So here I am back again, serving you up with another mega dose of ramblings…which might provide you with as much reading discomfort as it does provide me with typing comfort. If that sentence sounds funky go figure, I just woke up a lil’ while ago and the whole world still does seem a lil’ blurry to me, well I guess that would also be ‘cuz I’m typing this sans my optical assistants. It’s been a week of trials and triumphs :D, so I guess a totally T-licious week, besides being a congested one. And yes I was and still am fighting the ultimate battle against good and evil…Me v/s Congestion from cold/flu and what not. Of course there has been plenty of time for my head to reel in reflective moments through this haze of congestion during the hours that I’m actually alive lol, and that has NOT been something I’ve enjoyed. Reflection is one thing, but constant reflection is not exactly the healthiest thing to do, but unfortunately the circuitry in my brain is just tangled and messed up.

Well last week’s dosage was a lil’ on the strong side but the ingnoramus in people really ticks me off. People complain ’bout not progressing, not moving ahead, I mean how the hell do you expect to do so if you keep waiting for someone else to make that first move? Anyway, I’d love to say I’m leading a cushy life and all that, but that would just be me being full of myself, the only major problem I have is the weight of my expectations, as I perceive from the parental unit and from myself, upon my shoulders. I’ve been the proverbial ‘black sheep’ too often that I’m hoping I won’t wind up as the ‘black sheep’ in this current endeavour of mine. Which brings me to a question, what is it that really drives us as human beings? By that I don’t want to get into gross anatomy or some sort of neurological response to stimuli of sorts, that’s not what I’m looking for. What drives us all to do the things we do? and more importantly Why do we do the things we do? Is it for love? fear? obligation? duty? or some form of responsibility? How often do you wake up feeling as empty and devoid of every other emotion as one is capable of only to feel the weight of an immense inexplicable sadness weigh you down? Which makes you go okay, wait wtf just happened? I mean it really is a very annoying start to the day if you ask me.

On other notes, however, I did clear up the first level of many levels yet to come on my current journey/endeavour. This upcoming first half however, doesn’t seem all that people friendly. I think academically it’s gonna be quite the obstacle course for me, and I can feel the twinge of excitement and nervousness course and seep away through my blood. I might not be able to post up as much as I do want to, purely due to time constraints but I will try my best, gotta somehow make it to that 50 mark :P, first 50 of achievement lol. Now if you thought I was the Chief of Verbal Carnage, you ain’t seen nothing yet!! Try my Neuroanatomy proff, dang that man knows how to re-define verbal diarrhea, he takes it to a whole new level. I think pretty soon my brain will be the one on a tray that shall be dissected and poked and prodded lol. I guess I won’t feel the pressure as much if I decide to dedicate a part of my time over the weekends to 2 special projects that have been wandering and roaming about in my head space over the years and yes I do take a while transferring things to paper, well these days, Word. But I don’t like rushing stories and things of the sort, if you rush it you lose the initial magic that stimulated it and then you hit a rutt and you’re either stuck in it or you manage to do something extremely cliched that doesn’t set the cliche apart from other cliches.

Anyway kids, sorry this has to be this short, perhaps later today I’ll actually sorta kinda have mental clarity of sorts to post something more coherent, damn this congestion….everything looks foggy and cloudy :|…noooo!!!!!!!! must get better before major CRUNCH time begins :(. Take care ye all and I hope nobody’s fallen sick yet, if you have make sure you take your meds and also make sure you get a few hugs, even if it’s from your teddy bear lol, them damn hugs are bloody magical and make a hell of a difference!!! A’ite ciao fer now and catchya on here next time :D, cheersies!

Song(s) of the Day:

Song: Whataya Want From Me
Artist/Band: Adam Lambert
Album: For Your Entertainment
Release Date: November 20, Circa 2009

Song: Shadow of the Day
Artist/Band: Linkin Park
Album: Minutes to Midnight
Release Date: October 16, Circa 2007

Ps: Oh!! Does anyone know how to get the ink on an engraved piece on a ring replaced/refilled? I think mine might be wearing out and I do oh so love this ring :(.

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