Aaah so the bewitching hour has arrived. It is said that ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ lets just say my absence on the writing scene has made my brain fuzzier. You know this brain thing we possess, well it really does love permutations and combinations especially when it comes to processing the simpler things in life. At least with the complex things your brain knows it is complex and so you brace yourself for an assortment of viable options and some really far fetched, beyond outside the box options. As a result of my brain’s need and necessity to over-think, over-process and to never keep it simple, it has turned into a giant fuzzball, that doesn’t recall nor process that which I tend to read these days. In order to process that which I should, the ruddy thing has to read lines over and over again. It really is the most flummoxing thing…really.

By bewitching hour, I would like to mention that all the time between now and the 18th of June shall be considered by my brain as one extremely LONG ass day. Viva la akademia :|..oh screw you if you find a need to correct my grammar, french isn’t my native tongue, though at some point in time I do hope to master or acquire some linguistic skills. Hey it doesn’t hurt to have a few odd do-able dreams and at least, it’s b8r than the other dreams I have…sometimes. A’ite my fellow rebels, procrastinators and visionaries time isn’t very pally pally with me these days, it generally flashes me the ‘use it or lose it’ signs these days :(…so much for constant friends. There is quite a lot I need to write outta my system, but hey at the same time I can’t bust it all out in one go :)…I need to save up for the wonderful bewitching hour that lays ahead :(…mommy…a’ite peepz take care, good luck with all the things you have lined up and waiting ahead for you and I shall tune in soon. And next time I tune in there will actually be some tunes involved. Unfortunately at this time, my head is a constant jukebox and so I am currently incapable and unavailable to sit and list out all the songs playing in my head. Unless you have one of those matrix things you can jack into the base of my skull and download info et al. Ooh how I wish to watch Matrix…but must NOT procrastinate. Cheers people and see ya wen I see ya.

Ps: Yes you can heave a sigh of relief, this has to be one of the shortest ones I’ve written thus far, well there’s time to make up for all of that after a certain span of time mentioned above has passed :D.

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