Numb – A Bells & Whistles Installment & Preview

Hey guys!
So yes this post comes eons after my last one. However, with this post I’d like to share something with you guys, that’s part of this project I’m working on. By project I mean story idea, yes I’m aware I have a lot of those, but just go with the flow a’ite? Well this project is tentatively titled Bells & Whistles, now if I went into the history of that name we won’t finish this post until I guess 2012 so let’s just keep it short shall we? I’m experimenting with a new writing style of sorts, and what I’m going to post is one of the chapters from the story/compilation. This project is pretty close to my heart and is a definite work in progress, and I sincerely hope it’s sum’n I can finish this year, besides a few other things. I hope you guys will be kind enough to give me some feedback, if not it’s all good as well…it comes with the standard disclaimer and warnings with all things related to my writing. Well, have fun and definitely lemme know what you think :).

Here’s presenting one of the chapters from Bells & Whistles, titled Numb. Stay tuned to this space for updates on what the hell B & W is about, I will definitely elucidate on the idea in upcoming posts, due to a lil’ bit of a time concern I won’t be able to elaborate much on the idea at the moment. Happy Reading, and all your time and feedback is greatly appreciated!


Through the gateway,
Past the passage of
Of times characterized,
By innocence, purity,
and naivety;
Where the focus of life,
Was all about
Becoming the who,
what and why…
Of dreams of,
Many a day that passed
you by;
When you figured;
Nay, when you though,
You knew…
That nothing could
Stop you now;
That you had faced
Every hurdle, obstacle,
and difficulty,
Life could toss at you;
Just when you,
Were beginning to
settle down.
With the cards dealt,
By the hands of fate,
It hits you,
Smack you and,
Takes you down
by surprise.
Unannounced, Unwelcomed
Unwanted, and Un-needed;
It charges at you,
Like a wild, hungry
Daunting, with haunting
Looming and casting
gloomy shadows.
A stiff reminder,
Of all the lessons yet
to be learned,
Of all those tricks,
That fiendish thing
called Life,
Has yet to unveil.
Broken spirits, broken
Faiths shaken,
Wandering zombies
of hope,
Waiting to be restored,
Like those wandering
Residing and roaming
Is this hell?
Is this my punishment?
Of crimes past,
And sins ever present?
Walking past that
On that road,
Towards the next phase
of my life…
For the first time,
I felt like a trespasser.
Walking a path,
I should not be
Perhaps a life,
I shouldn’t be living.
Staring down the
Of a beginning, of
Of what I saw as my
When hope seemed
far out of grasp,
Beyond my reach,
When all the will I
Felt like it was spent,
Trying and fighting.
When all the dreams,
Seemed like they,
Had their fates sealed…
Unfulfilled and broken,
Hurt…possessed by a soul
Withering, dying…
Accompanied by the
frigid, stinging wind,
Of heartbreak, guilt,
And betrayal anew.
Shackled by the chains
of disappointment;
Carrier of weights,
Of woeful eyes,
Cause of many a
disappointed sighs,
And words…ever so sharp,
Ever so stark…
Like blades slicing through
the heart.
Like the blistering, dry
Blowing over many
a vast desert.
Blazing, branding, scorching,
Everything within it’s
Numb…delirious and
Like the lost nomad,
Wandering that vast,
Barren desert called Life,
Searching for my oasis,
My spark and sign of life.
I fall on my knees,
Head bowed…
Hands spread wide,
In prayer…
Gesturing, asking;
The vast vagueness,
Of life and the Universe,
For that sign,
For that strength,
For that oasis of hope;
Just to keep fighting,
Just to keep looking
To brighter days,
And a better tomorrow.

SJ (Feb 24, 2011)

Song of the Day:

Song: Numb
Artist/Band: Linkin Park
Album: Meteora
Release Date: September 8, Circa 2003


One thought on “Numb – A Bells & Whistles Installment & Preview

  1. Cool dude.

    Here's hoping to hear more from you in terms of updates and other forms of awesome-ness.

    FYI: Love the short (more or less) post this time around.

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