Thoughts a Million

Well I actually do have quite a bit on my mind today, I mean it’s all jumbled up in terms of me wanting to present the few ten thoughts outta the gazillion. Well here’s what’s gonna go down, lots of thoughts churned out as a result of watching a movie…well okay usually when I watch a movie there’s about two things that happen

1. The brain has the thought processes going in Overdrive where a lotta things that I think of or rather have shelved away come to the forefront and take a life of their own. Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoy movies that make me go through those thoughts archived in the upper chamber.
2. Movies that just bore the crap outta me…and well these also can be further categorized into those movies whose scripts were novel and worth appreciating but failed to hold onto it’s initial narrative and then there’s the other kind that just plain sucks.

So while we’re on movies, my strong recommendation in the Hindi department for this current moment is My Name Is Khan…All said and done its a beautiful movie, besides the performances…the word outstanding is an under-statement…it was just beautiful, the cinematography was fantastic, a majority of the narrative was fantastic, the pace and the tone of the movie is pretty much consistent all the way through. Oh and here’s some definite FYI, once you’re done watching the movie make sure you check out the deleted scenes, just so you know its available on a facebook page lol, yes I had to google it to find it. A few of the snippets from the deleted scenes give the movie some more flavour and makes it a lil’ more wholesome. The entire story and script idea while not necessarily novel in the age and times we live in, was unique in it’s own way. The basic story line is conveyed or rather plainly stated in it’s popular tagline/dialogue –> “My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist.” When you hear such a line you go hmmmm what’s this all about? Is it going to be over the top dramatic-ness? Is it going to be Anti-American? Or is it gonna be one of those “Oh man woe is us” kinda movies. The first few things that grab your attention in that promo include things like hmmm okay the main protagonist has a disability of sorts, then as the promo progresses the background score seems to be keeping up with the scenes being aired in the promo, in addition to that you see who the main protagonists are, you’re informed it’s a love story that includes a journey to meet the President of USA, you also find the story based on the backdrop of 9/11 and that’s when I guess one stops and wonders, wait what kinda love story could you possibly have with 9/11 as a backdrop? Oh wait, one where the main guy is a terrorist and falls in love with a civilian and is responsible for coordinating terrorist attacks or is in charge of a terrorist cell or wait turns himself in because he’s fallen in love and wants to be the best person he can be? Oh wait…but that’s already been done, do the titles New York and Kurbaan come to mind? Then there’s the other possibility where the main protagonist is one of the victims of 9/11 who is directly affected and may have lost loved ones and so is fighting for justice and he also happens to have a disability..hmm..there’s another possibility. AND THEN while the wheels in your head are spinning you’re presented with the last scene of the promo which comes after all the building up of the background score and after the crescendo…”My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist” and it ends there followed by an emphatic silence. My reaction to that was “DAMN! I need to watch this movie now!” Well I could be biased :P, considering I’m such a fan of the ultimate trifecta that’s ever come to the forefront in Indian cinema, that’s right folks…well to the newbies, they would be the trio of Karan Johar, Kajol and Shahrukh Khan. Now shoot me for being such a huge fan of all three of ’em. Karan Johar has grown leaps and bounds from when he started off, and it’s funny to note after watching this movie I had a sudden urge to watch Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge just to see the transition of these three individuals. I mean besides going “Wow they were so young there.” and stating the obvious, there’s a certain maturity that’s come along with the scripts and characterizations. K-Jo is now at the helm of a production company that has generated a wide variety of scripts ranging from Dostana to New York to Wake Up Sid and lets not forget his biggest blockbusters ranging from the evergreen Kucch Kucch Hota Hai to Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham <I know I'm missing a few alphabets in a few places to Kal Ho Naa Ho to Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna – the movie where he started veering a lil’ off the “Karan Johar candyfloss magnum opus flicks”…well at least script wise, costume and setting/set wise not really lol. Moving on to the actors, Kajol..I consider her to be one of the best in the movie bizz, one of my all time fav. movies of hers is Dushman…besides a brilliant soundtrack…her performance in that movie was spine chilling, volatile and bloody brilliant. There’s just so much conviction and honesty that she puts into her role that for that moment you’re enraptured and caught up in the movie you forget that it’s only a fictional character, you actually believe that such a character exists which is really hard to find these days. And last but not the least there’s SRK or Mr. Shahrukh Khan…I could write pages ’bout the reasons why I love this dude, but I’m gonna try and make this brief and short considering how this isn’t a post ’bout him :P. Its not that he doesn’t know how to act, each of his movies are different even though the characters he has played may seem to overlap each other there is an undertone of difference between those characters. Over the years I wouldn’t say he has matured but every movie has nuances of him trying to break away from the standard set bars that a character can portray in said role in said story setting. Now while I do love watching his movies, my all time fav. SRK movies besides Kal Ho Naa Ho are; Swades and Chak De India…I guess now you can add MNIK to the list as well.

A’ite I’m gonna leave that at that or else it can get extremely tangential and the G-man knows where exactly that’s gonna lead. Next on the agenda is this odd sense of not accomplishing anything thus far in life. I look around and I see friends of mine working, setting up RRSP’s, accomplishing their dreams and getting close to presenting and projecting all those ideas their thought factories used to churn out during our younger years onto a much bigger platform….and it makes me proud to see how far they’ve come, but, at the same time it makes me take a step back and ask myself so what have you done lately? or, how far have you come kiddo? ‘Cuz the last time I checked I feel like I’m in the exact same spot I’ve been for a while with the only difference being a change in my settings and a very marked physical difference in terms of growth in things around me. Heck even my rose bushes seem to have grown quite a bit. Anyway, I’m gonna sign off on this note just and re-address this topic some other time, for now I gotta go take care of a few things, today’s a relatively big day as far as FIFA fever is concerned, so I just wanna go do some work before the play and fun starts :D. Take care peepz and I hope all is well with all of you!! Much love and best wishes, cheers!

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