Public Privacy? Yeah that dun’ make sense to me either

Well whaddaya know, its been a while since I posted on here. Though, to be honest I was gonna post on the 30th of September and then on the 1st but everytime I opened up the tab to write up a new Post, something came up and I got side-tracked. Now for those of you who know me, well u guys know how easily side-tracked I can get, and for those of you who don’t know me then I guess you learned something new about me. Well, as those thinkers used to say/still do say or at least are quoted most of the time, its always good to learn something new everyday…in my opinion it needn’t just be a skill or talent it can extend to learning sum’n new about people as well. You’re able to peel back yet another layer of the metaphorical onion, minus the eye stinging, tear evoking sensations. And referring to the first few lines of this post, well I started it a few days ago, but things and other aspects of life came in the way, let’s just say it’s been a work in progress :P.

I hope things have been going well with everybody, be it akademian nuts or work or the quest for either 2 or quests for completely different reasons. So very recently, as in last week, I came across this news article on my google page, it was a teen suicide report actually. It was one of the saddest and infuriating things I remember reading. Well forgive me for skipping or adding details, but I’m just running with what I remember. Apparently this young man was a freshman at the University of Rutgers and his suicide was prompted by something his room mate posted online, and yeah a few of the major social networking sites, namely twitter, was involved with all of this as well. None the less, so this 18 year old was apparently a very quiet and to him self kinda guy who was a budding if not a brilliant violinist with quite a bright future and he was gay. Well what does him having to be gay have to do with anything? Well this kid’s roomie decided it would be cool to post videos of him making out with some guy online. The kid asked his roomie if he could have the room between certain hours of the day and his roomie agreed, but, the bugger went to his friend/neighbour’s place and accessed his webcam from his friend’s room. 3 words is all I got for ya, WHAT THE HELL?!?! Whatever happened to the concept of respecting people’s privacy? I mean forget the fact that the kid was gay, this isn’t about being straight or gay, this is about not meddling into other people’s lives and affairs. It’s pretty simple and straightforward ya know? Do your own thing and mind your own business, I mean who died and gave you the power to go forth and pry yourself into everyone’s business? Nobody should have to ever feel compelled to end their lives because of someone’s brown nosing abilities, NOBODY should ever be able to have that much control or influence over one’s thoughts, decisions and actions. Granted that the world we live in is a crazy and fast paced one, but that does not entitle one to decide to play the G-man and interfere heck intervene where one is not required.

And to top all of that off, the kid if not his friends wound up saying that he didn’t do it because his roomie was gay but that he’d probably still do it if it was a girl that his roomie was spending some QT with. Seriously, WTF? How does that justify anything? And that’s your stand on trying to claim your friend’s innocence and support his apparently stupid sense of humour? Do these people not know where to draw the line between humour, pranks and reality? Well before I keep going on with my opinion out here, let me get the entire story out to you. So the young man found out about the incident ‘cuz I assume everybody and their uncle checked out the social networking posts by the roomie and going by the herd mentality, rumours and bad news travels much faster than optimism these days. The kid found out and went and spoke to his RA or the dude/dudette in charge of that floor of the dorm the kid was at. He asked to be switched outta his current accomodations, though I’m unsure and unclear whether he did that after the first incident or the 2nd one. Yeah you’d think the roomie would shut up after the first incident right? Well, apparently he had the audacity to post up on the social network site that it was going down again, and that his roomie was having someone over between certain hours, and his comment/status said “I dare you to check this link out” during the hours that his roomie had company. I mean seriously? Come on!!! Life as a freshman has definitely gotta be more interesting, and why is it such a big deal as to what the person living next door does?

I’m not here for the whole Be Gay Screw Straight or Be Straight Ban Gay argument here, that’s not even something I have the time, hustle nor energy to ponder, wonder, contemplate and argue about. It is what it is, people have the right to do whatever they choose to and don’t need to justify their choices and actions once they’ve been made and taken. The need to justify should only exist if not arise while debating and weighing the pros and cons of said actions and choices. I mean once you’ve done what you’ve done you can’t really go back in time and alter it, there’s a no refund and no exchange policy as far as choices are concerned. What should matter most is the impact of your actions and choices, because each of these things affects people that we know, and we may not realize it but it sets about a ripple effect. At the end of all of this nonsense, there was more loss than gain for everybody involved…I mean forget the civil groups intervening, forget the justice system…look at the core of the matter. The world lost 2 budding souls, 2 thriving individuals who were about to embark on that journey to leave everlasting impressions and foot prints in the world they lived/live in. Now what do we have? 2 lost souls, one lost forever to his family and friends and the other losing out on the opportunity to realize his dreams, but the ultimate losers are the families of both these individuals. Imagine the loss, hurt, anger and pain these families are going through? Judging by how the news reports are going I’m assuming that they aren’t even getting the chance to grieve the loss of a piece of their hearts and souls. It is truly heartbreaking as to what the world is capable of, and it saddens me to see the capacities and capabilities of mankind being misused for such idiotic things. It shakes me to my bones to know that we take such pleasure in breaking people and making them feel so trapped and imprisoned in this world that they live in. What do you guys think? How do you feel about all of this?

Well, on that note, I’m gonna finally end this post, as it’s been in the making for an entire week, due to my inability to multi-task….and yes the akademian nuts took more prevalence than the mind flow. But, I do hope all is going well with you guys and good luck fer all your upcoming endeavours, I know you guys will kick some major arse in the days and tasks ahead. Take care and stay tuned for more drabbles as and when they come :).

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