Poem Number 2

A Traveller’s Ode

I stood still
Staring at the sky
Eyes wide open
Wondering why?
How far do I aim?
How far do I shoot?
How many miles do I
How fast should my wings
To speed up my flight?
How much further?
How much harder must I strive?
How many more times should
I be broken?
In spirit, body and mind?
How often should I
hold back the tears?
Bite back the fears?
Stop myself from tracing
back the years?
Coax myself that
Tomorrow it’ll all be okay…
All be over?
While today has me reeling
and spinning.
Stuck in a place,
Caught up in a moment.
While those around me
Move along, like swirling
Living their lives in
the metaphorical moment.
Free as kites,
Sailing, soaring high
Dancing to the whooshing
winds of freedom
Bending their limits,
Flexing their wills;
Breaking new grounds;
Obliterating boundaries and
Fulfilling untold destinies.
All this yearning,
For just a moment in time
To stop learning;
To start applying and commence
To stop learning ’bout life’s
And to start seeking out those
And to start learning by
Are just a few things
This heart desires.
To live a life of experience
and chance;
To attain the wisdom of age
and time.
Is all this mind, body and
soul yearns for.
Not petty disputes,
Not unruly uncouths
Nor unfair yet harsh
Do I care to decipher,
Nor discern,
Nor set out to spurn.
For they like thorns
on roses;
Exist to prick us
Back to a reality,
Far from frivolity.
And remind us of them
Paths that lie ahead.
To awaken senses and our
To hurdles so many,
And choices so few
And yet so tricky.
So beware fellow travellers
Be wise, be wary.
Of mirages that life presents
and time carries.
And may you have much
Success on this journey.

SJ (June 28, 2010)

Well that would be my 2nd online posting of a poem, and yes that’s fresh off the to of my head so if it doesn’t make sense eh well apologies, I just wrote it as it came to me. Lemme know what you think peepz and have yourselves an awesome day. Cheers!


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