Of all things Blue Blooded and Royal Purple

Oh my…perhaps the sun rose in the West today? :O…that makes it almost 2 for 2 without me running the risk of having a few days between posts…huh…either my fingers suffer from ADD or I just have an insane need to get a few words tossed out there. Brace yourselves for some alphabet soup and specialty mixed, tossed word salad :D…ta-da!

So looks like them stiff upper lip Brits had quite a bit of a Royal celebration going on now didn’t they? Before you start judging my reactions and comments to the whole Royal Wedding celebrations, do yourselves a favour and stop jumping to conclusions. Excessive jumping is bad for your health, yes both mental and physical, it sorta makes your brain loopy and loopy  brains just aren’t the easiest things to deal with. I should know, what with mine being loopy and having multiple personalities, or alters, as I believe is the correct technical term to use in psych circles these days.

I know there are a bunch of ya’ll out there who are going *yawn, drag..who gives a shit ’bout a Royal Wedding?* and are also spouting things like *Wtf? All that money being spent to cover this event could be used for other useful purposes* or there’s the other fav headline running the circles *Who gives a rat’s ass about stupid royalty when there’s other more important events happening in and around the world?* Well…here’s what I have to say to all of you people belonging to those fan fav clubs…that’s great that you don’t care ’bout it and consider your time well spent watching other things and paying attention to news matters that matter. But…here’s the thing that gets me…half of you jackasses spouting this shit are dumb fucks who don’t give a damn about the world we live in and couldn’t be bothered on any other news day as to what the hell is going on around the world. Hell…you should listen to yourselves spouting geographic profiles, they’re about as stupid as dumb as a bag o’ nails. Your ignorance is profound, so don’t you dare sit around and think you give a damn about the world ‘cuz you don’t. Gah! I had to get that off of my chest…the one thing, well outta quite a few things, that happens to be one of my pet peeves is ignorance. While it is bliss at times, it really does suck when it is something that’s flashed more often than none.

See a few days ago 2 people who were walking with me wanted to know what all the hype and hooplah about cricket was, and they said how even the word cricket sounded so British. Now me being the cricket fanatic that I am, I gave them the briefest history about the game and said that the game was originally invented/created in England. Now, the response I got was then how the hell did it end up in India? I was a little dumbfounded, but I let it pass, and I said well that’s probably because India was one of the last colonies that gained independence from the British. To which their collective response was what? really? India was a colony of England and actually fought for independence? Okay now you can’t blame me for getting a lil’ riled up and feeling a bit indignant about this, a part of me was ready to bitch slap them to New Delhi and back but I bit my tongue and enlightened them that India gained her independence back in 1947 on August 15th. To which the response was *dang girl you know your history and your dates*. Now one of these individuals is an African American and I had half a mind to turn around and say, look chica you and your heritage aren’t the only ones with history…that’s just your tunnel vision talking. I’m not being racist, but in all honesty I’m pretty sure she has no damndest clue about any form, shape or semblance of the history of Afrika. Heck, I don’t even know details about the history of Afrika, except that they got the short end of the imperialist straw. They were the one continent that got screwed over by multiple imperialist powers from Europe who decided it was time to broaden their horizons. Those bloody imperialists had a blast destroying a land and it’s people, culture and values. But, getting back to the fact of the matter, you don’t have to prove to the world that you’re an ignorant dingbat…it’s something that’s assumed and known…and heck I’m not asking for a miracle wherein you decide to read up on the history of the world, ‘cuz lets face it people history isn’t something that is everyone’s strong suit. But, all I’m asking is that you not walk around with tunnel vision or with your eyes and ears shut, please try and live up to the level of civility and sensibility that we as human beings claim we have. And while you’re at it, it wouldn’t kill you to respect people as well, especially people and their values you’re unfamiliar with. Do as to them as you would do unto yourself, and I’m sure you’ll find this in almost any and every religious text out there so don’t you dare tell me it’s unwarranted for and isn’t stated anywhere. 

