The Return

haha, this sounds so ominous and comic book/movie adaptation like and has such a dramatic undercurrent to it :P, but then again we know how magnetic the term drama tends to be with me.

Okay since I’m typing this while watching one of the football/soccer games I just hate it when commentators keep yapping about how a team’s awesome player has lost his touch ‘cuz he hasn’t been scoring as consistently as he used to…I mean really? The dude is human and everybody has a down moment before they come back up and then there are idiotic comments like “Oh he hit that ball so far behind the goal post that it’s headed for the Atlantic Ocean which isn’t located too far from this stadium.” Again…really? What the hell, nobody asked for stupid hyperboles. Anyway, all that aside, I’d just like to say it’s good to get back here and get back to the way of things as I wanted them to be.

On other notes it is beyond fantastic, well fantastic is an understatement, divine is more or less the term I guess I’m looking for. At least now I can get into the FIFA fever now without having to worry about exams or tests or any other sorta akademik commitment. The greatest moment of this entire first year journey has been this moment to get home and finally be with family and with familiarity. The journey back home felt like the ultimate last lap to everything that’s been an adventure these past few months. Well besides that, welcome to Phase 2 of a new adventure, only this one is called the “Wedding Bells series…A Limited Edition Series.” Here is where I’d like to say ahead of time, that the experience from the Wedding series does not make me a bonafide wedding planner…I repeat DOES NOT maketh me a wedding planner. Ideas I can help with, planning…well not quite my forte, imagine if it was then my life would be quite different from what it is ‘en it? But oh well, this should be a fun and interesting experience huh.

Well I do have a ton of things to go over, however, at this current point in time my memory fails to hit the play button or rather is too lazy to hit the play button, its currently on “Chill Out” mode, which in turn reminds me of a version of a song I really really reallllyyy and thoroughly love listening to. However, it has been a few days since I listened to the song, well actually my brain is too confused and lethargic to send signals to listen to things lol. I’m sure eventually things will pick up, neurons shall be firing and action potentials shall be amplifying. A’ite kids, tune in later and perhaps I shall be more clikkity clakkity with the keyboard. Good luck with whatever you’re doing and I hope you guys are taking the time to breathe, rest and relax those mental channels and channeling the inner you to do whatever it is that you wanna do :). Cheers peepz and have fun!

Songs of the Day:

Song: Bahara (Chill Version)
OST: I Hate Love Storys
Release Date: Circa, 2010

Song: Waka Waka
Artist/Band: Shakira ft. Freshlyground
Album/Soundtrack: Official 2010 World Cup Song
Release Date: Circa, 2010


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