Random Randominization of Randomness

OOOHHH if that ‘of’ was not there in the title line, then that wudda been an alliteration…but there is a word there so no alliteration :(. So what do you do when you take a nice lil’ bite into some decadent white chocolate goodness in the form of Kit Kat? Well you make sure you savour every moment of that decadent white chocolate goodness followed by saying, well in my case, “Thank You Sparky!” you made my day :D. Dammit, it IS good. and totally unhelpful in my fight against procrastination, well I would say war on procrastination but hey that’s too extreme and besides procrastination is good for the soul. And besides I am following Kit Kat’s tag line…’Have a break Have a Kit Kat.’ and breaks are things I absolutely LOVE :D, okay no not breaking things, that automatically sets me off in the uh-oh direction, and gets me into a fair bit of trouble. My broda likes to call me a ‘Bull In a China Shop.’ so where I see crystals, glass, china and bulls I pretty much stay far far away or just make a mad dash for the exit doors.

Hmmm…for some reason today I’ve been a bit on the bouncy side, I wonder if sum’n was drugged or if it’s the current feeling of peace and tranquility caused by the current non-existence of the thing, or if its the opiad effect from sharin’ a few laughs with awesome people, or if its the chocolate or if its the impending feelin’ of screwage from partials/midterms or if its a combination of all the above mentioned factors in addition to the awesome song I’ve been listening to pretty much all day that has me feeling this way. Oh I also forgot to mention, the anticipation of coming days for certain interesting events that has me on a bit of a high, though it does and will have me on a bit of a low in coming days. But that’s okay I’m sure I can make up for it at some point in time, or make up for it in my own way.

Hmm…I feel like bakin’ a cake, though there is one problem, the acute shortage and immediate unavailability of an oven, a hot plate ain’t gonna cut it, unless I decided to spend a good chunk of my day/life in front of it and even then I’d get burnt batter…ooh batter…okay no digression…but yes that’s such a waste of batter and effort into making said batter. But I wanna bake a cake :(…eh I’ll save the weekend for cake-goodness, okay maybe next weekend, seeing how this coming week is gonna be an interesting week presented by hell. I should get used to it though, seeing how Hell will be my future residence…I wonder if they have a mailing address.

Man, its so hard to get outta break mode when you know school’s gonna start right back up with not a bang but a KABANG that would put the captions from the old Batman TV show to shame, you know the whole BIFF and POW stuff. And just thinking of that makes me feel tired, its such a simultaneous process of elation followed by slamming dejection at the mere thought of momentary relief followed by Everest like proportions of work. Yeah yeah so I’m whining and complaining, hey I’m entitled to it from time to time ‘ite? Unless you’re gonna snap right back and say that I do it all the time. I would like to think that I don’t but if I do then I guess its a default birth mechanism that the prototypes of my year came out with. Though I have heard the successive ones, they’re interesting and have unique ways of complaining and whining ’bout things. If my lovely mother believes, along with the D-man of course believe that I tend to whine quite a bit, okay that’s an exaggeration, they actually think if there was a whining contest I’d win it..eyes closed. If I were a toy, I’d be that toy that looked like something ordinary but was one of the best investments of your life…and somehow saying that reminds me of Jumanji…now that folks is a blast from the past. Cripey! Now I feel like goin’ on a Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and Jumanji trip to re-live some past moments in addition to the TMNT series of movies. Wow, I feel momentarily retro, but nah it ain’t all that retro, going retro somehow makes me think of disco balls, bell bottoms, fros, huge ass shades…now to me THAT’s retro. Lets just say they had an interesting sense of style for that time.

Anyway kids, the bewitching hour for procrastination to end has drawn closer, even though it feels good to procrastinate, considerin how I did get done with a partial, it makes me feel like I did something constructive with my day. Now I gotta go and make sure I don’t turn tomorrow a destructive day of my life. Take care folks, hope you guys have an awesome day, and hey you’re just a Friday away from a rockin’ n shockin’ weekend! So make sure you work hard enough to earn that fun, masti and mazaaa waiting fer ya over the weekend! :D…G’luck with all that you gotta do and I shall see ya all wen I do. Cheers!

Song of the Day:

Yes I know it doesn’t say Songs, its ‘cuz there’s only been one song that’s been my anthem since yesterday :D…so here we go on repeat mode! Play that track, rewind it back and play it some more!

Song: Everybody Loves Me
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Waking Up
Release Date: Circa, 2009

Ps: I’d like to take this space to once again thank this special individual, so here goes…Yo Sparky Thank You :D. Adios amigos and amigas, until next time.

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