Of all things Charmed & Dandy

Okay this is a heavy disclaimer, this post has some heavy duty ranting about the TV show Charmed, and if you have never seen it nor have any interest in it step away from this post RIGHT NOW, that’s right close the tab, hit the backspace button or just hit the link box and type in another address and go along your merry way. I have had this need to rant about this show for a while now and this is a lotta ranting about the show. Don’t say you weren’t warned when this is the very first paragraph. If you still however progress to read this and consider this an absolute waste of your time, well your fault you ninny head. Until the next post then peepz…

So there’s always those days and moments where you are almost certain that you are going cookie for sure. I mean come on!!!! Who the hell obsesses over TV shows that had the craziest shake up with their cast, my case in point being charmed. Maybe I might be the only one to think so but damn guy that show went to hell….literally. It’s like the Source of all evil took over the show and tossed it to like the tacky lower level demons that the show introduced us to over the seasons. First big mistake was to eliminate Prue from the show. If they wanted to eliminate a character it should have been Phoebe. She did get really annoying over the seasons and she cannot act for nuts. So they, the they being the PTB of the show. A few people or maybe many might shoot me for saying this but the truth stings and I sincerely believe that the show just depreciated in content and quality after season 3. Okay season 4 was sorta kinda the beginning of the end. I found it quite depressing and I kept expecting Prue to show up, if not to kick some demon ass (which, she did an awesome job of might I add) then to ease Piper’s pain and be there for her. I personally think that of all the sisters the greatest bond was between Prue and Piper, I think if anything they were each other’s rock. That last episode of season 3 oh man Prue’s reaction to Piper’s death was just heart wrenching. Heck I have no words to describe what I thought of that scene. Think about it I think Prue would never have forgiven herself if anything happened to Piper. Is it just me or did Phoebe just seem all oh hey okay Prue is dead and yay we have another sister. I think that really aggravated me and she was sorta responsible for the death of her sister. Yeah sure take a leap of faith in the name of love and all that crap. She seemed absolutely fine after her sister’s death which is absolute crap. There was no grieving except that one scene where she seemed to have a breakdown or some bull shit. Yes I am ranting about this show and I shan’t stop until I am done ranting. I think the show ran for 8 seasons too long and they had some real shit.

I really tried to watch the show beyond season 3 and by the second episode of the sixth season I gave up. I tossed my hands up and had a “Piper” moment. I thought the episode was going to freeze and my torture would end. The only reason I made it that far was because of Holly Marie Combs; now she was the only saving grace of the show following Shannen Doherty’s exit. There was so much potential that one could see in those first three seasons. Then some idiot decided to can 2 very crucial elements of the show. The first being the above mentioned Shannen Doherty and the second being the actual creator of the show, Constance M Burge. My understanding, which may not seem necessarily apt for this situation, is one where I think whoever fired her is was and will always be a bloody tool. Okay some of the complaints which i read up on a few forums hate how childish and demented the show became. The childish aspect I don’t mind so much because it gives kids and the rest of us idiot box lovers something to get our minds to actively participate in. Okay sure the show ain’t no Jeopardy or Who wants to be a millionaire or any trivia or self improvement show or any of that ultimate fighter stuff. But me being the buff with things varying between the realms if fantasy, mystery and the supernatural shows like this get the cogs in me head turning. My folks think I over obsess and I won’t deny that I don’t but the idiot box is something that has held my attention and piqued my curiosity since I was a kid. Contrary to popular belief and/or notions I wasn’t the popular kid with the friends falling left, right and centre nor was I the kid who had someone to go chill with and talk my problems, cares and concerns with. So sue me for having an opinion about the things I watch.

Going back to what I was talking about earlier, not only did they murder an amazing show, get rid of some of the better creative influences on the show they didn’t even have the freaking courtesy of bringing back one of the main people mentioned above for the finale of the show. I mean WHAT THE HELL?!?!? How can you not bring back Prue Halliwell for a series finale, what the hell are you smoking? I read the whole schpiel about budget issues and that’s a load of bull. The other thing I read was the guy helming the show and responsible for it’s absolute death and destruction, did not even bother calling the actress to reprise her role. What a douche and a half. Anyway the show should have ended at season 7 heck even way before season 7 but while it did run till then that’s where it should have ended. At least it had a decent ending that series finale while being nostalgic I just absolutely hated how they completely sidelined one of the primary characters that made this show a household name during her 3 season run on it. Sure call me a disloyal fan for not tuning into the show or heck giving up on it after that 2 episode adventure from season 6. While I do have quite the patience and tolerance level there was none left by the time I got to season 6. What bullshit was that anyway, just thinking of the time spent going through those seasons makes me cringe.

