It comes in all shapes and sizes really, the other day when I came waltzing or rather bouncing down the stairs, and no I didn’t fall, my dad called me over to his office and insisted that I read one of his favourite books. I was intrigued and excited all at the same time to see what it was that he wanted to share with me. So after almost trippin’ over the obstacle course in his office he gave me his book with the most boyish smile and with this twinkle in his eye. I had this half amused expression, or at least I’m sure I did the facial muscles felt they were in that position so hey I guess it musta been half amused unless it was a grimace. I looked down at the cover and lo and behold I was staring at a title that read “Oh The Places You Will Go” followed by my eyes catching the name “Dr. Seuss.” I tossed dad a quirked eyebrow look and he said go go go go read it now, you should read it whenever you can, its so well written. So being the obedient child that I am I headed over to my living room with the nice comfy couch and started reading the book. And lemme tell you all sum’n, those moments were the best moments of my day and definitely falls in the top 10 moments of my life category. I mean it wasn’t written by a heavy thinker, a philosopher or a mental case with a conscience full of repentance or reflection. It was so profound yet so simple and it had me marvelling at the mere simplicity with which wisdom can make itself visible to you, me and everybody. I mean we all live such fast paced lives that we forget to stop and smell the roses or grass or the smell of spring or summer or fall or even winter for that matter. We’re either rushin or crammin to get that last bit of info into our heads or to get that last bit of formattin’ in for that presentation we have. We end up pushing all the anxiety buttons and forget to breathe, I’ve found takin’ a few deep breaths to be a lil’ reassuring, not a 100% cure for anxiety but it helps to clear up a few cobwebs. My other anti anxiety helper would be sugar, or more specifically chocolate…no wait that’s a lie, it would be music followed by sugar :P. Anyway, I am on a tangent here but yeah if you guys feel stuck in a rutt some time, take some time out if not make some time to read this book or any children oriented book…you’d be amazed by what you find, trust me I’ve tried it…okay no you can disregard me being an 8 year old forever when I dole out advice like the line mentioned above, but give it a shot. Life is too short to get caught up in a tangled web all the time, so take some time out to re-live moments. They leave you feeling rejuvenated, renewed and most importantly they leave you feeling much happier than before.

Now here’s a question for you, what do you do when your mind is a 100 miles away from your heart and your heart is a thousand or more miles away from everything else? Well it isn’t a rhetorical question people lol, its actually quite a legit question. You could probably re-integrate this into a Physics problem using vectors and using the whole displacement, velocity thing and then changing that into the d-t, v-t graphs i.e the displacement time graphs and velocity time graphs…man that brings back some real old memories lol. Good ol’ BPCI and Mr. Dyal, though I must say that he was an amazing teacher…my most memorable physics project being the ‘Mousetrap Car’ project. Our team really put in a lotta effort with that project and it was a lotta work, but I think the most memorable thing ’bout that project was a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when we finished it. High school was a good time and I’m thankful I didn’t have a lotta horror stories from there and things were different. There were friendships made, some you sorta kinda knew were the kind that wouldn’t stick for long and had a shelf life. And then there were some bonds formed that withstood and I think still do withstand the tests of time. And once again I did get extremely lucky with the friends I made, in a way the thing ’bout memories I have ’bout those awesome people I know are flashes of a time when they were still diamonds in the rough and seeing how far they’ve come and how far they have yet to go just makes my heart swell with pride and yes that usually ends up with me grinning like an idiot. I’m uncertain about the future and where we all will be or will wind up at and I’m not sure if we’ll be closer or just distant memories, none the less its never too late to be thankful for all y’all have done and been through with me. Yes I do know I’m quite the proverbial handful with a tonne of issues :D, but hey you can’t get a perfect package always right?

None the less I find myself in segue mode, so lemme collect myself and sorta work towards putting a full stop to this entry as I do have a tonne of work ahead of me. Well firstly I’d like to blame Rihanna’s “Umbrella” putting me on that sprint down memory lane, no that song did not come out while I was in High School lol. But, I was in a car with 2 of the most amazing people in my life and this was in December and the radio station was playing the best trax of the year and Umbrella was the #1 track that year and so the 3 of us were singing along lol, yeah we had 3 different pitches goin’ on but hey it was fun ‘cuz Rihanna overpowered us all with that magic dial called ‘Volume’ :P. But it was one of the most memorable things ’bout that winter and one of those crazy 2 was actually shippin’ out for further akademikness and so this was us celebratin’ lol.

Anyway kids, I hope you’ve all been safe and sound and yes there was a wedding that happened, I will write more ’bout that big day another day lol, when my brain is in top gear to ramble on ’bout the proceedings :D. For now, the brain has other things to ponder and marvel and wonder at so cheers for now, oh and on an exit stage right or left note, if you guys get the time watch this show on TNT called “LEVERAGE”…its bloody awesome 😀 and I’m on re-run mode a’ready ‘cuz I’m not that patient when it comes to waiting for episodes and my mind is forever churning, turnin’ and thinking so yeah in order to keep it quiet I run the re-runs lol. Take care peepz and hope all is well with everybody :). Cheers and the soundtracks will come up next time too, I’m too lazy to share any music right now so I guess listen to the beat that’s rockin’ you currently and have a blast.

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