Flickerin’ Slivers

A’ite lets see what I have for you kids today, lets just say the major areas involve comeex, thoughts and tv shows . Right so lets get this started before I lose myself in a prologue to set the stage for this whole thing.

I hope things are going well with ya’ll, if not well I’ll say the one thing that’s said to me often…things will get b8r and just watch out for the silver lining, though technically silver is a lil’ over-rated, if you really want a lining aim for platinum, more value for your shares n stocks and all that financial mumbo jumbo that I’m not at all familiar with. See usually when things reach a whirlwind phase in my life there’s always something that comes out at that exact moment…it could be an album from a fav group, a movie by a fav actor or even a book or I guess any work of art that makes you feel like there’s something out there that captures and understands exactly what you’re going through and if anything it “seems” like a sure fire sign from the Universe that you and your trials and tribulations are being watched, monitored and observed and you don’t necessarily have to go through it by yourself. Well to be honest I see it as the Universe or whatever you want to call things around you…trying to connect with you, trying to gauge what exactly you’re going through and giving you something to turn to and a voice that can express the exact sentiments coursing through your veins, body and mind. It’s like all that’s imploding, accumulating/aggregating within suddenly found a way to expend itself and suddenly found the “green light” to go on and spread itself in that mysterious ether that’s out there. 

With that being said and the friendliness of the ether being spread here’s me going back to the main point. So back in 2003 when things weren’t looking all that great for me, it may seem trivial now, but back then it was a pretty big deal and the repercussions still make their presence known time and again. But yeah back in 2003 when things were headed for a good ol’ downward spiral and it just seemed like I was flailing and thrashing in the dark with absolutely no chance of seeing even a sliver of light and with a very very good chance of drowning in that darkness I found inspiration in the most unconventional source. Growing up was for lack of a better word, interesting, for most parts…I spent most of my childhood as a loner, I guess I wasn’t the “cool” kid everyone wanted to spend every second with, which I was fine with back then too haha. But yes, the point being, right from the time I was a kid I found other things to ease and appease my turmoils, the 2 things that NEVER left my side and that I knew I could count on were music and writing. Though the writing bug kinda kicked in when I was in Grade 5 or 6…but creative expression was always something that I could lose myself in. I guess that’s what some people tag as daydreaming :P, but hey think about it, without dreams who are we really? And more importantly where would we be if it weren’t for dreams? So…in ’03 this movie “Kal Ho Naa Ho” came out, and for those of you who know me you might chalk it up to me being a super mega huge fan of Shahrukh Khan, sure that’s a reason but there was just something in there that clicked, registered and locked itself within, maybe it was the music, maybe it was the time the flick came out, maybe it was the story. But there definitely was something that resonated within and probably was the something I needed to get my mental gears and myself back on track and to keep fighting the uphill fight to get back to the top of that mountain that was determined to see me fall. Sure it seems like something you’d laugh yourself silly or snort yourself away saying “Psht, so a movie changed your life? A bunch of song, dance and melodramatic sequences is what you needed?” Well that’s not entirely true, it was a contributing factor, though the major credit goes to some of the most amazing people I met during that time as well as people with whom bonds just further solidified and has grown into perhaps the strongest bonds one can think of. It’s almost like the key made out of dwarf star matter that Superman has for his ‘Fortress of Solitude’ :P…hey it’s not my fault I decided to revisit the ‘All Star Superman’ animated flick haha.

But going back to what I was saying, things have been a little shitty…actually wait that’s an understatement…they’ve been quite frustrating, flummoxing, annoying and aggravating and I’m ready to reorganize a few nasal structures on a few people. But, there’s no point in saying any of that ‘cuz I’m not gonna act on it, considering how I prefer peace and tranquility over reorganization of structures that can get quite messy. Anyhow while on my downward spiral my brain was kind enough to send memory flashes of me reading the “WONK” series, that’s right…WONK…as in World Of New Krypton and so I decided I’d have a lil’ bit of an indulgence and finish reading up the series. I’m not sure what people’s sentiments ’bout this series are, but, I enjoyed it…maybe ‘cuz it was a break from the monotonous and tedious life I lead at the moment, and a lil’ bit of colour, dialogue, action and a storyline is what I needed to add that spice to my life :P. But all said and done, I enjoyed the series and the entirety of the story. It’s a concept that has been touched on before, and you see a bit of it in the Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” series, I guess more so twoards the end of Season 3/beginning of Season 4. However that being said, the follow-up Superman solo series titled “Grounded” is one that I’m having an absolute blast reading. This series resonates with my initial statements and sentiments ’bout finding that one thing that just clicks with you and understands you best during certain moments of your life. I guess I found something to keep my footing and keep me grounded with the “Grounded” series, and I know for a fact that this is one of those issues/series that’s going on my collector’s shelf. It’s such a simple premise but every simple problem is layered in complexities that we either see or we miss out on ‘cuz we’re so caught up in trying to wrap our heads around things that we miss out on finer details. Sometimes the best way to solve the worst problems is to go right back to the very start and approach it with a Tabula Rasa mentality…go right back to the beginning and start it up all over again, and you will definitely see things that you missed out on the first time around. It’s all part of the growing and learning process to be honest, sometimes it just really sucks, but we aren’t exactly given a choice in the matter are we?

Well peepz time I guess that’s it for now, seeing how it’s time for me to take off, but I do hope all is going well for all of ya’ll. This post was s’posed to be longer but to be honest I don’t really remember what I was gonna write for the rest of the post or where my train of thought was headed :P, the price I pay for not finishing up posts the day I start ’em *tsk tsk*. Oh well, end of the day sum’n is b8r than nothing 😛 and I do have valid reasons to get sidetracked, it’s called…Akademia…Take care and keep ’em spirits bolstered, if not find your fix to keep ’em bolstered :).


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