Music and Masala

Well Music = the Masala in my life, sad? Nah not really :D…well I’m doing a trial run of songs for the “Ultimate Wedding Playlist”…okay that sounds about as grand as a balloon that pops, for some reason today I’m not in the mood for FIFA fever, in fact I’m in the mood for some foot tappin’, soul shakin’, ear drum resoundin’ beats…and Yes I finally started the broda’s playlist or else I’ll be an example of the modern day Vlad the Impaler’s victims :P…okay maybe not impale me but definitely put me in a headlock of sorts that would cause permanent painful reminders lol. Not that I don’t have enough of those courtesy of broda, but hey what the hell might as well fill up the repertoire of unforgettable brodaisms. Think ’bout it I could write a pre-wedding memoir for him titled “Brodaism – A Way Of Life for the Older Sibling”

All said and done, while I do love my music it is the hardest thing to select for someone else ‘cuz as you wonderful people know everyone has different tastes, now who the hell knows what my brother’s taste in music is besides rock, heavy metal and more rock :|. And I’m not letting a lotta that play at the wedding, people are gonna sue us for emotional and mental trauma as well as auditory trauma 😐 … looking back at this point in time I could sue him for all of that…muahahahahahaha…but that’s okay he’s getting married soon he’ll get a taste of his own wonderful medicine…aah karma thou art such a biatch :P. Well sis in law to be gives him some and then some more :D, it brings such a huge ass smile to my face 😀 bahahahahahaha.

A’ite I’m digressin, so while this ickle energizer bunny is being fuelled by music cells I think I must try and get as much done as possible in terms of cleaning up or else I fear a boomerang or a spoon or something turning into a projectile and headed straight for my head, as aimed and fired by my mother dearest. Dad stays on the sidelines 😛 just so he doesn’t end up in the dog house :P, well actually he’s doing most of the running ’round for the wedding of the summer, the poor man keeps saying how he’s pretty sure he never did as much running ’round for his wedding as he did for good ol’ broda’s. As D-Day approaches, tempers are gonna flare, ppl. are gonna transform into sticks of dynamite, ignite and FIREEEEE!!! I should prolly start preppin’ a play list for that lol. And no amount of zen and me yielding my peaceful ways is gonna help.

A’ite so here’s the deal with the music list, as of now I have a page of music on there, neone got ne suggestions toss it on here please? :D…According to my lovely mother I listen to sad songs, she thinks they’re sad ‘cuz they’re slow :|. I tried reasoning with her and saying mummy it’s semi classical and is really poetic, she tossed a face at me that said “Jeez kiddo, act your age not an 80 year old.” Well when my mom turns 80 she’s still gonna b the cool mom who jives, bops and busts out more dance moves to that generation/time’s B.E.P, Lady Gaga, Usher, Shakira, Flo Rida and whoever else the next few generations are gonna come up with. Which reminds me I do have to add all of ’em onto that list or else she’s gonna smack me over the topside of my head, which is quite sad, ‘cuz at this rate apparently I don’t need much to be smacked over the topside of my head. My broda does that ‘cuz he thinks it’s his birthright and he doesn’t really need a reason to do so, which is absolute rubbish in my humble opinion. But then again like he would say my opinion does not count nor does it matter.

Right so this is as much masala as there possibly can be for the moment, time for energizer bunny to energize onto other things and conquer one room at a time and dominate the generation of sound waves in this house :D…BOOYAH! Cheers kids and stay safe and have a ridonculously awesome time doin’ whatever you’re doing. Adios, sayonara and au revoir for now.


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