Now going back to the Royal Wedding….now some people who bitched about it are married and this is what I have to say to you. You’re groaning about having to watch someone else’s wedding, when all it takes is switching channels or watching a movie or hanging out with friends to avoid doing so…at least you have the option of changing the channel, but, imagine the fate of all those people who were kicking themselves to stay awake just to sit through your wedding? Those unfortunate souls didn’t even have the option of changing channels with a remote…tsk tsk. Yeah the Royal Wedding was given a lotta press, yeah it was overly hyped, but at the same time there is one thing that needs to be understood. This is the last known ‘famous’ monarchy that the world knows of, yeah not everybody knows ’bout the kings and queens residing in Spain, Norway, Luxemborg, India (ooh surprise surprise), Brunei (don’t look so surprised, there is such a country, go google it up and while you’re at it why don’t you find out what the capital of Brunei is as well?) and well yeah there’s the Middle East as well but that’s a whole other kettle of fish to deal with. This royal family in particular has been in and out of the news for quite a few decades and everyone knows how much the paparazzi has been hounding that family, especially those 2 boys since their mother’s death. The last big thing about this family that was televised was the funeral of Princess Diana, so how do you not expect the wedding of her first-born to be telecast? Everyone has always been curious about Princess Di’s boys, their every move has been observed and scrutinized and splashed across newspapers over time. It’s about time something good/happy happening with that family was publicized/given importance to. Yeah it’s easier to say who gives a shit ’bout them? But honestly, how many times have you read the paper or read something online over the last decade or 2 that didn’t involve the antics of the Royal family? 

Now as much as I do dislike them colonialists for all the bloody damage and destruction they brought and delivered to the lands they ruled over, I did tune into the wedding. There were people saying stuff like oh why would you bother about this event when there are wars going on in the world? Here’s the thing people, the damn wars have been going on long enough, don’t you think it’s about time the damn wars stopped? Don’t you think we passed that time when we should’ve pulled out the troops? What good are the troops doing? If you’re gonna tell me stability I might kick your ass, what kinda stability do you see? Everyday there’s IED related deaths that get printed in the paper, more soldiers are dying, more parents are losing their children, more spouses their better halves and more kids their parents…are you telling me their tears and pleas meant nothing before? That suddenly we should all grow a conscience and a sense of awareness and focus on wars being fought elsewhere? How the hell is it that the one man responsible for wreaking so much havoc and death and destruction has still not been caught? How is it so hard to locate and capture Osama Bin freaking Laden? Wouldn’t you agree it’s been way too freaking long that this man has been on the goddamn loose? Like I’ve mentioned in many previous posts, we’ve all been overexposed to so much news about war and death that now we almost seem to be desensitized to such news, it’s like listening to another statistic. War is not a commercial nor an infomercial that you tune into to catch an update on every night on your local news network, it’s the beginning and end of many lives and many things.

Going back to what this post is all about, for once it was good to see something happy being over publicized…yeah it was a wedding, no it wasn’t mine but there was just something cool about seeing everyone decking up in their traditional uniforms and rocking out those tunics bearing their Coat of Arms. It was cool to see the Rolls Royce phantoms and stage coaches, I mean c’mon!!! You definitely don’t see things like that anymore. And in all honesty, I think Lady Diana would’ve been really really proud of her boys :)…it was a beautiful ceremony and one has to give that girl Kate some serious props. Not only did she carry herself beautifully and gracefully but she handled all this pressure and anxiety sooo well! She looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown I must add and there was just all this grace and charm about her, here’s wishing those newly weds all the very best, I really hope the paparazzi doesn’t interfere with their lives as much as they did with Princess Di’s…or that the paparazzi just doesn’t get the satisfaction of getting the best of Kate.Weddings are a big deal, ask pretty much anyone who has been married and I’m sure they’ll have quite the interesting tale to share with you about their wedding. Nobody’s gonna say eh you know it was only just another day in our lives. Weddings are about celebrating life and basking in that quintessential glow of harmony and not everyone is fortunate nor destined to have a shot at it…so you tell me, what’s wrong with sharing that with other people?

A’ite so I think I’m done with my fluff piece for the month :P, it’s time for me to snap back to the reality of akademia and all those fun things that have been plaguing me for the last lil’ while. It’s a crazy feeling when you feel the walls around you closing in on you and making it harder and harder to clamber out of or to find a way to not let the pressure get to you. Coming up next time I think I’d definitely love to share a few opinions and thoughts with you peepz about one of my fav shows….no no not Smallville…not just yet …in fact Criminal Minds. That show is definitely an awesome show and there’s just something about it, which besides making me paranoid, and many a time has left me reeling and at times gagging, at just how dark a human soul and mind can be there are certain elements that just make this show amazing. If anything the highest of the highest honours and credit needs to go to the cast of that show, they do SUCH an AMAZING job in the roles they portray, I can’t believe that nobody from that cast has won an Emmy just yet..it’s such an absolute and utter shame. 

A’ite folks well it’s time for me to get going, but I hope all is going well with each and every one of ya’ll and I hope you have an amazing and fantastical weekend!!! Cheers until next time! Oh! I forgot to mention one more thing, I think I have the perfect design for a family crest/coat of arms, unless one already exists within my family that I’m unaware of :P…which leads me to this follow up question, I wonder if people have to register their coat of arms in like the world bank of coat of arms so nobody can replicate or duplicate ’em :|…whaddaya think?

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