Melancholic Mumblings

Many things have been said and written about love, a few about friendship but there was something very eloquent and succinct that I came across about friendship that struck a deep deep chord within me. It was actually posted on Paulo Coelho’s fb page . I wish I could write something that succinct and effective, but hey if there’s one thing I’m sure of at the moment, it would be my inability to keep things short and sweet. A boon or bane? Dunno yet, so far I’ve been able to limit the exposure to very few people and they’re too nice to say ‘Dude! Stop bludgeoning us with your words *groan*. They have been such compliant and patient people, so thank you guys, and before I digress any further, here’s the link to that story….I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did :),

Well the way this post had started Yeah I’m having me one of those days, ish, I mean last night was great but every great day/night/moment has to come to an end right? Right at this very moment I feel like that Christmas ornament/wreath that comes out once a year or once in a while to grace you with it’s presence and to remind you of that wonderful feeling of warmth, joy, of family and security and support but then when Christmas comes and goes bye bye ornament and thank you for stopping by. See-ya next time when I need you back out. In the morning I had a different analogy for it, I called it the dish-rag analogy and I felt like one too. Insecurity? Maybe, who knows man? If I had an answer to that question then what the hell would I be doing here? I’d be out there counseling every Tom, Dick and Harry or every Tara, Diane and Harriet out there minting me some money. Instead, I’m building myself into a hole that’s more than six feet under in bankruptcy.

No, I’m not having a who am I? And what’s my purpose here? dilemma, I’m having a, Really? Am I really doing this again? Is it for better or worse? Will this time actually be different? I guess my heart strings and mind strings called all excited and happy to see something that was quintessential come back to it, but then there’s always that whisper in the shadows that goes, Really? That’s what you though would happen last time as well, but did it? And here I thought I had overthought myself to the point of exhaustion but apparently that’s not true, apparently there’s always more room for thoughts. My day started off in the weirdest way possible, I had dreams of things that didn’t seem plausible, at least not in this current universe, maybe it was my portal/gate/looking glass into an alternate universe where this actually happened. It is sad though, as to how some dreams just may never come true, no matter how much you wished it would. I did contemplate taking a hiatus from here, but that wouldn’t sit well with me ‘cuz I sure as hell do have some more fire left in that fire hole where the writing spews from, to keep writing a few more posts. The day I decide to end this lil’ thing here, one of 2 things could possibly happen. 1) It might be the longest post I would have EVER written or 2) It might be the shortest post ever, so I guess you can groan and moan all you want about the verbal onslaught, but as of now the slaughterhouse is open :P.

Anyway, I’d love to stay and dwell on things some more out here, but, I started this post in the morning between classes, so I’d really like to end it before I hit the proverbial sack/hay…no not a sack of hay, cuz that would tickle me a lil’ too much. None the less, I hope you’re all having a much better day than I have and if not I hope things work out and look better by the time your day ends :). Take care peepz and have a happy happy HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!! Enjoy the weekend and have a blast and I shall catch up with ye all wenever it is I do. Oh on the plus side I did discover some good music today 😀 so I guess that was the plus side…yay I guess. Cheers people and take care of yourselves 🙂

Song(s) of the Day:

Song: Maiyya Yashoda (Thames Mix)
OST: Jhootha Hi Sahi
Release Date: Circa, 2010

Song: Gal Mitthi Mitthi
OST: Aisha
Release Date: Circa, 2010

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