That ol’ thing called O to-the-pinion

Well I guess today’s the day the writer in me is going in overdrive..but I just had this thought while listening to this song…well I wouldn’t have listened to this song if it wasn’t for the show Lie To Me…so the pilot episode of Lie To Me I thank you for your excellent choice of music for that episode, in particular the end of the episode, in my honest and humble opinion I think the song is just apt for the content and context of the show. So yeah, don’t worry kids you’ll know what I was listening, just tune in to the end of the post. I guess it’s time for me to go back to being pensive…not bitter but a lil’ battered from the amusing things and games life tends to play on us. What’s happening now…I would never have imagined something like that happening a few years ago. I guess some people just aren’t cut out the way you cut ’em out to be. Which when I think ’bout just makes me hope and pray that I don’t turn out to be the bitter disappointment and utter contradiction to someone’s opinion ’bout me…and by someone I mean people that are close to me. It’s hard to say what the future has to bring, but I hope the future doesn’t make me the one who brings on the disappointment, well not like I haven’t a’ready had a tryst with that aspect of life, but still something like this is definitely much bigger and much more heart achey and heart breaking. It’s like watching a glass you don’t even touch crack and shatter to smithereens in front of ya…it’s surprising and the shards of glass can cut and cause you to bleed.

I guess this is the price you pay for being human, and I guess unless you venture into those realms/aspects of being a mortal being you never really know what kinda person you are or can be. It sorta kinda reminds me of the whole ‘When a butterfly flaps it’s wings on one side of the world an earthquake occurs on the other’ or sum’n along those lines. While you yourself or someone else close to you falls in your eyes, ‘cuz trust me you can fall in your own eyes, but before I transition into that area I think I’d like to finish this one up. Where one falls in someone else’s eyes another comes up to catch the fallen and rises, and ultimately it makes one wise…or so one would hope. In that case that ain’t me at all, I keep depreciating in that wisdom department lol.

Anyway, enough muckin’ ’round, I’ve been having words stuck in my head…well more like words in sentences. So far what I have below has been in my head for a lil’ bit, it feels like lyrics to a song, at least the words feel that way but I’m not a song writer…these words I dunno they feel like they belong to something. Maybe I should use ’em and write a poem on Ignorance eh? Whaddaya think?

Surrounded by silver, blinded by gold
I guess what they say is true then
All that glitters ain’t jus’ silver nor gold

I’m sure I’ll figure something glittery to accompany it. A’ite folks, sorry for the delayed posting, life kinda caught up to me in different directions that it had me sit on my stability ball and stop and stare at everything around and wonder where in the midst of the cosmic flow it is that I find myself in. So far I haven’t figured that one out, but there’s been some interesting music that’s popped by as well as some even more interesting tv shows. This post feels a tad too stale, ‘cuz that’s how long it was open on my mozilla tab listing. A couple reboots, a couple projects, a lot more thoughts, and not very many reflections or deflections later I guess I’m here to crudely wrap it up and move on from here. Time can’t always stop and stand still for you right? Regardless of where you decide you want time to stop for you, ultimately it’ll stop when it thinks it’s the right time to do so. Until then *tick tock tick tock, goes that busy lil’ chirpy clock, no time to dock yet still, sturdy, cool, impassive and unmove-able like a rock.” Cheers all hope you have a smashin’ weekend ahead and good luck with all things coming your way :).

Song(s) through the days

Song: Easier To Lie
Artist/Band: Aqualung
Album: Strange and Beautiful
Release Date: Circa, 2005

Song: Move Along
Artist/Band: The All American Rejects
Album: Move Along
Release Date: Circa, 2006

Song: Wonderwall
Artist/Band: Oasis
Album: (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?
Release Date: 1995


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