Well I was feeling a tad bit checkerish…so sue me! Actually hold on to that thought..don’t sue me just yet, I’m not sure I can conjure them funds outta the ether just yet. All that alchemy and magick training are only in their initial stages….so when it’s time for me to graduate I shall send out a public msg and then you can all get in line to do sue away to glory and beyond!

Anyhoo, moving along…It’s funny indeed…lately I’ve been reading msgs about success and *Phew did it* and *AAAAHHHHH finally done* and lots of reflections & revelations about the long road to success and all that warm, sappy, hallmarky stuff where the predominant feature has been aah there’s no point in looking to the past and the future is what it’s all about. Not to sound like the buzz kill at the party, but without the shadows of the past licking away like an icy cold chill creeping into your bones every once in a while to remind you of things both done and undone how exactly do you think the future is gonna give you your road signs to get there? Your past doesn’t decide your future, that’s for sure, I mean hell if it did then I’d be beyond help at the moment…regardless of how awesome or traumatic your past was, it counts in every single way towards making you the person you become. There’s this whole adage ’bout never forgetting your roots, what I take from that is never forget where you started from….’cuz you never know when the dice rolls yet again and things change just like that in the blink of an eye and with the snap of a finger….though to be honest that’s something I can see happening to me more than the rest of the people I know lol. Must be an inter-life collective debt repayment program :P. Dammit and here I thought with every new life matrix I’m popped into I could just hit the reset button and start out on a clean slate….so much for that theory huh? Reminds me of my student loans, they just can’t stop collecting lol, even if there’s nothing in my account and then the bank charges me for having no funds and being overdrawn….gah!!! I’m a’ready bankrupt and I’ve still got miles/kms to go before I walk outta those school hallways, regardless of the avataar of akademia I’m dealing with.

That being said, Congratulations!!!, to all you people heading up to the next phase of your journey…your destination and goal is a very noble one and I hope you all stay true to what that goal embodies and means. The path you’re on ain’t no joke, so if you’re getting your kicks outta this ‘cuz of all the wrong reasons then just brace yourself for impact some time either in the here and now or some time in the not so distant future, ‘cuz the future comes racing towards you and before you know it what you thought would be eons away is presto holy count of monte cristo right there in front of ya! Sure I could give you a sermon on rising and falling but honestly there isn’t anything more for me to say that you don’t a’ready know. and if I say anything more ’bout rising and falling I might as well become the High Priestess of Feenixism. But I will say one thing, regardless of what goals and dreams you’re trying to achieve…since most of ’em stem from the heart and are the sparks that fuel that hungry fire of passion within you….try not to crush someone else’s dreams, hopes and aspirations in the process of getting to yours. The effect of crushing one’s dreams is immeasurable, it’s a deed so dastardly that unfortunately most people don’t realize it until they’re told about it or they’re in a situation that they could’ve avoided. Dreams give us visions, gives us the tenacity to push ourselves just a lil’ harder, just a step closer, nobody has the right to take yours away from you….and if they do then nobody and no force on this planet should stop you from chasing your dreams down….unless it involves fascism and global dictatorship and domination in which case hell yeah I’m joining whoever is trying to stop you haha. But under normal, non apocalyptic scenarios go as far as you have to and as long as you have to to get to where you’ve always seen yourself at. Start every new phase of the journey of your life with a clean slate, we all need to hit our own internal reset buttons every once in a while….we owe it to ourselves to view the world we live in with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose whenever we can. Sometimes the smallest freshest perspective can lead to gigantic leaps for many of us, so don’t hesitate if you have to take a few steps back ‘cuz that just means you’re gonna jump ’bout 20 steps ahead!

A’ite well that’s it from me for now, next time or some time soon when I actually get some time to sit down and write my soul away, perhaps a few season finale reviews? Or just a few show shoutouts! Hope all is going well with everyone, if not either hang in there or break the hell outta something. Once you’re done doing that get yourself a nice big teddy bear to hug and a box of chocolates or take out to celebrate….celebrations work for both successes and failures. Apparently celebrating your failures is just as much fun as celebrating your successes, keeps you level headed and all of that. Besides, there’s no greater trait in the world than having a good laugh at yourself, it sorta increases your tolerance to handle criticism and lets you get off of your high horse just a tad bit more gracefully instead of plopping right on to yer face. Cheers fer now peepz and have an awesome week/weekend ahead!

Ps:  I just got my hands on Tintin comeex so guess who’s over the moon right now and all excited and fired up to read those :D…that’s right me!! As well as some Superman comeex, there’s nothing greater in the world than letting your imagination run wild and free and having the experience of a lifetime. Gotta luv ’em comeex!!!


One thought on “Checkpoints…Checkmate?

  1. LOL. It's true. A get a lot of sighs of relief from people that are done, but for me it's kind of never ending. You end one phase of life and you begin another. So why discount any phase of your life by deeming them unworthy of revisitation. It's the kind of mentality where you buy new clothes and wear them more frequently than clothes you had before… even though there's nothing wrong with the old clothes.

    Ah yes, season finales. All those mean for me is having to rewatch the entire season as I didn't get to follow them through out. In the case of SMALLVILLE & LOST, rewatch the entire series as I stopped after Seasons 3-4-ish. A lot to do. But once I'm done I'd love to have a cyber discussion with you about them.

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