Face Value

Here’s a question for you…is it really hard for people to be straightforward? And if they are straightforward is it really hard to just take ’em at face value and not think that there’s a facade/mask/complete other side/ulterior motive behind their actions, thoughts and words? I ask not out of annoyance but out of genuine curiosity…have we as a race regressed so much that we have more faith, acceptance and more expectations for one’s Janus like nature than for one without such a nature? I was trying to make it sound a lil’ more poetic and emphatic than that, but the state in which my thoughts are all blurry and my mind is all slushy doesn’t really aid/work with the whole ‘spit a word out and type it right out’ mode. Apparently the ‘Pause’ and ‘Review’ buttons in my head are currently faulty, so this post is fresh outta the mental oven.

Oh don’t worry today is not super rant day, today is random thought and genuine question day ’bout the simplest complexities of life, and yes its also my way of procrastinating from doing that which I should be doing…i.e… furthering my worldly knowledge :D. Anyway this thought just popped into my head, well I’m sure there was a basis to it, but yeah, neway moving along…today was nostalgic in any and every way possible, actually the last few days/week and a half has been one filled with memories…which is not to say that it’s a bad thing but yeah re-living and flashbackin’ to memories based on the smallest things, while being a lotta fun also leave this feeling of longing in some cases and a very high flight response to other cases.

Going back to face value, I wonder if we will ever trust people for who they say they are, rather than expecting a fabrication of events, false stories or just lying in anticipation to have that “AHA! I told you so! They were too good to be true!” Aah human nature…no wonder we’re the most complex and unique creatures at the moment. A’ite well that was very lil’ food for thought that I wanted to share, I gotta go get me some pain killers to reduce some of that pain and sufferin’ being inflicted by the friendly unwanted residents called sinuses, they don’t even pay rent…sigh…oh well soon they shall be evicted and I shall be bouncing around with joy. Take care one and all and g’luck with whatever it is you guys n gals are doing or will be facing etc etc. Oh and try and keep it real, sometimes all people need is an example :). Cheers!

Songs of the Day

Song: Kata Kata
OST: Raavan
Release Date: Circa, 2010
(This song is totally for my broda..lol :P)

Song: Tera Mera Pyaar
Artist: Kumar Sanu
Album: Tera Mera Pyaar
Release Date: Circa, 2004

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