Popcorn Cells

Well here’s a lil’ bit of  a factoid before proceeding on to upcoming proceedings. Popcorn cells are characteristic cell types/features seen in a form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma well to be more precise for the sake of Science and Medicine, Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin’s lymphoma. For further details please contact your nearest health-care professional or oncologist or hit up wikipedia…the place where most quests of curiosity are fulfilled…key word being most. Now however, if you wanna just type up random shyte that does not exist I don’t think you’re gonna find an answer just yet.

I could really do with some popcorn, hell that reminds me I need to go check out Thor while I can, perhaps Thor wielding mighty Mjollonir and causing some damage might just help ease away some of the frustration and angst…yeah they’re actually the trending topics on my list of trending topics if I was twitter…but I guess praise the Lord that I’m not twitter, neither am I an ickle blue bird nor am I a social networking thingymajigg that probably has a limited lifespan until the next big thing appears out there. Social networking is a big booming industry all by itself, I mean c’mon let’s be honest with each other, everyone or at least almost everyone wants to know what the heck is going on in everybody else’s life despite all the denial. It’s the best way to keep up, spread and create juicy gossip and spicy rumours…well the adjectives seem good enough to use in a menu I agree, it’s probably ‘cuz I’m craving some spicy ass fish curry and I would say juicy steak but I’m not much of a steak person so let’s just hypothesize it’s a craving for steak. Some people are just natural social butterflies and so don’t mind expanding their social networks to one that includes a ginormous amount of people. Then there’s the other bit of the population that isn’t necessarily as overt with their need for a huge network, but the reason they’re even on the social networking scene is usually “So that I can keep in touch with my friends and see what’s going on with their lives.” Anyhoo I’m not quite sure where the whole social networking discussion part came up from, but, lets just say I’m gonna leave it on that note. There’s nothing more to contribute or comment about w.r.t it.

Ya know I wanted to sit and bitch about the injustice of having no scruples, morals or ethics and go on about the cut-throat nature and extreme competitive nature that people possess, and comment on perhaps just how far people will go and just how low they will go to turn someone else’s world upside down just to get where they want to. But it feels like a moot point and discussion to bring up, ‘cuz face it you guys aren’t exactly daft enough to think that this sorta stuff doesn’t exist. It’s funny and sad that the underhanded and ugly side of our natures are highlighted more often than the side of us that makes a difference and actually does do some sorta good. I guess we’re programmed to pick out flaws faster than appreciating the finer aspects of people…at the same time I don’t blame people for being the way they are either. We spend as much time analyzing, figuring and appreciating people as we do appraising, admiring and oggling o’er a pair of shoes or that really cute bag you saw that you just had to get or those hot pair of shades that just added more structure and personality to your face. We really are a popcorn generation, ‘cuz the amount of time we spend to get to know a person is literally equivalent to the amount of time it takes to pop some popcorn into a bag with all that cholesterolly goodness of butter and what have you. But end of the day the popcorn is the highlight of your day until you’re done with it, then time to move on and find something else to capture your attention, craving and fancy.

