Rumbles, Raves and Rants…Oh look it’s an alliteration!

For never so much has the power of memories been so enriching yet so debilitating, that all they leave behind are sensations far more potent than the metallic tinged acrid remains of this thing called life that we currently lead. As depressing as that sounds, it’s true, okay you can change the wordings and perhaps the visualizations visualized to one of pink unicorns and green fields and all that good stuff, but end of the day the bottom line is that memories are potent, and almost intoxicating..well no not just intoxicating the damn things can be extremely toxic. I would’ve thought I learned a few lessons by now by letting myself get attached quite emotionally to things. I tend to forget often that the amount I invest into something, be it a thought, an idea, a bond or whatever, is not necessarily matched nor recognized by the ‘other’ party per se. It’s understandable, and perhaps a good thing that the same amount of enthusiasm, investment and thinking isn’t put in, ‘cuz the G-man knows its more than enough to have just one of me in the picture. I mean can you imagine more people like me? That would be enough cause for the caution and warning bells to go off the world over. For never will the world be the same if it is cast in my shadow, well I do have a few reasons, I’ll give you the first one,

a) Not everyone is manufactured to be ’bout my height, so we have some variations in that area to deal with.
b)Not everyone comes armed and ready to fire with my ammunition of words, I mean c’mon those of you who read this, know this is verbal carnage.

So imagine, keeping the image of verbal carnage in mind, what it would be like to have more of me :|…dude the freakin’ UNO would cease to exist. Well, I’d like to add that the source of my verbal carnage really is an off shoot of my brain’s need to do anything that has nothing to do with akademia or the world of akademia at this current point in time. Okay, that doesn’t look too good, I know, but hey the brain ultimately rules most of the decisions as far as this body is concerned. The heart’s kinda worn out, so brain pretty much displaced it and took over controls and tol’ heart to shut up and stay in a corner for as long as it possibly could and that it wouldn’t see the light of day for a while. I’m telling you this body is completely off it’s rockers, heck it resembles my current internet connection.

On other notes, man I hate going to the dentist…Everytime I go there, there’s always something that needs to be fixed. Good thing I don’t go to a neurosurgeon or a shrink just yet, then I’m sure there would be a lotta constant fixing that would need to be done. Anyway, I do digress, but like I was saying, I freaking hate going to the dentists, but its something I gotta do neway :(. So this time around when I went to the dentist, which was before I headed back to school, they did the cleaning and all that fun stuff the assistant/hygienist was looking at my teeth and was all ‘Hmm..hey did your filling crack or chip or anything?’ to which I said ‘Erm nope, not that I can think of’ and then she proceeded to ask me if it hurt and then declared that I had a filling that needed fixing but that she’d let the doc know and get him to check it out and clarify it and how it was a good thing that it hadn’t hurt me in any way, shape or form. You know what I find amusing whenever I go to the dentist’s office? How they ask you so many questions with implements, tubes and other things shoved in your mouth, and yes I was giving answers with all those things in my mouth, my biggest fear being that I don’t swallow that suction tube thing by mistake…then I would choke one way or another :|. Anyway, before I digress like we all know I will, the dentist eventually came in and he was all happy to see me and managed to put Helsinki in Poland and assumed it all to be one big happy place. Now from someone wishing for world peace that’s just awesome where every place is one place, but from a more realistic perspective, please don’t mess up the geography…I’m sure people from the respective countries would not be happy. Besides a nice refresher on world peace and geography, the dentist proceeds to check my teeth out and then the ‘chipped/cracked filling’ is brought up and the dentist proceeds to check out the chipper chip and goes into the shrink “hmmm” mode, like my teeth need counselling of sorts. Anyway, he goes “Hmmm that’s not a crack nor a chip. Wow in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this ever before.” And there I was absolutely and completely unable to say Wtf mate? Wat are you talkin’ bout? So the best I could do in that moment was to quirk the eyebrows and shrug my shoulders and I think it was then that he remembered that the apparatus he was staring at belonged to me. So acknowledging my futile attempts at trying to figure out wat the heck he was talkin ’bout he goes “Oh you have a perfect hole in your tooth! I’ve never seen anything like this ever in my whole life, this is so cool!” I had half a mind to tell the man to take a pic and keep it in his office but of course once again I was vocally and orally impaired to say anything of the sort. Then he proceeded to tell me how the hole in one was a result of perhaps me constantly chewing something and how it was just a perfect circle and how it seemed like something may have caught itself and burrowed a hole through my tooth. I did wanna tell him at that point in time that there were no construction crews in my mouth and that if there were any then I’m pretty sure I would’ve known. He also asked me if I chewed or ground my teeth in my sleep, to which my immediate response was “Erm dunno doc, when I sleep I sleep I don’t usually pay attention to other things.” Anyway, he fixed said gaping hole, sealed it off and now I’d like to add that my tooth is extremely freaking sensitive, I see stars when I chew sum’n relatively hard on that side :(…I hate going to the dentists :(, everytime I go they seem to have a need to fix something.

Anyway, on other notes, akademia fever starts soon, I think I’m concerned ’bout this upcoming year, it definitely ain’t a sweet song to sing lol. Of course like all other things in my life, the start of school season isn’t without it’s set of complications, in fact there are 2 complexities I need to deal with before my head clears up and focuses on the more important things in life. I really, truly and honestly hope for a positive resolution of the complexities, or else I dunno I think I’m gonna be a tad disappointed. However, there is one other thing that seems to have caught my attention, I can’t remember any of this stuff that I read :|, I mean holy jalapenos Superman that ain’t a hella lot reassuring :|, not only for the immediate future but also the not so distant future either. I tol’ my dadzilla ’bout this stone in the path, and dadzilla was all dude just associate everything you read to everyday objects, like associate some pathway with a stone grinder…My response was erm…dad I don’t really have a stone grinder so yeah dunno how that association would work :|, and who the heck uses one these days? Okay no that question might actually have an answer to it, so I retract said question.

A’ite jolly ranchers, I gotta go bond with the books again, wish me luck Imma need a whole lotta it this upcoming week :). And on a closing note I’d like to welcome someone special back from their whirlwind world tour. Hope you had a fantastic time making memories to relive and revisit, going camera crazy and having the time of your life. Know that you were greatly missed by a whole plethora of people, but hey I speak for myself not the plethora Righto kids, well I gotta get back on the study wagon, b4 I decide to go work on a few side projects, one of which I think from the look and feel of things seems promising, so yay I think I might’ve found sum’n to direct and invest all that excessive energy into…Whee for me I guess. Take care peepz and I hope you guys have a fantastical and phenomenal week ahead, and yeah happy long weekend to you buggers with the Labour day long weekend. Sigh, the things that make one miss home :(. Cheers people.

Song(s) of the Day:

Song: Teenage Dream
Singer: Katy Perry
Album: Teenage Dream
Release Date: August 24, Circa 2010

Song: Over My Head
Singer/Band: The Fray
Album: How To Save A Life
Release Date: September 13, Circa 2005

Song: She Is
Singer/Band: The Fray
Album: How To Save A Life
Release Date: September 13, Circa 2005

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