Of Realities Alternate and Otherwise…The Truth really is out there somewhere

As X-Filesy as this sounds, it definitely is not a take on our friendly extra terrestrials or anything of the sort. Besides, if I did start then I’d go into this whole spiralling tangent about CK a.k.a Superman and you know it would take quite a lotta virtual space before I finally ended the post :P. Now, before I digress into superheroes and all, what with this year being the Year of Superheroes (as far as movies are concerned) and all, there definitely will be a post ’bout it later on this year for sure. However, for now, this one is more a trip down the path of warped-ness…a path I am particularly fond of :). Yes…I can already hear those huge sighs of exasperation…well buck up and inhale all that you have to and have fun…is all I have to say :P.

What would happen if there were parallel universes? No…scratch that, what would happen if all our forms of existence on every alternate dimension/parallel universe thought the exact same thing at the exact same moment? What would happen then? Would it be one universal synchronous feeling of harmony? Or would it be one of those moments in life where things click into place and because it clicks into place a sense if not the epitome of perfection has been attained, and knowing that perfection and attainment aren’t exactly permanent concepts, something has to end…would that perfection be the fateful gong that marks the hour if not the end, that seals all our fates?

You know how we keep looking for signs from the ‘Universe’? What if the signs we are looking for are simply imprints left by all our other avatars…okay to make it simpler, what if those signs are basically just the entirety of our selves (including all the fragments from all realms of existence) connecting with us and guiding us towards what we are truly here to do…I mean think about it, what if that entire concept of gut feelings et al. is just the entirety of your being/self (heck you can call it soul if you want to) reaching out to you, nudging your memory towards the direction of lessons learned, not necessarily events precipitating the lessons.

This also leads me back to that fascinating yet ominous realm of dreams. For centuries dreams have been the centre of much mystery, interest and fascination. I have a take on the concept, sure maybe it’s inspired by my idea for a graphic novel and it may seem influenced by them lovely comeex as well, but I think our dreams are the bridges that link our different realms of existence together. I mean just think about it, the dreams you’ve had of yourself, what if that was you in a different realm of reality? Or a different heck even past life? Or an alternate universe per-se? Is it not possible? I mean the human mind after-all IS considered to be quite a complex structure…it isn’t exactly something that science has mapped out nor figured out completely. Nobody knows how much of our brainular energy it is that we use, nor where or what stimulates the thoughts we have, nor just how much our brain is capable of doing or whether there’s a particular frequency at which our brain functions best at and if so what that frequency is and how it differs from other living organisms. I’m not calling it a time-machine for one, but what if it was something that was the all access pass through space and time? How awesome would that be? Maybe that’s why we don’t remember our dreams…perhaps it’s the law of the Universe to not be able to possess memories of yourself from the different realms you just astrally projected into.

Heck maybe that’s what the whole feeling of déjà vu is all about you know? That sense of familiarity of having been somewhere or doing a task that some part of your mind feels like it has already done or been through. Sure it’s creepy but doesn’t it just make you wonder? Maybe we live in a world where everything is fast-paced and all but you can’t tell me that it has stopped you from thinking about random and bizarre occurrences. I mean maybe this is the foundation of that whole concept of soul-mates or that concept of having that feeling of knowing someone your whole life.

On that note, that should be enough soul food for the time being…it definitely has me thinking…perhaps this is one of those secrets of the Universe that we may never discover. I think I’d prefer it to be that way too, ‘cuz there just are some mysteries that should remain as they are not and not be uncovered. Definitely makes life a lot more interesting, fascinating and gives it the whole multi-faceted dimension and best of all…gives one’s imagination plenty of splendiforous things to go crazy about!! And you all know how much of a sucker I am as far as freeing the imagination is concerned. Heck it’s in you to free and unleash!!! Well on that note, I hope everything is well with everyone and if anything…Carpe both the Diem and Noctum depending which one intrigues you more. Don’t stop dreaming or believing, it really is what makes us who we are.

One thought on “Of Realities Alternate and Otherwise…The Truth really is out there somewhere

  1. As usual, I shall respond para by para. (You cram to many thoughts into one post that I forget what I want to respond to by the time I read the following paragraph.)

    I've never been inclined to strongly have an opinion either way on alternate realities, due to the fact that's it's not something that affects my lifestyle or thought process much. But doesn't string theory mention the possibility of infinite alternate realities? Doesn't Physics state that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction? Doesn't even Philosophy say that every decision creates a fork in our lives, and we may be walking down all the paths in some other reality?

    That's a very unique though. Gut feelings acting as imprints diverging from alternate selfs, guiding one along a certain path. I mean we know that 'gut feeling' can be explained using the fact that it's just a sub conscious reaction to an action that one in their core already knows to be right or true, and that 'feeling' is just our subconscious' way of guiding to the true path. But that's a VERY interesting thought indeed.

    Dreams too eh? See what I mean about each post being a thought extravaganza?! Dreams ultimately are our sub subconscious creating a realm based solely on things that have seeped into our memory, that our conscious mind has forgotten. Sense memory, unfamiliar places, people, knowledge… all may seem unreal in a dream, however they are all created based on things we've seen, heard, experience… but can't consciously remember. That might be true of perceptions of other realities as well.

    Speaking of alternate realities, here's a shameless plug:
    Check out my post on JUSTICE LEAGE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS!

    My head hurts now… thanks!

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