Mind Games – How Mental Can You Get?

Well that takes care of a load of that, I do remember starting this post earlier with something quite intensely reflective I guess, but oh well I guess one can hold onto one’s reflections for only so long, be it mentally or virtually. The recent hiatus has not been due to the lack of opinions, oh trust me in this overly opinionated world that we live in I do have quite a lotta opinions, however, the hiatus ha been due to the lack of time to indulge in one of my few fav. pastimes. It’s surprising how insufficient 24 hours in a day seems/feels like. Though I wonder if anytime in the near future we will have an overextension of time from 24 hours to 26 hours. I mean can you imagine like a global decree coming out declaring that 26 hours constitutes a day henceforth and that any notion or thought of a 24 hour day will be considered null and void?

Heck that sounds like something I’d see on some show on the tele or some sci-fi/fantasy thing that I’d read or watch. Anyway, I do hope things have been much better for the rest of you guys, life has been a bit tumultuous to say the least. There’s this quirky thing ’bout it, in case you’re wondering what ‘it’ refers to the ‘it’ refers to life in general, but yeah I was saying, it’s a quirky thing ‘cuz you always will learn something new about yourself and about the world around you on a daily basis. If not you will always learn that there are some solid concrete things about you that can never be changed and it just solidifies your opinions and views about yourself, regardless of how appreciative or depreciative they may be.

You know it’s sad, in this world where we’re on a constant search mission for heroes we tend to seek and destroy people who attempt to be heroes or rather who attempt to stand up for what the perception of a hero tends to be. I think we find it more convenient and much easier to criticize and put people down in this day and age than we did once upon a time. There’s a severe shortage of appreciation coursing through anybody’s veins these days, and not a lotta people are willing to have somebody else’s back, and if they do, there’s always more questions surrounding why a person willingly and voluntarily chooses to help or do something for someone than someone who has a personal agenda to fulfill. Whatever happened to doing things out of the ‘goodness of your heart’? I’m sure evolution hasn’t evolved us so far that we’ve lost our instinct to trust nor our instinct for compassion. I’ve had people ask me what the reason behind me being nice is, and I’ve often just responded with a confounded and astounded expression. This doesn’t mean that I’m glorifying myself in any way, shape or form, heck I know I’m not a nice person, I don’t need confirmations or testimonials ’bout that. But it surprises me when a kind act is questioned more than a vile or malicious one. I mean when someone dupes you and uses you as the door mat or stepping stone towards their goals it’s much easier to accept it by saying ‘Oh yeah I got played, but I guess that’s just the way of life. Smarten up or get stabbed in the back time after time.’ Why is that? Why is it easy to justify something like that over something that falls in the realm of actions that are polar opposites?

Sure my questions might seem naive, but be honest, have you never thought ’bout it? Or are people just content in being lackadaisical about living in a world where we teach future generations not the essence or richness of harmony but rather hand down that foul smelling, acrid, corrosive element of discord? It is said that the faster you know the ways of the world the faster you grow up, well you know what? I do know a few ways of the world and most of the ways I’ve seen are nothing short of being immature and stupid. Heck even kids know how to handle situations better than a few “grown ups” do. Nowadays people stop at nothing short of pulling their competition down, instead of growing from the air of competitiveness most people are in the mood to strike at petty, personal things and create a huge scene. It’s all about drama and the theatrical flair, heck if you love drama so much, use the damn creativity to create something on the creative scene, don’t waste it on being petty and bitter.

Now I know I said in the previous post I’d post up a poem, however, I haven’t exactly had a lotta time to work on it, I’ve got it done ’bout halfway, but knowing me I might just scrap it all and set to work on a new one. None the less, it’ll be up whenever it’s done and done and ready, that’s ’bout all I can say at the moment. Besides that, any of you people artists? Or rather, any of you peepz know how to draw? I kinda would appreciate a few pointers, I’ve had this entire action sequence stuck in my head and it’s moving like the Max Payne bullet time sequence scenes, and yes it is getting a lil’ annoying. I guess that’s what a hyper-active imagination does to you for free huh? Well it is free entertainment but to me it also is something I feel the need to yank out and put on a piece of paper or sum’n. I feel like it’s taking up all this space on the mental hard drive, I’m telling ya I need to get an external for the brain. I think people today get way more information than they used to once upon a time. Well, I should be on my way towards achieving sum’n if not accomplishing sum’n in my life at least for today :P, forget long term planning, that’s the one kinda planning I never got into. I’m the kinda person who takes it hard when the small things don’t work out at times, so imagine when the big things fall apart? :|…yeah I do admit I have a wide and expansive imagination but even that’s too much for my imagination to come up with at this point in time. That’s why I dream big, that way even if you get a reality check half way through dreaming you can still pick yourself up and move along. Well, you folks take care of yerselves now, and good luck with all the things coming your way :D, I’ll check back in soon.

One thought on “Mind Games – How Mental Can You Get?

  1. FYI – STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE featured 26 hours in a day. Since the it was set on a space station around the orbit of Bajor, due to the artifical gravity, etc… their cycle of one day, contained 26 hours. So when you say it's something you WOULD watch on TV, you already have. So basically the thought that you had about liking the concept of 26 hours, you've already seen on TV, before you even had the thought about experiencing something that you've already experienced before you had the thought about wanting to experience it. Thought I'd throw that in there…

    I completely agree with you. The concept of going something for the sole purpose of 'being nice' is completely foreign and irrelevant. I mean sure, heroism nowadays is a good samaritan saving a kid from a fire, yet the everyday simple good deeds are considered a waste of time. Being 'self reliant' is now the new 'self absorbed'. I recall the times when I went out o fmy way to do something for someone… whereas these days, even I myself can't find the time or need beyond the need-to-do's in my life.

    In terms of your action sequence. Google: STORYBOARD SOFTWARE and you'll find some cool apps for comics / scripting that you can use with images to set out a scene. Either that, or do what I do and just frame the scene with square boxes, and use stick figures for action, and expand from there. lol. Enjoy, and be sure to post up pics of your progress…

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