I have always found this to be a very interesting concept…for the novices who don’t know what it means, in a nutshell it means Salvation. You can look up any thesaurus, lexicon/dictionary to read up the meaning of salvation; what seems deep to one person seems as simple as putting a Kinder toy together to another. Oh and one more thing to note, I’m not gonna get all religi-miligous here ‘cuz that’s not wat I do, I appreciate all the opinions out there on different faiths and regardless of how many people may try to say they’re all different to me they’re all the same. This whole religious thing ends right here ‘cuz firstly I ain’t on a political or social awareness campaign, there’s enough and more people and organizations doing that. If you’re out for some fun in those departments go harass people who specialize in ’em and leave us small fries be. Not everyone wants to have an argument and not everyone wants to make mountains outta mole-hills.

Now, going back to salvation, I’m pretty sure when one thinks of the word salvation there’s all these huge, epic, indescribable images and emotions attached with the said word. There is a certain awe, a certain mystery and intrigue ’bout what the whole concept is about. And nope I’m not gonna tell you I discovered salvation, cuz honey if I had discovered it do you think I’d be writing ’bout it? I’d probably have my own following and have a religion named after me or something…sadly my salvation comes to me in bits and pieces and people like me well…lets just say the quest for salvation is a long long…and a really long ass road ahead. Man, its days like this I miss being in my Religious Studies classes, those classes were some of the best classes I ever took back in U/G along with all the other stuff I took, I guess in a way you gain an appreciation for simplicity and for the smallest things in life. I mean yeah there are big questions posed and all that, but getting involved in classes like that it gives your mind the ability to think, to ponder, to question and often times it creates this thirst for knowledge. A knowledge I believe is quite primitive, its a basic knowledge that we’re all entitled to but we tend to forget it from time to time due to other responsibilities that our lives surround us with. The thing I appreciated the most was the ability to think without any limitations, any boundaries or bias…free thinking…I know for a fact it’s something that the world at the moment is severely lacking. Is it our fault? I dunno, I haven’t conducted any research or studies yet to say it does or does not.

You know nowadays when I read news headlines all I see are headlines tagging how many more soldiers died, how many more people died while trying to vote, how many people were targetted by suicide bombers who apparently only seem to care ’bout decreasing our ever growing population instead of trying to do something constructive. I mean seriously you wanna blow yourself up or sum’n why don’t you look into dealing with just your life and not dragging so many innocent people like mothers, fathers, the elderly and young children and babies into this? Do you actually think the G-man would appreciate you taking the lives of so many innocents so as to meet your quota of being a just, honest and good man? Then in addition to that, more headlines talk ’bout more natural disasters going on ’round the world, and this year Mama Nature decided to go with the shakin’, breakin’ and shatterin’ nature known as the earthquake, followed by the repercussions in the form of tsunamis and landslides. So many people under rubble, so many homes gone, so much lost in the blink of an eye. To all those lost souls..I hope they rest and find some peace, and to all those families my heart and condolences go out to them. It feels like Mama Nature is on a mission of sorts, lets hope she gives up the mission soon and decides to kick back and not shake things up…both metaphorically and literally.

Like I was saying all I ever see on those headlines are wars, death tolls from said wars, natural disasters, suicide bombers, political mud-slinging and before I forget sex scandals ranging from abuse and molestation
to pedophiles to affairs. It is a real depressing state of affairs to go through the headlines. Things from the big picture point of view, by reading these headlines seems so bleak and the future looks worse than pathetic…or maybe I’m just reading the wrong newspaper. It does make me wonder how much the world will change in the next 5 yeas or the next decade, and it makes me wonder how my parents viewed the world at my age. Maybe I’m being too harsh on the ‘Future is friendly’ world, but the immediate global/big picture future seems a little bleak despite all the advancements and awesome-ness that everything from technology to medicine to telecommunication to engineering to the automobile industry has been promising and predicting for said immediate future. The question is, how about us? What about our advancement as human beings? Are we going to keep devolving, as it currently seems, at the rate at which we’re currently devolving? No I’m not referring to any one person in particular..I think and feel that maybe we’re all losing a part of ourselves slowly..its a constant everyday process. We don’t even realize what we’ve lost until much later when we go ‘Huh…there used to be a time when a part of would gladly do that, or would stand up to that nonsense and fight back. Eh, now I don’t care.’ okay maybe not those exact words but definitely something along those lines.

So..what the hell does salvation have to do with all of this? Like I said I’m not climbing the religious platform here, but to me salvation represents a certain zesty feeling of freedom, a freedom of breaking the shackles that holds us from daring to do something different, or the feeling of accomplishment one achieves/attains from…or when you know you’ve done something right, you’ve contributed in making a difference in someone’s life. And when I say that I’m not referring to just all those wonderful people who sponsors families or kids or volunteers…to all those people hats off to you guys I mean you people have really huge hearts and I hope more people learn from your actions. But by making a difference I also mean people who stick by you through thick and thin, who you never anticipate but are just there…its like the whooshing comfort of a refreshing cool breeze on a hot summer day. Salvation comes not just from the whole concept of the Bank of Karma that we’ve built as a result of our deposits of Dharma as we’ve heard and been told…though the Karma analogy comes more in handy when really spiteful people cross our paths, but moving along…our good buddy salvation comes from the lil’ things in life too. Don’t let the obstacles of today or tomorrow ever cloud your confidence in yourself or make you question yourself or make you stop walking that path to your goals. You’re worthy of that feeling of liberation you get from pole vaulting those damn obstacles and getting where you get to, and don’t ever let anyone else take that away from you either. Its interesting how there are always people in life who like to pull you down when you’re a’ready down and out, more like they like to crush you some I guess even then we’re irresistible :P.

Today is the day that I’m having a moment, and such a moment supercedes all other moments until this present one and this particular present moment merges together all moments passed to form an emerging, engulfing moment…a moment of clarity, a moment of wisdom, a moment that ultimately is a rarity and defines a sense of purity in an utmost hour of adversity. Well the adversity might as well be University, in which case the utmost hour would encompass all hours that are equivalent to temporarily 2 years worth of hours followed by a lifetime of hours, but then again there is no time limit on either a moment nor salvation I guess.
A’ite people I think this one is long enough and I should give my fingers a break, they got other heavy duty work ahead of ’em, like writing and making notes and wielding the all mighty and handy HIGHLIGHTER! and handling it like light-saber…boo-yah! take that Darth Vader. Take care one and all and catchya later, good luck with all the things you all are dealing with. Cheers!

Songs of the Day:

Song: You And Me
Artist/Band: Lifehouse
Album: Lifehouse
Release Date: Circa, 2005

Song: Look After You
Artist/Band: The Fray
Album: How To Save A Life
Release Date: Circa, 2005

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