Dum dee da dum….the song of the moment

Alright so this is one of those posts where the title of my current post shall be inspired by whatever eventually transpires in the next few sentences or paragraphs…I’m not quite sure how long or short this is gonna be. Man…lately the number of natural disasters has been on the up and up, earthquakes, after-math of the quakes, tornadoes and now volcanic ash? Someone really pissed Mother Nature off and now she’s striking back…quite hard at that too. I had quite the metaphorical day actually, well its always interesting when your Saturday starts off on a metaphorical note. My day started off with me waking up to a dream involving fire trucks, smoke, electricity, water, buildings, bunch of rookie firefighters and here we all were on our first “mission” and we all had our portable kits. The sky was a bit on the grayish yellowish side, such skies always remind me of thunderstorms…seemed like a day of lightning and thunder. Then came the part where everybody rushed out with their portable kits…yeah it kinda seemed like something outta Batman’s utility belt, only it wasn’t a belt as much as a convenient zippy pouch. I rushed out too and in my excitement forgot to take my portable pouch and so everybody got a piece of the action and I watched in not so many words. Then the fire trucks were leaving, when I was running to grab my pouch, but it was one of those and there goes your bus/train moments. Then the eyes opened and the bridge of my nose felt like it was being clamped or something along those lines, gotta love them sinuses for making one feel so special, and then the day began…dun dun dunnnnnnn….

So a few hours into the day, the whole atmosphere and weather outside just went gloomy and it got darker and then CRACKLE BANG BANG there was Mother Nature’s own light and sound show…there was this unusual silence that I normally associate with thunderstorms…its like everything just stops and takes a step back and marvels at this show both in awe and fear all at the same time. It really is strange how one can feel both a sense of awe as well as a sorta bone chillin’ feeling of fear…oh trust me the fear gets me plenty when it comes down to lightning. Anytime and every time there’s some natural light activity outside I keep thinking I’m gonna b struck by it. I just get paranoid when I’m caught in a lightning storm..I mean I literally stop doing everything I’m doing and prefer staying indoors until the storm passes. Good thing I don’t live in Florida on a permanent basis, I prefer Florida in the winter, Florida winter is like fall back home and Fall happens to be one of my favourite seasons. My least fav season is definitely Summer. Anyway I do digress, so going on with the day, it started off gloomy et al. and n ow the sun is all out and it’s bright and all that fun jazz. It made me think of life, I mean it was very metaphorical with the whole yeah sometimes life tends to get a lil’ stormy and gloomy but it always clears up and makes way for one’s life to be filled with brighter and sunnier moments. The only way from the bottom of the pit is up, you dig your heels in and make your way up that ruddy wretched hole.

OOHHH there is one more important thing to celebrate for the end of April and the beginning of May :D…CC is GONE!!! WOOHOOO!!! The rotten piece of humanity has now officially moved and it brings me much joy and peace knowing so. The place is really much more peaceful and there’s a degree of comfort and ease…I mean it’s in the atmosphere really, it just feels so much different and so much better…All I gotta say right now is ‘Live Long and Prosper’ oh that would be for us current tenants…as far as CC goes do whatever the hell you wanna do you psychotic thing you and stay the hell away from me.

On that note of joy and exultation I must go and enjoy this beautiful morning :D, happy weekend people and enjoy the rest of yer Sunday! Cheers fer now!

Oh and this time around I’m sure you can come up with your own soundtracks, ‘cuz I got way too many playing in my head to put ’em all down here.

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