Ooh this does however bring to me a very interesting yet annoying topic at hand…the fickle friend :D. Those of you who know me long enough know how much I hate that category of ‘Turncoat friends’…ya know the ones who choose to walk the path best suited their moods and needs at that given point in time. The friends who decide to have heart to hearts with you when it best suits them and their situation ‘cuz nobody else actually gives a rat’s arse? But what they don’t realize is neither do I, but the only reason I listen is ‘cuz I can and choose to and really I have no compunction to….Anyway that aside, what’s worse is when you’re constantly reminded of being I dunno the bestest shoulder to lean on and cry on and given all that other crap about how you’re one of the few ppl who know them inside-out. Yeah well sweetheart nobody ever knows anybody inside out and if they say they do it’s an absolute and complete lie. Nothing in this world is absolute, and never fall for multiple choice answers that deal only absolutes. None the less, going back to them pesky leeches…well it would be an insult calling them leeches what with leeches being used in the past for medicinal purposes and all, just kinda kills their entire healing and medical nature…but going back to those imbeciles…worst part is when you’re the #1 ear to turn to, to sit and listen to constant whining and bitching, but when it’s your turn to do so all of a sudden lunch, dinner, tea time, errands and chores come up. I know I’m a boring person but c’mon chumps you gotta gimme some credit, at least be straight with me and say ‘Look I dunno what to say in response to what’s worrying you or I can’t exactly relate to what you’re going through…’…I’m not exactly gonna erupt like a volcano and bust out some old cheesy Hindi movie dialogues sans the mega emotional instrumental accompaniments, I can take care of myself ya know, I wasn’t exactly dropped down to planet Earth yesterday, hell I’ve been taking care of myself for quite a while, I can handle it lol. Just don’t gimme all this cockamie, I don’t appreciate it, plain and simple. Oh and the best part with them bleeding turncoats is wen things start looking up for ’em and things get b8r, all of a sudden it’s yeah sorry no time to talk in the middle of this and that, having the time of my life, lovin’ the good good life and then bitching ’bout how much they love the good good life, and really all you need is perhaps 2 minutes of their time to just ya know blow some steam? But then there’s time to do bullshit with other people and publicly announce it pretty much anywhere and everywhere there’s an opportunity to do so. Ya know you console yourself saying ‘Yeah ya know wat, they’ll learn or figure it out some day’..yeah perhaps after you’ve exited stage left on that huge stage called life or until you just exit their life/social scene altogether. It’s surprising the things you miss when you’re benched and things and life pass you by.

Ooh do I sound like a whiner now? Well…good! ’bout damn fucking time ‘en it? That’s it, I’m about ready to go build me my ‘Fortress of Solitude’, only things it’ll be missing are the Jor-El holograms and that chamber/area for all things Krypton. Anyhooo…speaking of the family of El and the Fortress of Solitude and all that good stuff, the Season Finale of Smallville airs this Friday folks, so those of you who love the show, or have kept up with it make sure you catch that finale! It’s gonna be epic!!! :D…Part of me is excited and another part of me is just kinda sad, I mean now I’m gonna have to wait for a while to get a tele/movie Superman fix…sigh…but!!! There’s always comeex!! Which reminds me I’m uber excited to read Action #900, just gonna have to put a day aside to get down to reading it :). Most definitely getting it to add to my budding little library, despite popular demand for electronic books and what have you I actually do enjoy buying my books and reading the actual physical copies. There’s just something so magical, otherworldly, ethereal and indescribable about the act of curling up in a chair and getting lost in a world of fiction or non fiction depending on what your tastes are. It’s one of the most liberating feelings in the world to be honest.

A’ite kids, well I think I may have exceeded my usual word limit, so I’m gonna push off from here…time to get back to the books and get my brain and soul walloped. But…before I take your leave, I just wanted to say, this has been a very significant News week, I mean we had the Royal Wedding last Friday, followed by Osama Bin freakin’ Laden finally getting what he deserved, followed by election results in Cannuckville. It took them long enough to find Bin Laden, and lets hope 05/02 is remembered with as much fervour as 9/11…that piece of crap of an excuse of a human being was responsible for the unwarranted and unnecessary deaths of sooo many people, the deaths he caused blurred lines between religion, politics and basic human nature. Nobody has the right and nobody should have the audacity to point their fingers at any particular section of people and say haha you got what you deserved, ‘cuz you know what…nobody deserved what they got due to that man’s actions and due to the repercussions of his actions. I know his death won’t heal the big gaping wounds nor the empty spaces and empty faces…but I do hope it brings some amount of closure to the families that lost so much on that fateful day almost 10 years ago .

Well folks, you take care of yourselves and I hope everything is going well for each and every one of ya’ll. If not hang in there, things happen for a reason and if it’s meant to be it will pan out, otherwise you make sure you make it pan out.

Song(s) of the Day:

Song: Sympathy for the Devil (The Neptunes Remix) 

Artist/Band: The Rolling Stones
Album: Beggars Banquet
Release Date: December 6, Circa 1968

Song: All We Are
Artist/Band: OneRepublic
Album: Dreaming Out Loud
Release Date: November 20, Circa 2007

Ps: Dammit now I want some popcorn…nice work working up a craving huh?

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