So here’s what’s got my thought factory churning…Law and Order…now that’s a show that never fails to stimulate the thought factory in my head. And bravo for lasting almost 2 decades, isn’t that a fantabulous feat? I mean the cases they present in all the avataars of Law & Order. My favourite Law & Order series though is the SVU series, every time I watch an episode from that show it leaves me feeling a whole gamut of emotions…it shows a side of humanity that a lotta us choose to ignore because we tend to live in that sorta environment/world where if it doesn’t happen to us or those around us then it doesn’t exist. But the problem is we don’t know anything and everything about anybody and I doubt we ever will. I think it’s humanly impossible to know just about everything about someone, heck people don’t know everything about their own selves how the hell would they know everything ’bout anyone else?

People who claim and tend to be slotted as the world’s worst liars often tend to be the best Fort Knoxes one could ever come across or okay maybe they just think they are and the whole world knows they’ve got something murky lurking under there :P. Now that would make for an interesting flick :P, doing a first person perspective of someone who walks ’round like Atlas, bearing the weight of the world or rather feeling that way due to past instances and incidents that may have affected, impacted and perhaps changed their lives in a way that one would consider to be unimaginable. It should be a split screen movie where on the one hand you see the scene from the main protagonist’s point of view and on the other screen you see it from the point of view of those around them. Sorry folks, this is ’bout as creative as I can get after dinner, which, btw was pretty dang good…considerin’ the fact my mata-shri found a Malaysian restaurant in downtown, which I know musta rocked her socks lol. If there’s anything that will get me mum all googly eyed, delighted, ecstatic and absolutely over the moon…it would be Malaysian cuisine and pretty much anything pertaining to Malaysia. The way to that gorgeous woman’s heart is via Malaysia :P…

On other notes I would like to say that as of yesterday, I noticed that I had crossed the 30 blogs mark and dang that’s an accomplishment all by it’s lonesome self :P..yyaaayyyy me, and to celebrate this particular milestone in my current blogging career I’m gonna go glug down 4 glasses of water, apparently I’m really dehydrated these days. And following that I’m gonna treat myself to a movie that I’ve been waiting to watch for ages to the extent that I actually gave up the opportunity of watching it on the big screen back @ school and I absolutely and completely refused to watch it online. I saw the promos for this movie back in December, the movie came out in February and dang to hold off all this time sure as hell is a lesson in patience and tolerance. And watching the movie with mommy is gonna be an even more exciting time seeing how my mother loves taking so many commercial breaks while watching a movie, the whole concept of Intermissions was designed keeping people like my mother in mind, which I must say is bloody efficient and considerate.

Anyhow peepz, jus’ curious does anybody over here have any decent suggestions for a good book/books to read? I do know the book at the top of my list is “Fountainhead” well besides “The Alchemist” and tons of graphic novels n comeex, ‘cuz c’mon we all know how comeex deprived I am. At least for now there’s FIFA fever and Wedding schnazz to keep me preoccupied, occupied and beezee for the next lil’ bit but c’mon you know a thriving, living and growing organism needs it’s brain food πŸ˜€ i.e. fun and entertainment and what b8r way to do so than to free your mind and imagination righto? :D.

Well today’s FIFA fever updates, well nothing too exciting happening in terms of football for me today, I mean those matches weren’t really attention grabbing for me, but that’s just me. Though, I must say that the German jerseys looked pretty wicked…I mean black n gold? Looked pretty darn good and it was an interesting contrast, it was almost like watching a game of chess in motion though with a different timed, tactical, defensive, offensive and striking moves/positions. Well maybe a mini and racy form of chess and a much more fascinating form mind you, couple that with a few mexican waves, hungry for fun crowd and vuvuzela’s galore and a tonne of team spirit and face paint.

You know what’s troubling me lately, and yes I’m gonna end off on this note, one of my serious pet peeves = discrimination, be it subtle or obvious. We’ve all heard from history, from ancestors, from relatives…mostly on the basis of the colour of one’s skin and all that, but I’m tapping into the other kind of discrimination that comes with age, religion, sects, gender…its just ridiculous, somehow I find that we human beings always seem to have a constant need to compartmentalize ourselves into more distinct groups, into more distinct distinctions…my question is Why? Why do we have to separate and segregate ourselves? Don’t we all have the same needs, urges, tastes, habits and attributes? Okay granted there is a difference when it comes to psychopaths and sociopaths but at the core of it all, aren’t we all the bloody same? Variety and difference should not be treated as that which bestows upon us the right to assume the superiority complex…I mean that’s just bollocks ‘en it, to don that blasted complex upon yourself ‘cuz you think you’re better than it all and than them all? I ask these questions not only because I’ve observed what humanity can do and does, but also because I’ve experienced it and its my way of questioning myself as to why the hell I would do something like that. I would like to believe that I believe in an all equal and all fair world but it would just be plain ignorant and stupid on my part to say that I don’t have my moments where I absolutely slot the world into categories and point my finger and attribute people and incidents to that stereotypical slot/group that we all have generously and knowingly created and carry forward with us from generation to generation. We’re in a century and a position to orchestrate ramifications in the thought processes of our current generation and our future generation, lets try and break that God awful chain of stereotyping shall we?

Well that’s my cue to wrap things up, more on the discrimination topic tomorrow folks. Here’s to a friendly future and to a wonderful day. Cheers and best wishes to all.


One thought on “Moments

  1. 'English Patient' kiddo. thats a book you need to add to your list. These days you recommend books to me than the other way around :-).

    Sorry i know its an older post but i just stumbled across your blog.

    Proud of my lil doc πŸ˜‰

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