Stop, Play, Pause…

Well the first week of akademia is done and I’m not quite sure how I feel, I do know that I’m craving to be home sooner than later, sooner as in tomorrow if possible lol. Unfortunately my private jet orders got lost under a pile of other such papers, so yeah it looks like I’m gonna have to wait a while before anything happens. Oh akademia, love it hate it it knows how to make your mind work…which may not necessarily be a bad idea, considering the whole ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ and all *rolls eyes*. An idle mind is a peaceful, content mind that has received a lotta sleep :D.

Man I manage to catch glimpses of the news every now and then in the midst of studying, seeing how I have my iGoogle page doing that for me and seriously, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with people in the world? No wonder nobody ever has any optimism for peace, compassion or understanding. The world seems to be generating more retarded, backward, narrow minded assholes than is necessary, which in turn just makes our world and our future seem bleak, gloomy and non progressive. And you have school boards and other boards saying how the future for our current generation’s future looks bleak and unfriendly and all that other jazz on the one hand and then due to our technological advances and scientific breakthroughs how the future looks friendly. Seriously, get your bloody acts together people. Anyway, before I go into a segue of sorts with school boards and all of them, seriously, what is going on with the world? In order to show them terrorists something you decide to burn the Quran? Really? And that too these are the words of wisdom coming from a pastor? It doesn’t matter if he’s considered a nobody because he has around 30 followers, the point is not the number of followers he has, its the fact that there are people who harbour if not share his sentiments. I mean what are you going to get outta burning pages? Better yet what are you going to get from burning what sections of the global population consider the book of God? That too by a religious head of a sister faith or one of the branches of the apparent Holy Trinity of faiths? I mean c’mon Christianity, Islam and Judaism are recognized among if not within each other, they recognize each other as true faiths because they follow a religious book of sorts, and the rest of the faiths supposedly don’t, but anyway that’s not the point. All 3 faiths preach the word of God and the word of the G-man does not say burn the books ye heathens for if thee heart or soul which lies in thy family, thy fellow brethren and thy friends ever be struck by the hand of man or a brother or sister then thou must taketh upon thyself to seek vengeance by condemning them and their beliefs, for they art not my children but the children of sin, and ultimately the children of Satan and therefore everything they believe in must be purged from this world and then the world will be cleansed of the foul existence of such vile creatures.

I mean really c’mon!!! The G-man has better things to do than to have people show their faith in him by doing things that are so ridiculously immature. Have we not seen the world being ripped enough a’ready? Have we not learned anything from history? It’s a shame if we haven’t, then what’s the point of this existence? Besides, lets be realistic, this isn’t the first incident in the world where a religious text is/will/has or would have been burned, its happened before, I’m sure the Bible has been burned, as well as the Gita and the Torah and all the other religious texts out there. The only difference is it never received as much coverage as this particular event did, considering how today marks the day where the fanaticism and religious extremism reared it’s ugly head. I don’t care about the blame game with religions, in fact its not even ’bout religions, which doesn’t mean I’m an atheist, oh I’m religious a’ite, I just don’t find a need to say how my religion is the coolest of them all and totally kicks everyone else’s ass. Somewhere down the line of preaching, religion turned into a political weapon, a weapon to wield to rule nations, to bring down nations, to mindlessly orchestrate genocides, mass murder and trigger horrendous acts that one would never imagine mankind was capable of.

It disgusts me knowing that above that multicultural, diverse layer that all them ‘big wigs’ preach and boast of there lies a nice thick, dense layer of discrimination and prejudice. Talk is cheap, if you want to make sure that it sticks then you gotta be ready to practise what you preach and take the risks and chances involved in doing so. If we can’t do that, and we can’t set an example then there is no way that the future is gonna get any friendly and that future generations are gonna learn from the mistakes of our past. The first lesson that children, heck why limit it to the kids, the first lesson people should learn is that of acceptance. Accepting an individual completely and wholly for who they are, for what they believe in, its the concept of acceptance as a whole rather than accepting a few things and rejecting if not discarding the rest that I’m trying to emphasize out here. Nobody should ever have to feel limited nor do they have to ever settle for less for themselves, because that’s what they know they’re appreciated for. Sky really is the limit, yeah I know I sound like a resident of that place called Utopia, but really how often have you felt limited by what you could or could not do? Acceptance doesn’t make you perfect, it allows you to look at people as a whole rather than microscopically. And you know what? It never is too late to learn acceptance, that’s just the beauty of being a human being. Your mind, soul, and heart are always constantly evolving, changing and growing. Don’t do yourself the injustice of not growing as a person, it adds more colour, vibrance and zest not only to your personality but to every moment and memory you live in and help to create. Right after acceptance, we need to learn to be more Accomodating. Instead of having pissing contests with each other to prove one’s ability to be oversmart and sly among other things, we should learn to acknowledge and respect each others’ strengths and weaknesses. You never know when sometimes all people need is just someone who will listen to them and not judge them. Humankind’s biggest fear is that of judgment, heck to be honest with you yeah I do worry ’bout how people will judge me if I do things a certain other way or if I do certain other things that may not necessarily be at the top of their ‘cool’ list. I can’t help it but hey I do try to work on it. I’m not saying it’s something that will *poof* vanish in a day or so, all I’m saying is work with it so it does not give you tunnel vision, and limit you from giving you all into making your life a worthwhile experience. Wouldn’t you rather exit stage left from this world, when the time comes, holding on to memories you cherish rather than holding on to regrets, strife and grief?

Anyway, I’m not going to get into this too much, because you guys aren’t stupid, and none of these things are unknown nor unheard of to you. It would be nice if there was more hope in this world for people to look forward to and call reality than the gloomy stark gray clouds of bleakness that we currently shake our heads at and accept as reality. On that note, I’m gonna end this post here, however, not without a few other notes :P. Firstly Eid Mubarak everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic time with friends and family and that you all got your eidi..haha…c’mon you know you were lookin’ forward to that. Secondly, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone!! Especially you G-man, many happy returns of the day to you and thank you fer everything thus far :D. To everyone getting long weekends as a result of these festivities, have a blast, sleep in, celebrate and have an amazing time. Long weekends come in limited quantities so make the most of ’em :D.

Well that’s it folks, take care and I hope all is well with each and everyone of ya, all the very best if you have any big life changing things happening at the moment, though we always do have a lil’ bit of a life changing moment every day of our lives that ultimately build into an epic life changing moment :P. Have an amazing weekend people, and here’s hoping I can survive and live through these upcoming months, which to be quite frank with you do look quite tortuous and gruelling, but I guess you never really know until you go through it :|. Here’s to surviving until I get home, peace out and may the force be with ya’ll.

Song(s) of the Day:

Song: Aas Paas Khuda
OST: Anjaana Anjaani
Release Date: Circa, 2010

Song: Mar Jaawan (Remix, even the originals and the original remix is pretty good, original all the way though :D)
OST: Fashion, however remixed by Dj Wardhan ft. Badmash
Release Date: Circa, 2008

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