Mama Mia!

Ma, Mama, Mommy, Mum, Amma, Mumsy, Mummy, Madre, Ammi…so many words for the one true amazing creation of God…yes Dad’s Incorporated I hear you exclaiming and crying out WHAT?! What about us?…Sorry…mums kinda take that first place, but you guys are right after :)…I mean c’mon you guys a’ready know you’re amazing so you don’t need verbal affirmations and confirmations :D…the maternal gang likes the verbal and non verbal appreciation a little more. But don’t worry Dad squad…all of ya’ll dads out there are our Superheroes and that title is irreplaceable and ain’t sum’n that can be taken away from you by anybody. So just keep being that awesome superhero you are, besides, that’s why there’s Father’s Day!

I’m not one to go in for the whole commercial aspect of things, for instance there’s that annoying day in February when everything turns red outta nowhere and there’s a flurry of activity in the chocolate aisle, jewelry stores, florists and wat not…ya know that annoying day called Valentine’s Day…Now I’m sure when V day was first celebrated it had quite the sentimental or emotional side to it, then it became and over-commercialized Hallmark card moment, which in my humble opinion really does kill the significance of the whole celebrate love thing. Call me bitter or someone with a severe case of sour grapes, but that is one holiday/occasion/nonsensical day that really annoys me…anyhoo I do digress from the actual point. Mother’s Day while it is an overly commercialized holiday/celebration these days, it’s actually one that I look forward to. While my mother does love to say “Eh there’s nothing special about Mother’s Day it’s just another day”…deep deep down in there I know she likes the minimal amount of spoilage and pampering she gets from us. It’s minimal because a) Mom has restrictions as far as celebrations are concerned and b) it’s kinda hard to figure out just what she would like for Mommy’s Day…it’s one of those trick questions and scenarios you find yourself in many a time in life. I know that’s one day Dad breathes a little easier ‘cuz he doesn’t have to crack his nut to figure out what it is that Mom would LOVE as a present and he also knows he won’t be grilled as much if he forgets ‘cuz he’s got us 2 offsprings to blame :P…Though chances of him forgetting are very slim ‘cuz hey you’re reminded of the day by practically anything and everything, from radio stations to TV ads to flyers and banners up at stores for major Mother’s Day exclusive events and sales and what not.

Usually I try doing something different or something with the limited skill sets I have for my mumsy…in fact I remember this one time back in High School I wrote a poem for her and I showed a teacher or 2 of mine to see what they had to say, yes I love feedback it makes my day so much b8r and brighter *hint hint, nudge nudge*, and they sorta kinda got teary eyed I guess…or I had something in my eye momentarily that got my vision all fuzzy…none the less I gave the poem to my lovely mother and in not so many words she loved it. So when Day of the Mother rolled around the following year, I wrote up another poem and gave it to her and lo and behold this was her reaction…”Hmmm…I liked last year’s poem more than this year’s.” Now there I was mighty pleased with myself as to what it was that I made for her and I think her response kinda blind-sided me…my reaction was more or less “Erm…that’s great? But unfortunately, this is what you’re getting this year. Sorry it’s non refundable and irreplaceable at the moment, please try again next year.” :P…now that was when I realized that if you have a wicked ass talent, okay maybe not wicked ass but hey there are some very gifted and talented people out there with their strongest skill sets, and you decide to use it to make something or create something for your mumsy, make sure you change it up a little every year. For instance, if you’re an evil mastermind hell bent on taking over the world, and you’re just starting out perhaps you should start with a jewelry store heist and give your Mama something from there the first time around, then next time hit a Bank…that way each year she knows there’s some progress going on :P. Or if you’re like other normal people and you’re gifted in the Arts & Crafts department and if you happened to make sum’n involving the crazy ninja skills of Origami this year, then make sure you switch it up next year, paint something or do a glass painting or a tile painting…and that’s about the extent of my knowledge about things in the Art world. I’ve never been one to possess much skills in that department, ask my mum and broda, I’m suer they’ll definitely help clarify things and perhaps pitch in an extra unnecessary story or two. The price of clarification *sigh*.

None the less, this post isn’t supposed to be the length of the Amazon River, but this is just an appreciation shout out to all you amazing mums out there. Clearly as ppl on here have seen my fb status, I EXCEL in the cheesiness and corny-ness of my lines :D, but I don’t care, I mean every single word of those corny lines of mine. Let’s face it, moms are amazing, and I’m truly blessed to have an uber cool, kickass, awesomely amazing mother :). Though sometimes it can be questionable as to who says the motherly things in our family, we do indulge in role reversals in our family…it’s great, usually I’m the target that everyone sets out to scandalize…*sigh* being the youngest means NEVER catching a break. It’s easy to take things for granted ya know? And it’s very easy to take your parents for granted, you never really know just how much they do until you’re in their position, and it always leaves you amazed and stunned with just how much ease and poise they pull things off…well it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy like hot chocolate with marshmallows :D. So if you haven’t had the time yet to wish your mums just go give her the biggest bear hug you can probably muster and tell her you love her :)…even though mums like to state they don’t really care either which way Mother’s Day goes, it does matter to them and it does count for your love and appreciation to show itself every once in a while :). Which is also not to say that just because it is/was Mother’s Day that you just make her feel all sorts of appreciated on that given day…like I said it helps when you keep changing things up…every few weeks do something completely unanticipated, send her to a spa…well if you’re in a position to let her go on a shopping spree with a credit card then you let her do that lol, or if it’s just one of those “Mum go put yer feet up, I got dinner tonight” scenarios she would appreciate it, unless you’re the kinda chef who needs a fire extinguisher on stand by and the next best thing is to order pizza then hey you do that too lol. Maybe she might complain ’bout all the calories and weight gained ‘cuz of that pizza later on, but hey the day off from the kitchen is definitely greatly appreciated lol. Yes I’m one of those kids from the camp that likes to say Mother’s Day is everyday, my brother on the other hand says that when mom corners him with “Hmph you didn’t even wish me” to which he gives her that ultimate look of innocence tossed in with puppy dog eyes and a devilish smirk…usually that ends up with him getting a head slap…which is entertaining to watch :P. I’m telling you people, my family is equivalent to a live action/live telecast version of Cartoon Network…we are Fun Unlimited, well minus the few outbursts here and there which usually resolves itself in yet another comical way. 

A’ite boys and girls, you guys take care of yourselves, go give your mamas some love and appreciation and give yer good ol’ dads a nice big hug as well just so they don’t feel left out haha, though they might think you have other reasons why you’re giving them a hug….such as a) borrowing the car, b) moolah, c) allowance raise perhaps, d) getting new gadgets and toys….just to name a few things :P. Well that’s it for now from me, I hope you guys had a fantabulous weekend and here’s hoping you all have a fantastical week ahead!

Song(s) of the Day:

Song: Mama
Artist/Band: Spice Girls
Album: Spice
Release Date: March 3, Circa 1997

Song: Mother of Mine
Singer: Neil Reid, well there’s a certain bit of uncertainty, and I have no idea what album this is from…FYI
Release Date: Circa 1972

I must add this song mentioned above was a complete blast from the past moment, my mom LOVED listening to this song when I was ’bout 5 or 6 I think, and it used to be on the same audio cassette that had a couple other songs that we all loved singing to, such as “How much is that doggy in the window?” Haha good times.


One thought on “Mama Mia!

  1. Thank you my baby – I missed you a lot -'coz you are the only ONE who pampers me – no one else does !! Love you very much and miss you !! I'll see you soon.

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