Refresher Reviews

Well Allo Allo everybody..hmm..on a side note I think I wanna watch a few episodes of Allo Allo, not sure if I will though, considering how I have such a short attention span. Well sorry about the short messages, okay I know a few people reading this who aren’t sorry that they’re short :P..yes you know who you are.

Okay apparently there’s this thing called the North America Cup that is a horse racing event, here’s the thing about this event, it looks like Ben Hur’s ever famous chariot race scene came alive. Well okay no there’s not exactly chariots, they look like a hybrid between a chariot and something like a jet ski 😐 …it looks cool but yeah…that’s about it.

Anyhoo, here I am on I guess Day 2 or 3 of wedding schnazz …and yes it is schnazz ‘cuz looking incessantly through a gazillion sites and a gazillion other minor details with the help of Google makes me feel like a walking, talking wedding magazine. Okay fine I guess I’m the unedited, unphoto-shopped version of those magazines. But dang the person least interested in colour schemes, patterns and so on and so forth ended up with quite the task. Oh well I guess this is a time for discovery :P, I mean who knows how my colour collab. will turn out :P, as long as it doesn’t turn out to be the United Colours of Benetton or the combined 32 flavours of Baskin Robbins I’ll be fine. And hey if it turns out that way then I can just shrug my shoulders and say “Hey it was your call, I did warn you.” :P…see such simple responses to complex problems.

Well one of the many things I’m happy about at this point in time is the fact that i can get into FIFA fever mode and unleash some football passion in there. Oh man La Albiceleste was beyond magnificent today :D..aaaahhh!!! the blue and white stripeys were beyond amazing today!!!! Go El Diego’s boys! Even though it wasn’t the main squad that was playing today, they sure as hell showed their aggressive, tactical and attacking skills and Lionel Messi was beyond brilliant with his footwork, passes and shots on goal, though its unfortunate how he hasn’t started chalking up the goals on his score-sheet yet. Soon I guess, well at least I hope the goals start raining in soon :). Well on that note I would also like to say that Greece’s goal-keeping was wonderful, their goal-keeper was just exemplary today. Well he still has time to hone his skills and maybe one day his name might join that goalies league led by the likes of Oliver Kahn This brings me to the match between South Africa and France…now…what the hell was that from France? I haven’t seen such a disappointing performance, I mean you know you’ve been in the news for your conduct both on the field and off the field you would think that in your last bloody game you would put up a decent fight or have one of those final bruhaha moment before you bid adieu and au revoir. But damn yeah did they deserve the ass kicking they got from South Africa and bravo to the Proteas for such an AMAZING performance in today’s game.

Anyhow kids, I’m gonna peace out for now, must sleep or else my mom is gonna bonk my head with the remote control. Peace out and stay tuned for more rambles and drabbles later. Cheers!

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