None the less just when I thought the dust on Charmed had settled I read that it has gone the Buffy, Angel and Firefly way or rather the Joss Whedon way. Apparently since last year they have started publishing Charmed Season 9 comic books. While I did groan a little there was also a part of me that got uber excited. I mean can you think of all the cool things they could do? I think the thing that triggered my excitement was when I saw a sketch of….wait for it…..that’s right people…Prue Halliwell, by one of the artists working on the comic book version. So I had an absolute fan girl moment and e-mailed the publishers and sent them one of those comments thingymajiggs to pretty please bring Prue back and guess what…They actually freaking responded and said that they have received lots if emails from fans asking to bring Prue back. I mean if anything I think they need to bring her back at least for Piper’s sake. She never recovered from losing Prue and the chemistry between the sisters was definitely missing something that the first three seasons had. That does not heifer mean that I have no appreciation for Paige. I think they killed off the wrong sister, apparently creativity got canned and Phoebe’s whorey-ness was decidedly the key focus to draw in viewers. None the less I do digress from that e-mail I sent Zenescope (yes that’s how attached I get to things, even if the B-man said that attachment is something we need to get rid of as it is the cause of desire and fun things of the sort). Anyhoo after reading that message I was beaming with excitement and I definitely did have my internal squeals of joy. Yes things like this definitely make me happy, it may seem insignificant but I like finding my happiness where I can especially after the ridiculous start this year has taken so far.

Appreciating things like this brings on a different feeling of happiness than you get from doing other things that make you happy. It’s almost as if you’re saying your thank you’d to the creative part of your brain and you know you need your creativity to sometimes deal with those curve Allston life throws at you. Okay saying curveball sorta doesn’t come easily to me because I am more of a cricket girl v/s baseball. So I guess I should rephrase that as googlies versus curvaceous or heck even flippers or doosras. Them flippers and doosras are tricky bastards to face. Right must focus on one thing at a time. Well I think this about covers my rant about Charmed, it has been one that I have had for a few years and that was re-triggered while I was watching a few episodes from the first three seasons. Well I guess I will have to bide my time and make do with those 3 seasons until Prue returns in the graphic world. I sincerely hope she returns as a permanent character, even though we did get a glimpse of the future in that series finale we also know that nothing goes the way it should or as is seen in the future. Prue’s death sorta implies that dun’ it? Well on that note I’m gonna take off now, and yes for those of y’all who have loved every season of this show watch out for the comics. Apparently every 6 issues is equivalent to an episode. I wonder if they will get Constance Burge to write an episode? I think that would be just an awesome way to pay homage to the creator of this idea/vision/idea.

Well I think I have done my fair share of ranting for the moment. Take care everyone and I hope things are working out for you guys more at this moment than they are for me. Take care of yerselves you minions from both flu like factors and mind boggling factors and so I bid ye farewell in true Charmed fashion….”Blessed Be”

One thought on “Of all things Charmed & Dandy

  1. First off: I'm offended that you would feel the need to ask who else goes crazy analyzing the shit outta shows, full well knowing I've subscribed to this Blog.

    Now onto CHARMED. I think Prue's leaving had a LOT to do more with behind the scenes reasons than actual story arcs within the show. From what I vaguely remember from that time: there were contract disputes or something with Doherty, which is why she left. Now how it affected the show: I think the transition of Piper from being the middle sister to the one in charge after Prue, was just awesome. The strain on her of having to be 'in charge' of the charmed sisters and how that developed was great to watch. Phoebe, was an annoying piece of crap from day one. But, guess what, that was her character. She was intended to be the ditzy slutty moron of a sister. Which is why it surprised me when they brought in the other sister (Rose McGowan) who was more or less VERY similar to Phoebe's character type. But, the show did take a downward dip.

    In terms of not knowing wtf they were doing, I found the whole love story between Piper the whitelighter dude, their kid, then their future second kid… to have just become a convulated nightmare. As cool as it was initially… by the end it seemed like they were just trying to grasp at straws for storylines because they had nothing to do anymore. It's a common downfall of long running shows like this that don't or can't decide to call it a respectable end before turning to shit. I fear for my current favourite SUPERNATURAL treading on this same path.

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