The Darker end of the Spectrum

Sometimes one can’t help but remark at the ugliness the world is composed of…people who rather flaunt their ugly personalities; ugly dispositions; ugly thoughts; ugly deeds and so goes the list. The slimy bastards that lurk around the corner waiting to leech off and mooch off more than their victims can give, and what’s worse? They under-estimate the power of the poor ol’ sucker they’re suckin’ dry. Yo uglies of the world, didn’t your mamas ever teach you that what goes around comes around? Or better yet did you not listen to that song by JT when it first hit the air-waves? Well if you didn’t do yourself a favour and go listen to it on youtube or something, whether you like the guy’s vocals or not. And if you tell me my taste in music sucks, well I guess you’re entitled to your own opinions but the point was to listen to the lyrics especially the chorus not to play the song on repeat till you drive yourself insane. Anyway, usually I try to be optimistic ’bout the world we live in but then all of a sudden all that muck and murkiness of people coupled with their jealousy, stupidity and their constant need to feed their superiority complex ‘cuz God forbid someone should be better than them at some things. Oh and to that also add that someone appears to live a much better life than said desperate, superiority complex craving, bottom feeding creton….hey moron here’s my question to you…How the hell do you know what the other person has been through for you to sit there and judge, evaluate and formulate the supposed story of their lives? Did you forget that part of your mortal existence that said you’re a freaking mortal and not the G-man himself. Even the G-man doesn’t interfere once the creation process is done, then it’s a matter of how things go on from there and how the scales tip and to what side they tip.

Here’s another question, before you judge someone do you ever think about things from their perspective? Or perhaps switch/trade places so as to look at the world through their eyes…only briefly? I’m pretty sure you don’t, ‘cuz people like you corrode yourselves, those around you and even your kids from your sheer stupidity. You believe you’re the only one with the sob stories, the tales of woe, the ones who have endured extreme hardship and all that other bullshit. Well, NEWS-freakin-FLASH…jus’ cuz people don’t go screaming from the bloody roof-tops that life is unfair and that things didn’t go as they planned or thought it would doesn’t mean they don’t feel or have any less of an experience than you do. So, take your fuckin’ drama and shove it either down your gullet or well you know the other direction.

It’s sad the times we live in, but then again human nature has always had a double edged sheen to it, twist the circumstances, twist the odds and you could possibly twist a person unless they’re strong enough to fight and fight back with a bang. It’s a world filled with skepticism, and if you’re gonna temme it’s always been that way and wake up sunshine, please don’t…I’m pretty aware of how the world functions, I’ve seen and had my share of personal trysts with a few of it’s twisted and fucked up ways, I don’t need a watered down or a concentrated version of reality. I see it everyday but sometimes it’s better to not be so bitter ‘cuz then that just makes everything all the more depressing and gloomy for everybody else and that ultimately kills the one thing that beats the Energizer bunny when it comes to pushing, surging and rushing forward…that lil’ thing called Hope. And of course I know you all have heard of that wonderful saying, ‘When it rains, it pours.’ Oh hell yeah it does, its called a ruddy downpour when it happens, you might as well start learning how to swim if you don’t know how to…well I’m not a huge fan of swimming but I’ll make sure I find some drift wood to drift along.

Usually when you fall down and look around to get up you know your family’s got your back, more than anybody and everybody else you’ve met along the way…oh no no I’m not being cynical, in fact I’m being as realistic as I can possibly be. But..what happens when the very family who you’ve grown up with, who know pretty much everything, not necessarily every single thing, but they pretty much know you inside and out and share a bond greater than all bonds with you…well what happens when they don’t have your back? When they give up on you and instead of helping you up, they just walk away? Then what do you do? Do you just sit there and stare in shock and despair? Cry oceans of salt water at the ghastly realization that as much as you mean or maybe meant to them they just walked away shrugging shoulders, nodding their heads in disappointment? Or in some cases stabbing you in the back and walking away patting themselves on the back for a job well done…then what do you do? I mean friends doing the walking away thing I can understand, sometimes its the user/abuser stance where its all ‘Oh hey you fell off the ladder of success now I have no use for you so I’m trashing you like yesterday’s trash. Adios, cheerio…you’re a loser…time to catch up with the next in thing to help me move up in life.’ Or sometimes its the clueless nature of ‘Oh boy I really don’t know how to help or what to do…I don’t wanna make things worse and I don’t know how to make things better so I’m gonna step back and not put my arse on the line by trying to do anything.’ Though that’s not to say that there aren’t friends who stick around and try to help you up, but end of the day folks you’re all you’ve got. You can sit there and wallow in self pity as long as you bloody want, but that ain’t gonna make your problems disappear, you can whine all you want but end of the day all you will hear is your own echo, and hearing it frequently, constantly and repeatedly will annoy, frustrate, vex and drive you crazy…to the extent that you just get up, dust yourself and go fuck this shit, I gotta get outta here and you’ll start moving. What matters outta all this is when you do it, the sooner you do it the sooner you’ll appreciate it later in the future, the more delayed you are the more you’re setting yourself up to kick yourself in the arse time after time, and then a new set of whining arises wherein you’re crying over spilt milk and you can’t go back in time and fix it. The best you can do is probably say, ‘Yeah I should have, I could have but I didn’t, no point in thinkin’ ’bout things I can’t change anymore.’

Anyway, I’m gonna end this here, the ugliness still makes my blood boil, it makes me wanna throttle and jostle someone awake and say ‘HEY! Can someone fix that? Its gonna be the thing that breaks us all, somebody do something!’ and I know what sorta response I will receive to that jostle…it’ll be something along the lines of a shrug and advice along the lines of “If you ignore it then it won’t exist, so ignore it.” Yeah right, it won’t exist, my right and left foot it won’t exist…it exists because of that very ignorance that we all can pride ourselves for. I hope you guys are having a decent weekend, yay joy weekend and all that fun jazz that goes with it. Take care and until next time…cheerio.

Songs of the Day:

Song: Shadow Of The Day
Artist/Band: Linkin Park
Album: Minutes to Midnight
Release Date: Circa, 2007

Song: Mausam
OST: The Train
Release Date: Circa, 2007

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