Moving on from tirades about the darker side of humanity, lets kick start this with me saying that my break has officially come to an end :(…waaaahh and it kick started with a microbiology midterm/partial. Her royal highness PP whose penchant to file more complaints than to actually set about resolving them or trying to at least figure out where they stem from, has now I think either

a) received the msg that I don’t tolerate excessive whining, I mean really would you like some cheese with that? Or
b) thinks I’m an idiot and at fault and should therefore by default apologize, in which case think again chica. Or
c) I really have nothing else to do besides draw up multiple choice based opinions and dilemmas. Tee-hee-hee

See its only been Day 1 of goin’ back to the grind and the wonkyness has a’ready begun…Anyway Persistence has her set of issues, hopefully they get resolved soon or else she will be the absolute and complete embodiment of that good ol’ game 20 questions. Anyway, leavin’ homo sapiens aside for a few moments, the sinuses have been as wonky as heading back to the grind has been. Not only have those been wonky, so has the motivation levels, my mind’s been driftin’ off here and there and refuses to stay put in one place at any given time. I mean I appreciate the need or rather the freedom to roam around and all that fun jazz but please don’t do this at times of dire need, its hard enough that I have a dis-associative brain…add the free roamin’ factor and hey looky looky its a roamin’ disaster. Just trying to study for the partial today caused a complete wipe out pretty much any and every fibre of my being.

Anyway kids the countdown has begun, its time for me to start a new innings..I think…well then again every year is the start of a new innings ‘en it? Well technically in my current neck of the woods…the countdown is kinda sorta done and the new innings has begun but until I get a few z’s it ain’t official :P…aah countdowns, I love those things and find them useful only when things are close by and not ridiculously far far away :(…for instance heading back home or jetting home for the weekend…that would be one hectic ass trip. See earlier I thought I had a lot to write, but now all my brain is churning is static and lots of it. To all the ppl. out there Happy Baisakhi/Vaisakhi, Happy Vishu and sorry if I missed out any other festivals, if I did they weren’t intentional…my brain doesn’t have enough space to remember all the festivals, but hey Happy Festival to you! Take care and here’s to a brighter, better and friendly future! Cheers!

Songs of the Day

Song: Look After You
Artist/Band: The Fray
Album: How To Save A Life
Release Date: Circa, 2005

Song: Love Struck
Artist/Band: V-Factory
Album: apparently it still is in the TBA section
Release Date: Circa, 2009

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