You know I just realized, this is the 2nd one in a row with a title that starts with an I, well I’m not pulling a K-Jo that’s for sure, if I was then all them titles would start with a K. None the less as always the one thing that I can say for sure that’s a constant with me is my ability to digress, so lemme get to the point and make your lives a lil’ less confusing than the confusion that it already is. Well I decided I’d finally post up one of my poems on here, I’m a lil’ skeptical ’bout posting my stuff, well no silly not my opinions that I’m very liberal ’bout posting :P, but my personal written work eh I’m just a tad skeptical, there’s that whole plagiarism thing that looms about….Anywhoo, please do check it out and do leave some feedback, I personally am of the belief that my poetry skills with time have depreciated severely but hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion right? Well have fun reading, and if you don’t have fun remember the following words..”It was a choice you weren’t forced into reading it.” :P. A’ite peepz, good luck with everything you’re all dealing with at the moment and I hope you all is going well with you guys. Until next time…cheers!

The Downpour

The drops of rain,
Outside falling;
Matching the beats of
my heart,
Beating together,
Beating fast
Tip tip…dlub dlub…
Hand in hand,
Beat to beat,
In synchronicity,
Between thoughts so
Yet so far apart.
Thoughts of reality,
Thoughts of what the
heart sometimes wants;
Thoughts living an
alternate yet parallel
Alongside this current
realm of existence
I thrive in.
Thoughts questioning,
The actions and intentions
of humankind.
Thoughts of betrayal,
Thoughts of how time,
love, conviction and naivety;
Made me the fool,
And mocked my values.
Thoughts and doubts,
Of how the current journey
I’m embarking,
The current path I’m
Shall bring me any closer
to my visions?
The visions that fuel
my drive;
Visions that have been
labeled foolish by some,
Idealistic by some more,
And that leave most others
But not out of awe or
But out of uncertainty
and doubt.
Visions which to me,
Are my lifeline;
Are the balms to my wounds.
The comfort to crippling
The mirror whose reflection,
Can fix someone as broken
as me.
My beacon, my lighthouse,
My watchtower;
That steers me through
stormy and dreary times.
All these thoughts,
And then some;
Dancing…pulsing fiercely,
And passionately.
Keeping pace and tempo to
The beats of my heart.
Faster and faster,
Till they explode;
Thoughts spinning,
Mind reeling.
Slower and slower,
Like gentle breezes,
And tame waves.
Licking and lapping
At everything within
it’s grasp.
Like the gentle tapping
Of those rain drops.
Against tiles, windows,
And broken souls.
Seeping with life,
comfort and
A message of peace,
And reassurance.
So brief…yet so strong;
So powerful and so
full of clarity,
That it makes the
Journey looming ahead,
Seem less dreary,
Less daunting, less scary,
less gloomy.
Allowing it to be instead,
A journey more endearing,
More adventurous, worthwhile
and enlightening;
Than any traveled before.

SJ (June 1, 2010)

Well I did write it day before yesterday lol. A’ite folks, well there’s my few cents of whatever it is that I have up there. Peace out, stay safe and do yourselves a favor and have fun!


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