Yo Yo…Check it out…Here comes the 5-0!! ..

No no people, it’s not the cops jeez…I’m not all that morally or principally devoid just yet to have them chase me down just yet lol, heck they’d prolly throw me in for an overuse of words :|. Wow, this post feels like one of those special edition milestone episodes a show reaches. Like one of those milestone 100 or 150th episode, where something special and major happens to the story line. Well fortunately or unfortunately, there’s nothing special that’s gonna happen here, however, episodes remind me of Smallville!!! This coming Friday, my fav. show in the cosmos will be airing it’s 200th episode. My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to the entire cast, crew and the entire team of SV that’s given the fans/audience of the show such an amazing show for the past decade Okay going back to my celebratory mode for reaching the half century mark; So erm…I may have lied when I said that I didn’t have anything special planned besides a regular post….this fresh from the oven called my brain, it has had a change of neuronal impulses and has decided to be the mastermind behind a poem. Well, one thing is for sure, it won’t be part of this post, perhaps it shall be my next post or the one after. Either way, it won’t feature on the half century celebrations.

Unfortunately folks, I might have a lil’ problem with updating the virtual space on a regular basis, just ‘cuz of the pace and rate at which things keep flying my way, well flying is an understatement….it’s more of hurtling towards me like a meteor shower on a regular basis lol. Oh I could add so much more to that sentence, but I’m gonna hold that back for now. When I started this blog I had a completely different outlook/frame of mind, it was more of a festive excited one, I can’t necessarily guarantee a fun read nor can I assure one….especially not after a week where I’ve had frustrating prank buzz calls from the thing outside our apartment at 9 at night saying the whackiest lewd things….seriously I wish people would respect and learn languages out of curiosity and not out of stupidity. And then my housemate and I got leered at by these really old guys/grandpas who got outta the convenience store next to our place holding them beer cans in their hand. Okay maybe I’ve got it wrong and give myself too much credit :P…perhaps they were leering at the malt/barley? beverage in their hands going all Gabbar Singh on it “Muahahahaha…ab mujhse bachke kahaan jaaogi Basanti?!” Actually my roomie looked like she was ready to clock the 2 old farts more than I was. Aah people, we’re an interesting breed aren’t we? We’re walking, talking contradictions, we find it within, among and around us. Why can’t we mitigate that thing called differences and put it aside and learn to grow together, we can all accomplish so much together rather than turning on one another. I know we’re not all the same in terms of our strengths, characters, values and principles….but don’t we all live and breathe for the same reason? Ultimately aren’t we all looking for satisfaction? And aren’t we all working towards a purpose? Be that purpose whatever it may be.

None the less, I have a few things I want done this weekend, one of them being the fleshing out of this scene I’ve had in my head for the last 2 days now, actually I should flesh out more of that story as my mind has been flashing different images for chapters to add to that story. I dunno maybe in time I might post excerpts on here I’m not sure of it just yet though, juc’ ‘cuz those of ya’ll who know me know my penchant for words. The one thing I’m super excited ’bout though is this lil’ silly thing I did over 2 days ago…I kinda got myself my Christmas present lol, well unless when I get home I get myself a few books, then that will be my christmas present at that point in time lol. So a few days ago I finally bought something I’ve been eying for almost the last 3 or 4 years, and, I guess I just have all those fluttery butterflies of anticipation and excitement to get my hands on my package. That way I have something more to look forward to on that yellow brick road home. You see a few years ago I stumbled across these Superman dog tags on the Christopher Reeve Foundation website, I’d keep checking it out time and again, I mean the proceeds go towards research but I hadn’t felt like I earned it. I still don’t feel that way ’bout it, but it’s inspiration enough and sometimes all you need is that sliver and glimmer of hope to get you through. So yes I finally caved in and got it, didn’t quite figure out where it was on his foundation website, however I did get it through the Warner brothers website and the proceeds are still going towards a good cause. Christopher Reeves you’ll always be the greatest and the original “Superman” the world has ever known!!

A’ite kids I’m gonna head back to my world of factors causing factors and battle my own lil’ battles of akademia that like to beat me down quite often. But apparently those battles didn’t or I guess haven’t yet realized that I wasn’t born into the God of War a.k.a Ares’ time of the year for no reason. I mean we do put up quite the battle skills all the way to the end….that’s how we roll from start to finish. While I’m on my way out, I just had one more thing to share with you guys…this is a blog one of the most amazing and extraordinary visionaries that I’m proud to call a friend, twin and family; has been working on for I guess a year or 2 now. It’s a graphic novel which I think has a lot of potential and scope. It has a very interesting story line and I think this is something very relevant in today’s times; what with the very interesting political scenarios that we’ve seen come into play around the world. Here’s the link, if my insufficient description piques your curiosity, definitely take a look though and if all is well they’ll actually have a web comic up and running soon :D. Yeah I gotta make sure I get my autographs before superstar visionary status is achieved lol.


I hope you enjoy checkin’ the above mentioned link out, ‘cuz I know I’m a regular when it comes to reading updates, still working on being a regular commentor on there though. Can’t wait for the next update :D. A’ite kids you take care, have yourself an awesome week and an even awesomer weekend. Woohoo!!! Go Smallville!!! Episode #200 I CANNOT freakin’ wait…the ONLY silver lining to my accumulation of storm clouds, and one of the only things pulling me through the week. Take care people and good luck with anything and everything you have coming your way this week or the upcoming week, I for a fact know you might actually have a poem headed your way…that’s right head for the hills duck under your table before the visual onslaught gets you :P.

Song(s) of the Day:

Song: Save Me From Myself
Artist/Band: Parker Theory
Album: A Reason To Believe
Release Date: April 28, Circa 2009

Song: Pehli Nazar Mein
OST: Race
Release Date: Circa, 2008


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