really don’t recognize a gem when they see one. Nah I won’t go NBC bashing, that’s too much of a heavy title to go bash up and besides I don’t know much ’bout their economics, promotions, plans and strategies to go all against ’em…instead I do have other things But yeah now that show had some quality writing, especially the first season, and lets not forget the pace of Season 1…it was one action packed adventure that you wanted more and more of….and AND it had an amazing and brilliant soundtrack too, and a brilliant if not excellent star cast. Yes I do realize there are lots of ‘ands’ in the sentences above and if an English teacher is going through this they’d probably give me an F, for the incorrect use of language, grammar, and, my ridonculous run-on sentences.

Now I do have a shout out for a buddy of mine, Sunny B, good work on getting all your projects done and done and being so close to achieving the MBA crown, here’s wishing you much success in the times ahead :), I know you’re gonna kick some major arse. It is heartening to see people achieve goals they set out for themselves, and I only hope and pray that I attain or rather have the ability, strength and grit to make it through and get what it is I’m trying to attain. I also hope all you guys out there also stick to the plans and dreams you see, its never too bad to have dreams, they are the very things that spur you forward…the ever brilliant sparks that ignite the flames of inspiration and passion. So regardless of where life takes ya, NEVER stop dreaming…they are what keep us going and they are what makes the darkness melt away and fade away to shades of gray that are further obliterated by bursting rays of light. And who doesn’t love to see the darkness fade away? I sure as hell know I love seeing a dark spell come to an end, it re-affirms my optimism and hope.

A’ite so I know I’m getting carried away with all these metaphors and all that jazz, but hey there are some days where even I can’t stop myself from having an overspurtation of verbal moments. A’ite guys, I think I’m gonna reel in the flow of words, and give your eyes and head a bit of break, dun’ exactly want a disaster on my hands. Unfortunately I think the verbage is a result of the crazy sleep I got, I kept waking up every hour and finally managed to sleep 3 hours straight…so the end result of wonky sleep = wonky me :D…dangerous equation at times…its like me on Monster and a bag of M&M’s…and trust me I have tried that…lets just say or rather imagine a nice bouncy rubber ball being tossed at a wall and bouncing off all over the place, I had my reasons for doing that though. I had 2 exams back to back and I had to make it through the night. It was an amusing sight, I’m certain of that, and then I crashed that evening and I somehow did manage to drive myself home and CRASH!!! Crashing was the best part, I don’t remember much from those exams though, which I reckon is a good thing at the moment :p. A’ite guys, I’ll catch up with ya’ll later, I hope everything is going well for you guys and if they aren’t, just hang in there they will get b8r, things go down before they shoot up all the way to the top. Your silver lining is waitin’ fer ya, don’t forget that 🙂 and it’ll be yours soon. Take care and g’luck with everything! Cheers!

Songs of the Day:

Song: Everybody Loves Me
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Waking Up
Release Date: Circa, 2009

Song: Aahun Aahun
OST: Love Aaj Kal
Release Date: Circa, 2009

Song: Innocent
Artist/Band: Our Lady Peace
Album: Gravity
Release Date: Circa, 2002

Song: Feel
Artist/Band: Robbie Williams
Album: Escapology
Release Date: Circa, 2002

Ps: Another HTML messed up post, great half italicized and half un-italicized schnazz, anyone got a solution for this? It doth annoyeth me much.


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