A’ite kids here’s a special note, well I’d love to say author’s note but this isn’t a book…it could be if I wanted it to be :P, however I do digress from my point. Due to the growing hectic nature of upcoming events I won’t be able to post as languidly, as lavishly and as frequently as I’d like to, so instead I’m tossing in something new to this mix. The posts are gonna resemble staccato notes, short, rapid bursts of words and that’s ’bout the best I can do for the moment. Well yes while a good general number of the population are heaving sighs of relief at the thought of really short snips and snaps of random bursts of thoughts you’d all best be forewarned. The random nature of these posts will rise exponentially seeing as to how I won’t have much time to write a lotta things so brace yerselves laddies and lassies

So here’s the starter, why is it that when we go anywhere to discuss wedding things for my brother freaking people turn towards me and smile/laugh and go “Hahaha its your turn next and it’ll be pretty soon.” Now I can’t exactly be rude to them and say sorry dude I guess you didn’t get the card that said nah that’s just not happening netime now or later…there is nothing called wedding/marriage on my cards, not for this lifetime. Why is it that they can’t focus on the person whose wedding it is but instead they choose to focus on that which hasn’t happened. Call it a business ploy but really they gotta watch it or else no business from my side, and by that I mean referrals for the friendzillas. For instance, last night the familia had our first family outing since my return, which by the way was fantabulously awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ and something everyone should indulge in often…its good for the heart and the soul ๐Ÿ™‚ and if you think your family is too dysfunctional to go have dinner with then I suggest you grab your best buddies and go have dinner and some dessert. It’s time well spent and memories worth reliving time and again. So yeah, went to this Thai restaurant, spoke to the owner and were arranging things and she kept turning towards me, flashing one of those maternal smiles and telling my mother how lucky she is that she has a boy and a girl and all that other jazz and she kept throwing me those knowing maternal looks of ‘Oh so you’re next huh? You’re getting married soon huh?’ I had half a mind to turn around and flash a winning smile and say “Really? Didn’t know I was getting married soon, if so can someone send me an invite to my own wedding?” And when I said ‘No, not happening.’ I got the same smile and the look of sorry the words you are beyond comprehension, in fact they do not even qualify for comprehension of any sort.

Right then kids, I gotta jet now, phase 2 of cleaning up this house…which apparently never seems to get cleaned despite efforts. Bollocks mate, this entire concept behind weddings and getting things set up for wedding = bollocks. If you’re getting married please don’t let the whole world know, its a tonne of work and unless you have your own personal slave to ensure everything gets done please don’t expect EVERYTHING on your dream list to get done :|…chances are you might get 2 or 3 of those things done. Here’s to the upcoming crunch week :|…mommy…time for some chai to fire up the senses. Cheers!

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