So while on the road to Reformation, not necessarily Renaissance, as we all know that the Renaissance period was one of the most amazing times for art, architecture, language, religion and culture as a whole…but yeah, like I was saying. While on the road to Reformation, there’s one thing that always occurs/happens…those are the road bumps/speed bumps/hurdles/obstacles and fun things of the sort that plop along the way. I’d like to say that I had great hopes, intentions and plans on this path to my Reformation and what not, but, I learned a while ago to keep or rather have zero expectations down this road. I had this moment last weekend where matters of time and essence were circling my head, thoughts from a time ago were percolation and having quite the time percolating in my head. None the less I think most of it came pouring out and like the rest of my reflex systems…what my mind was churnin’ and pouring out my hand went into auto pilot mode and started crafting a poem. In my humble opinion though, I think the poem absolutely and totally sucks in all it’s entirety…but that’s just me and no I haven’t done a second read. I do find that to be highly peculiar, I’ve never exactly re-read a lotta things I write, well the re-reading occurs when I type it up on Word or sum’n, but otherwise I don’t do a second read mostly ‘cuz my eyebrows quirk and go “Jeez, that’s just so horribly corny and bad and in no way, shape or form has any originality of sorts.” Well I don’t just say things,I actually have extremely valid reasons for my reasonings and thoughts, contrary to common belief :P.

This summer besides being a very reflective one and a very thought provoking one might I add. A lot of events that were set into motion years ago seemed to play out this year for the family as a whole, which I found out to be highly weird. Its interesting as to how the concept and meaning of the term family can change so quickly with the passage of time. Bottom line: People are never what we anticipate them to be, so expect the unexpected…be it your parents, siblings, spouse/s, kids, cousins, friends or even enemies for that matter. The world is a desert and the biggest mirage in that desert are the people in it. I learned a fair share about bonds and relationships from the experiences of some very wise people that I’m surrounded by…Yeah a lot of it pisses me off and makes me wanna go shake some sense into people, but I know for a fact that that ain’t gonna make a difference. There was also another lesson or maybe another reminder ’bout this funky thing called Time that was brought to my attention quite a few times. Time is one of thsoe funky constants that’s always around but is a chameleon. I mean sure everyone complains ’bout it, whines ’bout it, loves it, hates it, but time is indifferent to all things. You either use it or lose it you know? From what I saw and I guess learned I tried to use it to conduct a salvage mission, which has been a constant work in progress over the years….besides me trying to work on myself i.e. which I think is gonna be a lifetime’s worth of work. Only I believe the salvage mission isn’t gonna make much of a difference, I mean for one it isn’t going to give the heart or the soul what it’s looking for. And as far as my heart and dead as the dead sea soul is concerned there ain’t much that can do much for either one of ’em. None the less I guess all I want to tell you guys is to try and be careful, sensitive and cautious ’bout the decisions you make that causes the enforcement of actions that I guess you take. Every little action or thought has ripple effects into the future…so be cautious not callous ‘cuz karma truly and really is a bitch.

I did have a lot more things that crossed my mind, well if I shared every single moment, thought and impulse in my brain then I think nobody would doubt getting me committed to a mental facility. And amongst all other strange things, one of the strange things that I guess my brain has been working on somewhere in one of those secret chambers/sulci or grooves or whatever the hell it is that it is called, has been my Ultimate Final Playlist *dun dun dunnnn*. Okay I know it sounds strange but many years ago I told one of my really really really good/close friends that if anything untowardly or untimely were to happen to me, then they’d be in charge of the service and schnazz of the sort. What I did emphasize on a ban on any sad, weepy, mopey shit and one helluva rockin’ partay. So apparently I have a playlist of songs that I would really appreciate getting some play-time. Sure it’s an extremely weird, perhaps morbid thing to think ’bout…but these stages and phases in life that I know for a fact are a certainty…an unmistakable certainty….one day or another its gonna happen so why the hell not plan ahead for a rockin’, mind blowin’ send off right? I believe you should have a send-off as grand as your arrival :D. Anyway kids, I should go get a few winks of sleep if I wish to function in some remote way tomorrow. Take care all and I hope things are going well for each of ya.

Song of the Day:

Song: Teenage Dream
Singer: Katy Perry
Album: Teenage Dream
Release Date: August 24, Circa 2010


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