M Waves

No I’m not exploring the deep dark corners or facets of Physics…not because I don’t want to…but probably because if I did then Newton, Einstein, Galileo, Copernicus, Faraday and Planck…to name a few would probably form a United Front, rise from their graves and hunt me down just to kick my ass. With that being said though…there is always madness yet immense meaning to my subjects…narcissistic much? Eh well I observe and learn from the best narcissists that I know…considering how I do know quite a few of ’em…perhaps it’s a sign for me to turn all narcissisticy too eh? Oh right and by M waves I meant Mind waves lol, just so we’re all on the same page here…and I guess you’ll find out why in probably the next few lines/paragraphs and wat not…and no I’m not on any recreational substances that would elicit such thoughts…I think if I did go on these recreational substances they’d have the opposite effect on me…mine’s all naturale…I was born this way people! :D…okay though I’m not sure how those around me deal with it precisely lol. Guess you’re gonna have to ask ’em eh?

Now…moving along to more important things….the previous post per-se was started when things weren’t exactly looking too much on the up and up of things. I couldn’t exactly finish constructing my thought train due to technical difficulties as posed by the ‘Emotional Railways’…damn you limbic system…damn you. None the less, this post is also to make a quick correction with regards to some information I posted on my previous post. I was under the assumption that the series finale of Smallville would be happening this Friday, as in today, however, the scintillating, exciting, rivetting 2 hour grand finale is happening next week. Though I must say Mr. Tom Welling is one handsome bloke! Okay I lie, he transcends hotness and handsome, so I’m not sure where exactly that puts him but man oh man…and when he’s all suited up I think I have a swoon *whoosh* *thud* effect haha. So yes, apologies one and all with the mis-information w.r.t Smallville.¬†

So while I was indulging in the simple complexity of domesticity today vis a vis washing dishes and cleaning up, I had a very random thought. Now hear me out, I do think it’s a very valid thought…I think we’re all connected in more ways than we can imagine…I think there might actually be a frequency wherein we can tune into each other’s thoughts. It might sound ridonculous, but think about it! You know how we have if not claim that whole ESP which might I add he got from the spider> thing when a friend we’re thinking of calls us or arrives outta the blue or we get an email or a letter from someone we sit down to send an email to or we sit and ponder going “Hmmm ya know what it’s been a while since I heard from him/her and I really miss them.” and *BAM* ‘You have mail!’ I mean what if these aren’t just coincidences? What if there’s a possibility that our subconscious has actually devised a way to communicate with each other without our knowledge…what if there’s a frequency that our minds are attuned to/respond to? I mean it may have been a very crucial thing that we as Homo Sapiens used oh so many many millenia ago, but what if it is something that played a role in our survival? There’s research and information w.r.t twin’s and their form of communication regardless of how far away they are or how close they are…they’re probably more attuned to it probably because of the genetic similarity…but what if it’s just something that’s been dormant in the rest of us? I mean think about it, it’s not like it’s something we have to use in this time or age, what with the advent of phones and other devices and technological wonders that just make this whole communicating thing more easier? It is common knowledge that it is the complexity of our brain that separates us from animals and classifies as higher functioning organisms. Can you just imagine the possibilities of the human mind? Okay besides all these telecomm giants suffering from excruciatingly huge losses if this mental frequency and form of communication is ever tapped into…just imagine the possibilities :D….Heck I have more questions, do we all have our own individual frequencies that only very few people can access? Would this access depend on a genetic correlation or genetic key? Or would it have to be a syncing up of frequencies between people to create a unique frequency that isn’t exactly accessible to anybody else? Now there’s some food for thought if one ever had any…

For those of you pondering/wonderin’ “WTF?! More regular blog activity/postage now than there has been in the last few months?! :O” all I have to say is I’m having the worry bugs. Instead of reaching for any potentially toxic substances, which eventually lead to your brain getting all screwed up and your neurons getting far worse than what they were to the point they degenerate and get shortened and all, which subsequently leads to neurodegenerative disorders (like Alzheimers or Parkinson’s) or leads to other funky things like an absolute and complete psychotic breakdown….lets just say I’m back on here as a regular feature to ensure the safety of my limited bursts of sanity in an utterly insane world and at an absolutely insane time. And…I also have an incessant need to hurl words into virtual space. And…I’m also trying not to cave into my body and mind’s ginormous craving for all things wonderfully chocolatey….trust me it’s the only sweet thing around here, the people not so much lol. It’s as if the peepz had the 99% dark chocolate deal with a shot of really bitter and strong black tea, since coffee isn’t exactly the main beverage out here and all, but just think of the most bitter and strongest thing you’ve ever had that sent you going “zoinkers” and literally had your eyeballs popping right outta yer sockets and rolling back in all in the matter of a few seconds….now that’s what I’m talking about. A’ite chumps, well time for me to get going, hopefully I’ll be able to post something up later today, this was supposed to be up and outta here yesterday but due to some brainular technical difficulties things didn’t go as planned…well I hope things are going well fer ya’ll and good luck with things!


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